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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Band aids anyone???

When I began this blog, oh say about two weeks ago LOL I was to keep it just to decorating, and well shopping, but as it is slowly progressing, I am adding in , as you have seen a bit of foot travel too, and soon road trips I am sure will follow....after all I have said you can be inspired by anything in your life, and it is hard for me to be inspired locked up in the four walls, so I put on my shoes, grab either my blue cart or my over sized Marshalls re-usable bag, a baggie of almonds, a water bottle and always my camera and off I go..OH and band aids ...even with all my walking I still have tender feet.

So anyway, this was the case for Friday. It was a hot and muggy day, I keep swearing we moved back to Texas and did not know it!But, alas we are still, gratefully so , in Roseville....

I headed on down the road ( hey that was a song right?? The Wiz I believe) was not long before I was wishing I had a hat and one of those neck coolers you see on infomercials...yeah there are those times I get sucked in by those...but I am tenacious at best and so I kept on...first stop
Pier One,
hey any port in the storm, um heat, um humidity...seeking out air conditioning and a soft chair to sit in ( research LOL) We will save the inside pics for another day!

Once cooled off, I was ready to head out again and head for one of my fav locations, The Fountains ( click the link and you can take a video tour!!) ... I could see West Elm
in the horizon
Past that , once I made it through the busy parking lot, dodging cars as I take pics and gather odd looks...I spy the "banner" and what lies beyond
First though I stop off at Whole Foods, in need of refreshment , they have a lovely area with misters and music playing and shaded areas to sit....
Bottled water having done the trick, I head under the banner to the lovely side walks bordering shops of every description and type, places to eat, places to make you more beautiful, and places to just sit and people watch....
I love peeking in all the windows....
This is a lovely French and Italian decor shop( there was a time when this was my style of decor,before it was trendy and I still have a soft spot for it)....way out of this budget shoppers tiny purse of coins, but I do love to peak...they have lovely potpourri and one day I do want some for my glass vases for during the holidays that I plan to make. Don't you just love this floral arrangement??So grand!
Next we have my fav kitchen shop Sur La Table ....will be doing a post on that once I direct my attentions to adding bits and pieces to my kitchen area.. Ok maybe just a tiny peek in the door....I have always loved this window of white!!

I love looking into Vera Bradley....not my type or store, out of my budget, but what a beautiful store!!!

Of course I have to go to Zgallerie
That is where I got this!!!! On sale for 17.39 ( in my weekly budget!! with money to spare) marked down from 59.95!
Thank goodness I had my carry bag with me! OH and YES , I did feel he deserved a larger pic ! I do adore all my white "pets" ! I did take loads of pics in Z....many for upcoming posts ( hey can not share all at once, would be here for days uploading pics!!) but this really caught my eye...Been trying to add pops of yellow and deep mustard gold to my decor ever since I got my rug that has gold in it , and well the dresser we are re-doing ( yet another post to come) I did in a deep gold tone, so of course now my eye is drawn to it. Z is so wonderful for setting up their store in color waves!

But my real mission was to go to Anthropologie ...I do love this store , loads of inspiring spots, items and the smell is always divine ...they carry clothing, decor, books, pretty much a little of everything....I can rarely afford much there, but I do scour the sale tables and I have bought knobs here !
Here is the one I bought recently the "round" Mercury glass one, like a small piece of jewelry! ...the other is just a Home Depot special OH and see the hint of the color I used on the dresser ;o)

Here is another little peek of a future project that this store has inspired, along with many other blogs and magazines as of late....can you guess??????? And one final little peek of this wonderful store before I head back home, maybe one day I will do a whole post about the store if I can get permission to take more pics ...stores can be funny about such things.

So , that was my time at The Fountains and it was time to head back and hopefully miss the thunder showers week I think I shall go to the Galleria and explore a few of the home shops there to see what I can find...for now I am in need of a bit of sugar and something with ice to crunch....Until next time when our destination will be the historic area of Folsom Ca .....met some wonderful shop keepers, saw some treasures, found some as well such as a new chocolate shop and even got my partner in crime, aka my daughter Rebecca , a place to show her art! I am sure that will be a subject of a blog for her as well as me very soon!

Until next we meet...could you pass the band aides I think I think I have a tender toe!


  1. P.S.
    If you would like to see larger pics let me know...I shall be happy to start using medium. But you can always click on the pics to see a larger version. <3

  2. nice walk and I didn't have to hurt my feet to go on it.

  3. Enjoyed the tour!! Would you believe I've never stepped foot in an Anthro store?! That could be trouble if I do! ;)

  4. Everyone should step into an Anthropologie...there are always treasures that you can squeeze into the smallest of Mom bought one little blown glass knob to take home and put on her her it was the most beautiful little jewel ever!

  5. Looks like fun! I love browsing at The Fountains, even though I can't afford anything! Sur La Table is one of my favs!

  6. I always find the sales,and I also save up my pennies so to say to buy things at Z my fav shop there.


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