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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Seven Steps of Style Saturday .... Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I shared the first part in a three part series based on the style how to I am taking called Seven Steps of Style by Imogen Lamport. I first discovered Imogen's page, Inside Out Style Blog  while searching how to dress for my age, but was excited to see that not only was there tons of videos in which to watch, everything from dressing for your body type to what necklace to wear with what neckline so I could get a great visual, but also quite a few interesting blog posts, guest blog posts ( of which I was one ) about style and how to's. I then began clicking on links and found her Evolve Your Style program  , I did a blog post about my experiences with that both the program and the FB group associated with it, and that lead to my desire, as mentioned in part one of wanting to take the Seven Steps program. I did that rather backwards, as if you take the Seven Steps, the Evolve program is included. Just a heads up. I have not been disappointed as you read in part one, as I have learned so very much. Some of the information was confirmation, some was a reminder, at least in my case, of what I knew down deep, and some was indeed brand new information and valuable information at that.

When last I had posted I had done all but the last three steps. I had done the work pages , the " Take Action" steps, to fine tune my style based on personality, developing style words. I had learned with input to confirm my body shape, and my colors, some were surprising, as I did not think I could wear browns or grays, turns out I can, just have to be mindful of what I choose, that they match my colors that I have thus far. I had yet to reach the "lifestyle", this was going to be also a confirmation of what I was already afraid of, I have more clothing for "outings" than my day to day. I have worked on changing that, although I am not happy with some of my choices, some being impulse, bought before I had taken the course and a few in the early days of taking the Evolve course. I shall  need to fine tune what I have but that is where the "Lifestyle" can really help open the eyes. Within that section you get walked through how you spend your time, what is working and not working, of course your life and how your clothing fits into that, and how to make that all come together. I think I need to go over that course again! 

Next, is "Wardrobe" , this can be brutal, overwhelming and even stressful to some. Do not panic! It may be all those things, but also liberating, and enlightening, and exhilarating!!  The very first step is a wardrobe edit. You have to decide what you can reduce, recycle, revamp or renovate, reuse and finally replace.  This is not all just toss into that box or that, and you have to try to take emotion out of it, it goes deeper. In the instructions your voice and even your walk, along with what you have learned about your body, your colors, and even contrast levels are taken into account and of course lifestyle as well. All these are very important factors to developing your personal style and a wardrobe that works for you. I am still working on this. I will be taking it very slow, as I had done a massive clean out while playing with my style, I did not take into account pretty much any of it the first go around and have regrets of getting rid of some very nice pieces. Then I as you know did it again with the Evolve program, thinking I was wanting to have another style all together, one that is not true to myself, or my life, not really, and so made many impulse buys...not a good thing, and quite the costly mistake.... not an unusual one. So I shall be living with a mixed wardrobe of orphans, as some clothing gets labeled within the program, and just not quite rights until I can slowly replace items that truly match my style recipe. 

In the "Style" portion of the program, you once again go over that and it really breaks it down to the last detail. It starts to incorporate what you have hopefully learned in the previous steps. Making sure what you have in your wardrobe truly works for your style. There is a lot to absorb ( remember the word overwhelming?), but no one is putting a deadline on how long this all takes you.... especially if you keep the downloaded pdfs and print out a lot of the information ( which you WILL want to do.), you have all the time in the world and it is better to take your time, and not follow my lead. *giggle* Within this section you start to learn to build capsules, a collection of 10-15 items that all work with each other so you can mix and match them to create 30 plus outfits easily. No worries, there is once again step by step instructions, and even a photo log of Imogen's capsules. It even breaks it down into accessories, from the right necklaces, to the shoes. Once you have worked through all that, it is time to take action, you create a list of favorites that might need replacing, garments that make the capsules work and what holes you might need to fill .... YEP SHOPPING! , but not quite yet. You still need to do the last section... "Values". 

In "Values", in this section created by Jill Chavers, an expert , she delves into your psyche and how it relates to shopping style, what you buy etc.what your value type truly is... it can be an eye opener. Perhaps you are economic, maybe you are more into aesthetics, some may want to be influential and others perhaps it is a social issue. Each of those can then be broken down into importance, behavior, a message or statement you wish to send/make, and clothing cues. Jill writes an entire section on being a conscious shopper based on your values that you just determined. Very important. I can not tell you how often I have been a truly unconscious buyer ...ok that came out wrong... I was fully awake, but really was just a shopping zombie, buying to feel a void that I was not even sure of what that void was, shopping to get shop therapy as my husband calls it. When you do this it is like over eating or drinking heavily, it might be enjoyable at the time, but the aftermath no so much!! Only instead of a tummy ache or a headache, you end up with a hurting pocket book, a closet full of clothing you will not wear and still have that void that you have not addressed. What fun is that? 

So there you have it, all seven steps. So valuable, so telling, so worth the cost, the time, the occasional tears and ripping out of hair. You gain amazing insight to how to style yourself, to be your best self, inside and out,  but more than that you gain friendship and support via the FB groups for more than just the time it takes you to go through the course, and they even transcend in a lot of cases to friendships outside the group. Something I deem priceless and even worth any turmoil and cost that has occurred... that is quite the style lesson learned! Be sure you tune in here in a couple of weeks for a wrap up post. But I hope I will "see" you sooner than that on the FB groups for Evolve Your Style and Seven Steps to Style ... be sure to say hello to me. 


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