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Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Road So Far. Seven Steps to Style Saturday P.1

Recently I shared with you all that I had done an online style program and the private FB group "Evolve Your Style". The program, developed by personal stylist Imogen Lamport , available through her blog Inside Out Style ( you can read all about it HERE ), walks you through basic challenges to help you determine your own personal style, what works and what does not, with feed back from Imogen and the members of the group. I learned quite a bit, and was even featured on Imogen's Stylish Thoughts blog posts. While going through the challenges, and indeed getting quite a bit of feed back, all very positive, uplifting, even when critical with a critique, I learned so much about myself, and how and why I dress the way I have and have been doing, it was truly eye opening. I even RE discovered a few things about myself and my style that I had put on a back shelf due to so many reasons, that I am not sure I even realized. While on the group I learned about, by word of mouth that Imogen's other, more intense/ in depth, more personalized program "Seven Steps To Style" was something that might be worthwhile to take if I truly wanted to learn more about what I should and should not be wearing. Given the chance to try it out and review it, I jumped at the opportunity. 

via the Inside Out Style Blog

The price of the program comes with access to PDFs for each of the seven steps, in depth study guides, as well as personal guidance and support from Imogen herself within the closed to the public FB group of the same name. I did it backwards, but if you buy the Seven Steps program, you also gain access into the Evolve Your Style program and group... a real bonus in my book! The Seven Steps program begins with delving into your personality, figuring out who you, why you are here, how did you get here fashion wise, followed by "take actions", sort of style homework if you will. Then it walks you through style words that relate back to your personality, and with each page going more and more in dept into what and who you are style wise, so that you end up with a pretty good idea of your own personal style. Step two, "Your Body" , takes you through a very important step, now that you know your personality style wise, you have to know how to dress for it. There is a lot of information, photos to be taken, and even measurements to be done to figure out this very important step, it can be very eye opening, and might even surprise you when doing it, in a good way. Knowing what body type, shape etc that you are, determining your facial shape, bone structure, working from the tip top of your head down, it is all broken down to precise steps and helps the reader figure out what will work and not work with who they are physically. This is so important, you can have beautiful clothing, but if it does not work on your body it will not make you look beautiful when wearing them.

Step three, delves into your colors, Included in the cost is two sets of color cards, that will be sent to you. These, once you take your photos with the first set of four cards that are sent, and post to the FB page, and then again with a second set of cards that are more fine tuned, Imogen helps determine what colors work best with not only your skin, your hair, your eyes, but also your contrast levels, this gives you the right colors in which to base future clothing choices on. There is a more complete "swatch" of colors you can purchase over and above that then give you so many colors in which to choose from when you are out shopping and make it so that you only have clothing in the colors that work with you in your wardrobe. Step four, where I am at so far, is titled " Your Lifestyle" , a very important factor into determining what you buy, and what your style is. One has to have a wardrobe that matches lifestyle. You can not dress properly, let's say, for a walk or to run errands if your entire wardrobe is filled with nothing but party clothing, when in fact you never have the need for the latter. When that happens, you end up with a closet of clothing that you never wear. It is not uncommon to open my closet and say " I have nothing to wear", even with it being filled to the brim, I have a lot of "dress up" clothing, and my life just does not dictate dressing up as it once did. 

The last three steps, "wardrobe, style and values" complete the program. I am working on those steps next... and am very excited to see what they include and can teach me. I like to go back over what I have learned, so  I print each out, and keep them in a binder, very helpful, with all except step 2 as I do not have a color printer, so have to view that step on my computer and then do the worksheets in my binder. Between the group, the feed back and personal guidance and confirmation that I receive there and the binder full of my printed out steps that make it easy to take notes, and re-read the information as much as I want, I feel that I am, as I did with the Evolve program, able to really know who I am now, style wise and armed with the information, some new to me, some confirming what I knew already, or thought I did, and can now hopefully begin to have both a style and a wardrobe that really works. Now you have read my words, here is Imogen telling you in her own words. 

Visit and Explore the blog, as well as the programs, not to mention all the wonderful information provided through blog posts and videos at these links


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