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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stylish Thoughts....

Today  is a very special day, and not just because I am posting yet another blog, but because I have been honored by Imogen Lamport of Inside Out Style to be one of her ladies featured in her Tuesday posts " Stylish Thoughts". I had written last Monday about her Evolve Your Style program and Facebook group that goes with it, and gave it a tiny nod yesterday as well. Imogen had posted to the group a short time ago asking if any of the "Evolvers" would like to be featured and even named me by name within the query as one of the few she had at the top of her head...of course I said I would be honored to do it. Imogen sent me an email a short few days later with a list of questions and asked me to include a few photos. I was only to answer some of the questions, but as is my style, I answered them all, it was just too thought provoking not to. The photos were harder to share, even though I share photos all the time here and on my FB page and had shared them on the EYS page, putting it on a well known, around the world blog such as hers, well I had a bit of a butterfly nest in my belly in doing so, but I grabbed the few that were most recent and from the challenges and sent them to her. Anyway, the blog post posted today and already I have so many emails to answer and comments over on the EYS FB page, the tea is brewing already and I have my not so stylish slippers on and am ready to tackle them. OH!! You want the link, and you want to go see for yourself? Ok, I am happy to oblige *wink* 

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Monday, October 20, 2014

To Thyself Be True

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So as promised I am back. I wanted to give fair time to the other program that I mentioned in last Monday's post. It is not for everyone, and I am not pushing this or the other program on anyone, it is simply my experience. I just wanted to be very clear about that. The other program that I mentioned is a program developed by Carol Tuttle, and is an energy profiling program called Dressing Your Truth. But let me back up a bit. In my search to gather ideas about how to dress for my now nearly 50 years of age, but be true to myself as well, I went on a google search under that topic and one of the links was for Dressing Your Truth, or DYT as I will call it from this point forward. I clicked the link and there was a link to find out your energy type for free; I found this interesting and so I clicked it. It was an ecourse that would be sent to me as a series of videos hosted by Carol through email. 

Each day I waited for the class email to be sent, and I actually saved them up until I had all of them in a folder, then just spent a day watching them, tea and pop corn at the ready. I found them very interesting and I started to see a pattern where I identified with a certain energy type. When I finished the videos, it was then discovered that like most things it was not going to be cost free to actually find out how to dress for my type, she has a business after all and has to support her family and employees. The course was quite pricey, at least for my budget. I decided that was not a route that I was prepared to go, but I was disappointed. I decided instead to go to one of her other sites, a life site really, called The Carol Blog, and watch a lot of the videos that she had there, there is hours and hours of very interesting and actually informative videos and articles, and it is free. I centered on the one about beauty, but her posts cover pretty much every subject, let me mention that she also is the author of quite a few books, including one by the name Dressing Your I ordered the book, figuring it would be a bit more involved, it was. That would be a entire other post. During this time I received an email offering a sale on the program for a limited time ( isn't it always?) , but it was one I was comfortable in spending, especially on my credit card so I could make payments. The program would include the original videos I had already watched, though I did not know that at the time, as well as once you "knew" your energy type ( and from what I understand a lot of women do not even after going through the program), you would then unlock videos aimed towards your energy type. In those videos you would see what would then go over what to wear and what not to wear, make up and hair tips and then in the mail a copy of her book, a card with your specific energy colors in which to dress and style reminders as well as a mini version of the color card to keep in your purse. There were life long perks as well. You would be granted access to the Living Your Truth web page, special live broadcast of class nights, and the ability to join forums for your type and the facebook groups for your type, as well as customer support. You could also shop the DYT store for clothing, accessories and make up for your type.   I clicked buy and waited for my package. 

via google search about be your true self
Once my package arrived, I was excited to get my color card as it was colors I already knew down deep I was attracted to, looked great in  and had tried to give up, thinking I had to "lighten" myself up with age. I had already watched the videos for my type, I have determined I am a Type 4, there are four distinct types according to this program. We all have a little of each type in us, one is dominate and there is usually a strong secondary, and that is what often causes confusion if someone had been living in their secondary for whatever reasons and had believed that to be their true self. I was one of those people on and off, and for a split second I had confusion to my type, but once I really started to embrace who I really am, and accepted what others called flaws that were really, according to Carol, my own unique gifts, I knew who I was. I still, being who I am, and I guess true to my energy type watched everything, researched, questioned, re-read the book and even at times scoffed, the latter most likely because I do not like to be told to color within the lines and stay within a certain box. I still don't.. not sure which energy type that is. I have not completely honed in on my secondary, that is a bit of a tough call because I feel at times depending on the people I am with or the situation I am in that I draw upon my other types. I do not decorate my type, though I I decorate using colors that are suited to my houses energy ( yes I believe things have an energy type too) , but I do see myself still being drawn to my true types colors and they pop up here and there. 

One way you are supposed to determine who you truly and not the only way and not the main way, is to look back to see who you were as a child, that is also a good way apparently to determine your secondary... here is an example, it is from Carol's other book The Child Whisperer of which there is a web site for that as well and that is where the image came from. It shows the four types as it relates to children.  From this I nearly got confused, and there goes the secondary etc popping up, since I am social online and have learned to be very Type 1 on Facebook and with people one on one in person, I nearly thought I was a T1 and did not know it, or embrace it, but I was not that way as a child. I have always been sensitive, but I do not always relate to people on an emotional level, often times I have had to teach myself to do that. It is not that I do not have a heart or compassion, but it has been something I have developed over the years more so than what comes naturally. I have never been very fond of the physical, I walk as it is the easiest, and at once time I was a gym rat, but that was an ends to a mean as a way to loose weight and tone up. Nope, I am a dominant T4 and the rest of the types pop up as needed. I will say that I lean strongly towards being a secondary T2 or T1 .. that position is still up for grabs and still being researched. Problem is I am surrounded by T1's , my Mom, and my oldest daughter, and even I believe my husband, though I think it might be his secondary. My middle daughter has me confused. She should be a T4 for who she is now, but as a child she was more of a T2 and the fashions she likes are that type according to the program and I still see some T2 in her , but she is drawn and looks great in T3 colors, but also dresses in just a few Type 4... and no I am not going to tell you what all that means, you would have to buy the program!!

Excited about what I was learning, and seeing that I was now energy typing my family, I shared my discoveries with my Mom. She is always so afraid to be who she actually is, that is mainly my Dad's fault and even a few of the friends that she hangs out with, but again that is an entire story to tell, and not mine to share with the world here. She was interested, but she could not afford the program that was no longer on sale, but I as a member, could gift it for what I paid for it, so that is what I did. She was so excited and so grateful. She began the program, and quickly determined her type, Type 1... polar opposite from me, not a surprise, I have not been shy in sharing that we have a rocky and confrontational past, it is not a surprise now and actually plain as day as to the reasons. The great thing is that as she began to read, to learn to accept, we created a new bond, and old wounds healed, understandings had been had. That alone was worth the 99.00 I paid. The other great part of this was she was so excited and filled with actual glee over this program ( as she puts it "DYT RULES!!" such a T1 response) , that she went and began to edit her closet, edit her accessories, started to spike her hair and wear make up again. Suddenly she was blossoming, at 71 years of age she was discovering her truth. Now given it has been two steps forward and one back with her, but every step forward that is kept gives her new confidence. She is trying new things, new ways of dressing, and loving it! That has lead to so many other wonderful paths of self discovery, and letting go of what does not work, it is all very joyful to witness.... well best I can through emails and phone calls. 

found via the same google search as above.

I soon had discovered myself that I was driving my daughters and husband nuts with all the DYT talk, so I stopped chattering on about it, and being the person obsessed with learning new things all the time, I then joined the other program I mentioned last Monday, where it is a completely different attitude. There are rules, guidelines really, and it is ok to break some of the rules. I have met a lot of DYT alumni there as well, who it was just too many rules for them to stick to, and they do tell me that the other program, not the one I took, and mentioned last Monday, but the more extensive program, offers some very similar energy typing among other typing that helps with what to wear and how to wear it, but again this blog is about DYT, so back to that. I like both. I think I got something from DYT that was invaluable, I found me again. With all the turmoil within myself, all the physical issues and with all the tragedy my family has gone through in recent years, I agree with my Mom on many levels on her thoughts on the program. I would encourage anyone interested to at least do the free energy typing program, by the Dressing Your Truth book as well as Carol Tuttles other book It's Just My Nature, and go on your own self discovery journey, it might just RE open some doors to who you really are, even if you did not know it before. Even though it started off as a journey to discover how to dress again, for the life I have now, and hope to have in the future, it has become so much more than that... although I still really love having my little color card and "rules" in the back of my head. After all it is important to thyself be true. 


Friday, October 17, 2014

French Girl Friday

It has been a number of years since I did a French Girl Friday. In my effort to contribute to my blog a bit more of my time, and to have more to post about on my Facebook fan page that ties in with my blog, I decided it was time. So I hopped onto Amazon and found a book in which to read and to share my thoughts on, chapter by chapter. So the book this go around, is The French Twist written by Carol Cottrill. It is a book written about the "twelve secrets of decadent dining and natural weight management. When I saw the title, I thought to myself " now that sounds like my kind of "diet" book. " , So far I am correct.

 Comfy in my pjs and a lovely cup of French Creme' Brulee tea, and a Pumpkin French Macaron and sat down ready to delve into the book and ready to learn how I could both eat in a decadent manner and yet maintain my weight, considering that this week I was not able to walk due to some health issues that have surfaced and re-surfaced, and medications that warn one not to go in the sun; I ate decadently a few times and put on some weight that I now have to work on getting off again. I love food, but it does not love me. I would like to maintain the weight that I have now had for the last three or so months and still enjoy some of my favorite foods. 

Snap shot from the Introduction of The French Twist,
discussing a few of the words the author actually knows
in the French Language.... yep about the same for me. 

After a few paragraphs I realized that this was not going to be your average diet book with a fun French Twist. Very quickly the author was describing natural weight, what our body would like to be, not what we would like it to be. A weight that with basic exercise and eating healthy would maintain. I think that I am already in trouble. I have to walk four miles, four to six times a week and eat around 1300 calories, not eating back what I exercise off, most days of the week. I record every bite. This is the only way I can maintain, and when I was loosing weight, I consumed 1200 calories and rarely cheated and walked even more miles per day! I do have a "set point" that my body keeps going to when I become more lax, still walking, but not controlling my food intake as well, and I am not happy with that weight. I do not like how I look physically or in my clothing when I am at that weight. From what I was reading a lot of that issue is from being an American woman. The Author discusses how French women do not diet, and they embrace being themselves, from age to body shape and weight. That is not to mean that they do not want to loose weight from time to time, but they do it simply by cutting down portions, but still eating what they want. I have always done that as well, but I have to still be mindful, careful. I would love to be more French in my eating habits. I am already hopeful as I finish the introduction. I love what the last couple of paragraphs state in the introduction...

" .....The covert messages we all recieve every day of our lives, starting when we first begin to observe our surroundings, are similar. For many People, including a disproportionate number of women, these external messages can become problematic. Often they lead us away form developing a true sense of self and toward a dependence on everything and everyone except our own inner voice.

.....The French style of eating -sitting down with delight and savoring every bite with discretion, moderation, and passion- is the answer." The French Twist by Carol Cottrill 

A quote within the pages of  Chapter 1 of the book The French Twist By Carol Cottrill 

Snap shot  from Chapter One from The French Twist by Carol Cottrill 

I  was going to stop at the introduction for this installment, but decided I wanted, needed to continue on to Chapter one. In this chapter the discussion of natural weight continues. Giving the American to French comparisons, the standard ways to figure out your BMR and BMI ( Basal Metebolic Rate /Body Mass Index) , how many calories it takes to gain weight, and to loose weight, how many to cut.. etc. etc. , the standard diet book information, all the while breaking it up with paradoxes, quotes, and it would seem like many of the books I profile it ends with a wrap up... the ones in this book are titled "Practicing Your French" .  So it was a quick, but enjoyable read, but not too much anything past basic need to know knowledge. Next week is titled "No Resistance" , should start to get interesting from that point on I would think, and I for one look forward to it and seeing how I can stop resisting my more American thought processes on this whole subject. 

Quote from The French Twist by Carol Cottrill