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Friday, October 9, 2015

Down The Rabbitt Hole

I just love my skirt custom made for me
by White Rabbitt Clothing 

Part of what I love about dressing with a retro/pin up/vintage look is the way the clothing makes me feel so very feminine! Full skirts that swish and sway when you walk and that are so very twirlable! In Sacramento there is not any places that you can buy such least not brick and mortar shops. So what is a girl to do? Well, mail order is the only option, or very long drives to the Bay area one way or Reno the other, and both are pricey even before you begin to shop. There are of course all the online shops that cater to the look, and quite a few home based businesses, both of which I have shopped with mixed results..mainly due to fit issues; I like many women fall between sizes. Then there is the cost. Even with sales and coupons often both the larger and the home based companies are out of my budget, especially right now as I am trying to fill the voids in my closet. Then there is that cookie cutter, everyone has that print skirt or the super kitch look which is fun, but not sure it is for me. Lucky for me, I discovered just by chance and as I call it, falling down the rabbit hole of seamstresses I follow on Instagram, Lily of White Rabbitt Clothing

What had began first as lady (me) swooning over some fabric Lily had posted, and then deciding to buy a skirt, and then discussing it all via private message on Instagram soon turned into an appreciation and an admiration for the woman behind the business as well as, once I received my skirt, her skill. When I wore my skirt recently for two separate occasions, the compliments never stopped coming, the skirt was a hit, and admired by all and in turn of course so was I for wearing it. I decided right then I would be ordering more skirts from Lily and White Rabbitt Clothing and that I wanted to share her and her creations with all of you....especially once I heard just a little bit about her current situation. I asked Lily if she would be willing to send me a short bio about herself and her company, give me a bit of her back story that I could share here and some photos to share of her other creations as well. 

White Rabbit Clothing 
by Lily Pena aka Lily Von Zombie

The Beautiful and Talented Lily
Tell my readers a bit about yourself and your back story....
"My name is Lily, I started off as a pinup when i was 16 years old, although I never told photographers for fear of not getting photographed. I loved being able to dress up, and step in front of the camera but vintage dresses were either to hard to come by or were to expensive and my family didn't have much money to buy me these beautiful dresses."

 "My big brother gave me the idea of making my own. At the time and for a long time I didn't have a sewing machine. My first real attempt was at The Grand National Roadster show in 2009, I made a polka dot wiggle dress that everyone loved. I had made the whole thing by hand, I mean it was literally hand sewn *hahaha* took me 5 days to finish it but it was worth it!  After the success with my dress, I decided that I wanted to start a vintage inspired clothing shop that could be affordable to all, but starting up isn't very easy especially when you don't have much. When I began, for the first 4 years I didn't dedicate to much time and I sewed everything by hand, it would take me much longer to finish each skirt. I didn't really focus on my shop until 2013 when I really wanted to push my store and things had finally gotten easier with my family."

Lily's brother wearing his custom bow tie 
"I worked part time at a restaurant and worked on my shop during my free time, trust me it wasn't easy, especially because I was helping support my family. I later on lost my job due to the fact that I got pregnant and my bosses didn't like that; they found a loophole to fire me without getting in trouble for discrimination. I was unable to get another job due to my pregnancy, and all I had was my little shop, so I dedicated night and day to growing it and using it to support my family. I kept the prices low so that anyone could afford a vintage inspired skirt, because lets face it not everyone has the money to buy expensive dresses, they are worth every penny, but most of us have families to support and bills to pay and that's the point of my shop to make custom vintage inspired clothing for pinups on a budget. "

Wiggle Skirts for that classic Pin up/Bombshell look,...

"Right now my shop is all I have to support myself, and my son, since I am a full time mom and have not had any luck finding a job. I have been blessed that slowly my shop has grown and I've had some amazing customers I'm glad I can call my friends. I plan to continue to grow as far as I can take my shop and never to loose the principals of why my store was started. At this moment my life is at its toughest, all my work goes to raising money for a home for my son and myself, and it's not easy... we will get there, and as we do, it will help grow my shop." 
...Custom baby bows.. 
"I have been blessed with an extremely supportive family, plus I became part of a new family that encourages me just as much!  I couldn't be more grateful. I've come from having only an idea, to running my shop, making the clothes all by myself, and then being a full time mom as I did so. Life has been tough, but its shown me what I'm capable of. "

...Pillows in your choice of fabrics, like these fun
Halloween and travel themed ones.... custom head scarves/bands ...

...bombshell tops ...

...along with the pencil, pleated and circle skirts are all  available
customized from fabric to style and to your precise measurements.  

Any final thoughts Lily?

"Yes...Never stop chasing your dreams, no matter what anyone says they are your dreams and anything is possible just have faith in yourself and it will happen! "

Just have to share more of the beautiful skirt Lily made for me...

Lily and White Rabbitt Clothing can be found on Instagram under @whiterabbittclothing and soon also on Facebook.  For any information on how to reach her for pricing, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to put you in touch if you do not have Instagram. I will be doing another blog once she has a FB face with new photos of my other purchases from her hopefully in the very near future. I was not paid to do this blog and purchased the skirt. I also had Lily's permission to use her photos from Instagram and those sent to me via email for the purpose of this post. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tips and Treats!

Healthy and Delicious

So, I had this whole blog planned out; I was going to share with you a lovely skirt and the bio of who made it. I made an announcement on FB yesterday on my weekly greetings video that I do there. Unfortunately, the lovely lady whom it was to be all about, had a bit of a family emergency, and well family does indeed come first. The blog is still going to happen...hopefully Friday. So then came the what to do for today?? Well I know all of you like the recipes and especially since I try to make them as quick and easy as possible. I decided rather late in the day to take a quick walk to the market and get the ingredients, even tho tomorrow is grocery day. The weather, tho we had been having lovely Autumn like days, even a thunder storm the other night is warming up again back to what is typical for October here in Sacramento, to the low 80's so I also took a little lunch break inside the local bagel shop where it was nice and cool before heading on back home. I had mentioned to my FB fans that I would do a post with some household tips, after all I have begun trying to brand myself, after five years of blogging and being all over the map, as the "Retro Housewife in a Modern World"....there is another blog out there in the world called "The Modern Retro Housewife" , so I have to be careful with this whole branding thing as to not cause any confusion. But I have gone down a rabbit trail, back to the tips. I have just two simple ones right now for you.

Tip One....

Muse Cottage , when we bought it had a functional kitchen, but one that no matter how hard I scrub and scour is never quite as clean looking as I would like it to be. The sink is horrible, even tho it is stainless. I have used everything...and I do hate chemicals if I can avoid it. SO when I was looking through my Classic Household Hints by Susan Waggoner for a couple tips to share, as I have run through most of my own, I spotted one that mentioned cleaning a stainless sink with club soda! Well I just happened to have some on hand from when we made port wine spritzers, and had a half bottle left. Now my sink is not something that is a horror story mind you, but as I said I can not seem to get it as clean as I like, so it was worth a shot. I put on my gloves, I poured some on my sponge, the soft side, and went to work. Almost instantly I saw dirty, grimy water appear and I continued to wipe, and before I knew it, I had a sparkling sink! No chemicals, no hard abrasives and with very little effort. There are a few spots that seem to be old age stains... or perhaps chemical stains ( the former owners used to work on motorcycles in the kitchen..don't even get me started on the counters) , but see for tarnish, no food grime, no grease..ok I know there is not a huge amount of those things that show up in the photos, but just trust me! So I would say this tip is Ruby's Musings Approved!!!

Tip Two

You ever curse at your roll of plastic wrap? you know how it does not roll out properly, is hard to tear or won't even unroll at all and just starts to tear? Well, the second tip is for easier to roll plastic wrap, store it in the fridge. Yep, you heard me, in the fridge! Then it is easy peasy. In the photo above I popped the box in the freezer to be able to get results quicker, and thus the photo above, but it did not work quite as well LOL!! I guess it had to be in there longer. Yes, I have loads of plastic wrap issues!  What if you have a waded up piece...yeah that happens, at least to me, a lot ..but come on admit it, we have all had it happen to us where suddenly it gets hopelessly stuck in a ball form, after fussing with it to get it out of the package in the first place and suddenly it is not user friendly and you have to start the process all over again? Well according to the book, if you pop it into the freezer, for just ten minutes it will come undone! So I wadded up some plastic wrap, good and scrunchy, then I tried it and you know what it works! So there you have it ...also "Ruby's Musings Approved"

Recipe Time!

So now the treat time!! It's Autumn, even tho it does not feel like it and odds are good it will be 90 degrees towards weeks end, but regardless it is, and that means pumpkin everything! I mean we can eat it year around, but it just seems to call my name " Ruby...Ruby...Ruby.." so for this weeks recipe I chose to make Carrot Pumpkin Muffins. I of course am a busy retro housewife, and it was late in the day and I had other things I needed to do, so it had to be an easy recipe. I happen, as many of my readers know, have cake mix on hand all the time for when I want to make easy whoopie pies, and this time of year I always have cans of pumpkin on hand. I also always have shredded carrots on hand as I use them in my vegi spaghetti sauce, and my base taco meat that I use for enchiladas and taco salads as well as tacos...even tortilla soup! You can find the recipes for the sauce and meat mix under the labels section if using a P.C. to view this post. I also love dried cranberries, so have those on hand. So really the only thing I had to buy at the market is the one thing I did not have, nuts. Normally I like pecans or walnuts, but while at the market I actually saw flavored pumpkin seeds, so grabbed those. I already also had this cinnamon nugget and jimmies carrot cake toppings on hand so used that too! You could also throw in diced apples and pineapple if you so desire!!! So below is the steps.

Gather your goodies, all these plus one cup of water or apple juice/cider,
pre-heat oven according to box you can make this into
muffins, loaves and even a large cake/baking dish cake.
Dice/mince up the nuts/seeds and carrots,
 I used a large handful of carrots... you can use more,
and about 1/2 cup of seeds....set aside

Put craisens in glass measuring cup I used nearly a
cups worth, pour water or juice over and then microwave
until hot ....

Meanwhile mix all your other ingredients
until all the dry cake mix is absorbed.
It will be thick and could actually
stop here if you are leaving out the craisens
and make a nice loaf or drop cookies with it
as is. 
Once craisens..or raisens if you like
them better  are plump, pour it all in.

It will look like this, and yes it will be
much wetter... but still thick!
Put into whatever vessel you plan to use, and add
any toppings you like. I added the sprinkles and a few extra seeds...
again follow the box directions for temp
based on your choice. Bake until toothpick comes out clean

Here is your final result!!! They will be moist, dense but oh so good and pretty healthy for the most part...oh and they freeze well . Store in an air tight container either in the fridge or the freezer to keep fresh...heat in the microwave when ready to eat! 

On Friday see more photos of this beautiful
skirt and learn about the lady who made it. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Just Winging It ...and a Blogger Award

via Style Caster

There is a hash tag on Instagram #pinupgirlproblems pin up girl problem is winged liner... I have not in oh, I don't know, thirty plus years of doing one "nailed it" as of yet. Each day I do one... rarely skip a day, and on no two days are they alike...never mind the eyes, the liner, the wings not meant to be twins, mine are rarely in the same family. So I spend the bulk of my one hour getting ready for the day, yes, and hour...that is another pin up girl problem...trying to make my wings match up and the sad thing is, that then I go outside and my eyes water and suddenly I am crying black tears. I have tried every style of liner, gel, liquid, pen, pencil, thin brush, angled brush, stiff tip, soft, felt, waterproof....I have tried a lot of price points. Ok not sure pricey ones, but pricey enough. I have a drawer full of black eyeliners! I use good light, a magnifying mirror, and even have make up glasses; yes they are a thing and you can still buy them.


I have watched countless you tube videos, tried the tape trick, the spoon and business card trick, even tried the eye brow stencil turned upside down trick and yes those too are all things.. don't believe me, go look them up on youtube. Of course as it so happens is I am going nowhere, and will be seen by no one that cares, often as my luck would have it they turn out perfect. Maybe its being on a time clock that is my enemy. It certainly can not be lack of practice or skill...YES, I do have some make up skill...or maybe I really don't! The gals on the videos make it seem so simple. I have asked many of my friends and they will admit they do not always get it perfect all the time, there is "make up fails", even my brow gal Dorthy today says she often has them and she does make up all day long!! So if even the other pinups who always look perfect can't get it right, is there hope??

via buzzfeed
Brushes for the gel pot liner

I always have pointed cotton swabs and
a make up wipe, with one of the swabs
in it close by for touch ups.

My collection. Felt, skinny brush in
liquid both in a pencil type shape container,
and a little pot, gel in the pot, felt tips....

Looks simple right??? ( via pintrest) 

I tried on friend's tip of using a pencil first and then
going over it with the worked the other day...
then today not so much.
Pretty darn good! Excuse the brow hairs...I was over due for
a is all better now!

This was after three attempts, wiping it all off and doing it again,
not bad, but not perfect...and one inner corner I never seem to match it
with the other either... even on good days! 

When considering doing this post, I decided to ask a few of my friends who are ladies who make up always looks wonderful and who all seem to have different styles of wings and ways of doing them if they would not mind sharing with me, and you, tips, tricks, favorites etc., and they were all quite generous. Some are bloggers, some are models, some both...all are pin ups. 

@justalark on Instagram

"....the best and easiest method I've found is first lining my eyes with a crayon eyeliner as a sort of a base sketch, then going over it with a felt tip liquid liner. Creates a darker line and it's much friendlier to use" 

@kirstiemydear on Instagram 

"Gel liner is the best in my opinion! Helps make make a precise line more easily ( more control over the brush) and it lasts! Currently I use Bobbie Brown's gel, but may switch to Anastasia of Beverly Hills ( moussey and smooth texture) ...Maybelline is a great dupe at a lower price. I always draw my wings first." 

@missvintagelady on instagram
This lovely, who is a makeup artist, model, and all around gorgeous lady inside and out was kind enough to provide the below for me to use, and we chatted tips all evening long as well......

An All Dolled Up Moment with MissVintageLady....
"As a Professional Make Up Artist, I have always dabbled in finding the best products for my clients. Let me tell you it's not easy finding that perfect liner, you expect your eyeliner to be the perfect shade of black that lasts through the day, it must not flake, & most importantly easy to remove without staining the skin grey. Gosh I hate that with some liners. 

- My absolute Favorite Make Up Era is the 1940's! My go to Liner for the era is a Sharp Pointed Pencil Eye Liner a classic Pencil Liner you can find almost anywhere! I switch on & off between my favorite Pencil Liners, I use Chanel, Dior, & Givenchy I feel that they give the best results for me. 
However this is such a Classic Pencil that you can find so many lovely dupes! 
My favorite is from Chanel I use Le Crayon Kohl for a simple defined thin cat eye right against my lash line. For a more Dramatic look I use Le Crayon Yeux it's a Creamy Smooth Pencil that creates a defined thicker cat eye more of a 1950's feel. 
Now if I want a Liquid Liner which is usually for my photo shoots I use N.Y.C Liquid Liner it's a Drug Store Brand! The fluid is rich & leaves a beautiful clean black line, perfect for a Pin Up! 

My number 1 tip is always use a flat angled brush with a concealer that matches your skin tone perfectly to clean up the edges & make them sharper than a barber's blade! "

Finally, is a dear young woman I have the pleasure of being friends with on line has not only sent me a wonderful tutorial, but photos to use as well! She too is a blogger, a model and just the sweetest! 

@laceychiffon via Instagram

Lacy writes...
When doing my signature cat eye, I always start out by priming my lids. I use just a basic eyelid primer from Wet-n-Wild. Once my eyebrows and shadow are on I go directly to my eyeliner.

I use Kat Von D’s Trooper. Her tattoo liners are amazing! However you have to prime your lids otherwise it rubs off. have very hooded eyes, so I start out by making a very thin line right on my lid.

Next I make a small triangle, the great thing about the eyeliner I use is that it glides very easily over your eye.

Once I love my little triangle I fill it in, then bringing the rest of the liner to my inner corners, trying to keep a thin line.

If I like it I start the next eye, doing the same thing, but of course it’s so hard to get it right the first time. If I need to go back over the other and make it thicker or longer I will. I finish the rest of my makeup at this point and then to set my look I use Maybelline’s newest setting spray, it gives me a little bit longer wear on my makeup, which I need!

I have learned a few new about you...are you going to give it a try? You do not need to make the wing nearly as long as many of these lovelies, if it is too dramatic for you, I often make a much smaller wing when it is just a day at home or just taking a walk to the local bagel shop for coffee. I think a combo of using a pencil first and then starting my line a little in from the corner may be my two that I am going to implement in the future.

You may have noticed I have not included links for the bloggers, well, there is a very important reason. Just yesterday I was awarded a blogger award, The Versatile Blogger Award, by the ladies over at Style Lyfe Blog..... ( thank you ladies... I am honored!!)

There is rules that go along with receiving the nod from a fellow blogger(s) , and they are as follows...

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.
    •    Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
    •    Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy
    •    Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
    •    Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
    •    Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

to find out more visit the official web site...HERE

For me? I am so honored!

So, first, I am supposed to name off 15 blogs/bloggers. I follow hundreds, but not regularly. And I am not entirely sure if they would like to be nominated and have to participate, bloggers can be a fickle bunch to be sure. I have in the past introduced you to a few, when I spoke of some of my idols and I share a few links via banners in the P.C. version of this blog in the side bar. So I am only going to name a few, and some of them I have shared with you above...but will do so again right now.. and a couple I have recently been over joyed to have guest blogged on their blogs and it is my way of saying "thank you" 





banner is property of  Miss Amy May's web page and is subject to copyright.

Miss Amy May 


photo is property of, and subject to copy write,
Pin up Persuasion 

So, I am going to stop at 5 as far as the blogs/bloggers I am nominating and now it is time to list my seven things about me. I find that hard, because if you have been a reader for any length of time you know all about me, but I will try.

1. I grew up on a small "farm" and would have to slop the pigs, and feed the steer before school each morning for a few years to help my Grandpa.

2. When I was a girl, I would walk in high heels to the bus stop, all day at school and then home...even on the dirt road portions I had to go on to get too and from

3. I love B grade horror flicks from the 50's and 60's and love to be scared and spooked, but will not watch blood and gore and hackem slashem movies. 

4. I drink hot tea every day, all day, even if it is 100 degrees out.

5. I am friendly, but really shy, and talking to people makes me nervous. 

6. I have not made a single close friend in nearly 9 years and spend a lot of time all by myself. 

7. Bad health has ravished my teeth and gums, so am ashamed with how they look, but I smile anyway.