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Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 Bucket Wish List

I wonder if He will hear my wishes/prayers?
(please don't take offence with using a religious slant with
such a frivolous post...mean no offence.)  

I had planned on doing this blog earlier, but as you may know I had a Ruby's Musings by Request post that I felt the need to see to on Tuesday. In reality, this probably should have been done last Friday, on the first. Anyway, let's get on with the post! Normally everyone posts their resolutions for the new year...mine are no different than a lot of people, loose a bit of weight, eat better, exercise more etc. etc. I am failing horribly this first full week, but the year is early right and there is plenty of time before I will say I failed..I will say, thank goodness I have a love of full skirts and get them made an inch larger than my actual waist! So what is this post about? Well, just as the title says, it is a bucket wish list. 
Being on social media all day long...and sometimes well into the night ( add in another resolution read actual books and stay off the kindle) it fuels wonderlusts in this girl addicted to pretty things; especially Instagram where it is a non stop stream of gorgeous products. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite companies and their links and what I might like from them. As I compiled the list it grew a bit out of control...hey a girl is allowed to dream...and even the shortened list is very long. but hopefully you won't mind too much. Let's get started shall we? 

One of the things I have begun wearing, preferring more than necklaces, is brooches, not that this first company does not have all your main jewelry needs, from earrings to sweater clips, necklaces to brooches. It is an Australian company, where the pin up girl movement is very strong and so there is a lot of companies based there to cater to them. Erstwilder makes fanciful creations, all limited editions, in fact my main pick is already sold out, but there is so many more to choose from. They are colorful, whimsical and there is something for everyone, with so many themed collections to choose from. With shipping being a bear it can be hard to justify the cost to my husband, but my hopes is that maybe one day for a special occasion it will happen. They do have plenty of contests, like many of the companies I like so there is always a chance to win a pretty! 

image via the Ertwilder site and all rights belong to them

Madame Amore Brooch is sold out, but one day
perhaps there will be another poodle for me. Every
retrophile needs a poodle right?
image via the Ertwilder site and all rights belong to them

So the next company I truly want something from is a company from England, who has a shop on Etsy. Luxulite truly makes fabulous jewelry for the gal who dresses or is obsessed with the 1940's and 1950's.   Every time I see one of the fun brooches ( see a theme here?) and the what I always called "door knocker" earrings, I get a big smile and imagine what I might pair them with, and my wish list grows. 

all photos belong to Luxulite and all rights belong to

Sweater Girl Earrings come in many fun colors!

Isn't the Tipsy Elephants brooch fun?

So what pinup or retrophile girl does not need a petticoat?? I just bought my first one produced by the Tennessee company Malco Modes   , I own a few other cheaper ones, and they are ok, but Malco Modes are divine....light, fluffy and soft and come in so many colors and styles! How could I not want more??
Bought this pretty baby blue as my first! 

The "Jennifer" is the perfect 26" tea
length as they call it are most of my skirts. 
this image via malco modes website and all rights belong to them
Now every pinup girl, retrophile or in this case retro housewife, when even just in my jeans I like to have my red lips on and a spritz of perfume. Besame Cosmetics is a company that since the 1970's has producing quality cosmetics based on colors and the style of eras gone by, "the golden era of Hollywood", in fact many movie and tv actresses wear their products to lend authenticity to their roll. They have both an actual shop in Burbank Ca., and Whittier Ca. and are also available on their web site, on, as well as at some Sephora and Anthropology locations. Their collections are broken down by can have lips like Marilyn Monroe if you so desire! 

Red Velvet "1947" is my color of 
choice being as it is a true blue based red.
images belong to Besame and all rights belong to them

How can you not want this sitting on your vanity? 

Freddies of Pinewood is another U.K. company, they have pretty awesome, or so I hear vintage style jeans, tops, sweaters and more. All are created to look as authentic as possible and their jeans are a must in any retrophile's wardrobe. I know I want at least one pair of jeans, a sweater or two and some tops/blouses too! Casual dressing is always hard for me, and having these gems would make it easier, and they are great for curvy girls like myself!

1950's jeans  ( google image)

Loretta Sweater
(google image) 

Under garments are very important, be it shape ware, silky bras and panties or robes etc... don't we all feel prettier with pretties on under whatever we are wearing? Some of my desirable to own items are those created by What Katie Did, House of Satin and Secrets in Lace to name a few. When all dolled up in your silky under things or wrapped up in a satin robe, you might not be wearing a brooch, but you could add a beautiful flower to your hair, and one company that makes my 2016 bucket list is Deviously Sweet Designs  on Etsy, based out of Nevada, the creations are always swoon worthy! I own quite a few hair flowers, but to own a creation from Deviously...well that would be something for sure that this girl is going to make happen! 

Just a tiny sampling. They have something gorgeous
for every season and holiday and not just single flowers
but crowns of floral greatness too!

photo credits belong to D.S.D and all rights belong to them
Bringing the subject back to brooches, Deer Arrow is one of my favorite companies and has been on my bucket wishlist for quite awhile, when the time finally comes, I do not even know how I will choose what I want! Probably something geared towards baking... not a big stretch right? Sometimes I wonder if I will ever wear all the brooches I own, but then if I just create a shadow box displaying them and can see them before I go to bed, that would be enough *giggle* 

image via google search

Accessories, accessories, accessories, besides red lips, and batty lashes or maybe a betty bang or accessories can turn the most normal of outfits a heavy nudge towards looking retro, rockabilly or of the companies I love so many things from is Bow and Crossbones, but of course the company I will always support and not because I am an official promo girl, but because I love the product, it is affordable, well made and the doll behind it is wonderful!! That company is Twinkle Burst Ca on Etsy where you can always find fun Lucite jewelry with tons of sparkle..earrings, rings, brooches, and necklaces! 

I totally love these super cute Doughnut earrings
and the fun ring!

Another really great jewelry company that makes some amazing and at times glorious pieces is a company from France by the name Glitter Paradise. When you log on to her site you will see so many of the beautiful and published pinup models that are lovelies that I myself and so many others look up to, how could I not include some of her creations on my bucket wish list...too many to list, but one of my favorite collections is the Vintage Sleeze, *blush* , brooches of vintage undergarments... just so cute and well a little scandalous. There is of course the 1950's Lucite collection, I just adore her new "Whoolies" earrings on there. Her creations are influenced from the early 1900's up, so there is something for everyone. I have to say the woman behind G.P is the sweetest!! When I told her what I was doing and asked for some photos and information to share, she sent me so much, she put a ton of work and time into it. I feel I really need to devote an entire blog post to do her website, her products and her justice; I will do it to be sure in the future....the greatest thing recently connected with G.P was that I won her holiday contest, and one of the items on my wishlist!!! I bet you can tell why! 

To close, because it is time to get on with my day (...I think I forgot to eat lunch!) and because as I mentioned in the beginning my list is super long LOL , I thought I would close with a few honorable mentions where it is hard to choose just one thing from and that I just want a chance to shop from them and own something...and that something seems to change daily! Be sure you give them a peek and I am sure you will see why! Tatyana Boutique, Pinup Girl Clothing, Doll Me Up (Darling), The Original Bad Girl and My Baby Jo  and Bernie Dexter are just a few....there is a whole lot more out there from big to companies, to custom seamstress options, even some more things such as head scarves from small Etsy companies and true vintage from various dealers such as Chronically I said the list could go on and on! 

I hope that you have enjoyed my sharing of my 2016 bucket wish list....what are some of your bucket wish list items or companies, or did you make any resolutions? Would love to hear all about them!! Hope to see you on my FB and or Instagram feed, just look for Ruby's Musings...would love to connect with all of you! 

See you soon!!


  1. What, no hats on your list? :)

    Okay I understand not every is as hat crazy as I am, and I certainly feel your pain when it comes to international postage (and exchange rates!) But it's good to have a bucket list because if you don't put it out there, how is the universe going to know? :)

    1. Morgana you made me laugh! I ADORE hats...but I don't follow a lot of companies that have them...I however own a ton! Most are summer hats..past berets I am lacking in winter day...any suggestions?

  2. How sweet, Thanks Ruby I'm glad you won the Red Lips Brooch, you deserve it :D xoxoxo Hugs from France

  3. ok...nice blog. congrads on winning the brooch.

  4. Swoon worthily stellar list, lovely lady. There are soooo many awesome brands and businesses listed here, quite a few of whom I wear (and covet! :)) as well, including such fab sellers as Freddies, Erstwilder, and Luxulite. I don't have any of Deer Arrow's adore able offerings in my wardrobe yet, but they're certainly on my own shopping wishlist, too (ditto for other indie brooch/jewelry sellers like Sugar & Vice in the UK and Baccurelli out of the States).

    I wholeheartedly appreciate the wonderfully nice mention of my Etsy shop here. Thank you very much!!!

    Here's to a fun filled, fabulous year full of great buying experiences and the glam outfits that will naturally follow on their heels. :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. The ones you mentioned made my list, but not the blog LOL...I could not have a list without your shop included!

    2. The ones you mentioned made my list, but not the blog LOL...I could not have a list without your shop included!

  5. Great list! I also would love to have a pair of Freddie of Pinewoods jeans, and am searching for a crinoline/petticoat that isn't too poofy or full. I struggle wearing jewelry, even just small earrings, as I have ridiculously sensitive skin that has no rhyme nor reason as to what will set it off. Your brooches in your Etsy shop are darling, certainly comparable to Erstwilder. I hope you achieve all or most of your list this year!

    1. Ahh what an huge compliment! Thank you so much! I actually have knocked quite a few off my list, and may fill the other blanks as the months go on!


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