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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Second Annual New Year's Bucket Wish List 2017

It is that time of year again! 

So it is a new year! HELLO 2017 !  So far, it has been much the same for me as 2016 was just days before. I have either been in workout clothing or in a variety of P.J. styles. I wake up late after a night of tossing and turning ( pain issues, busy brain etc etc) , I brew my tea, an entire pot, a much larger one due to the cold and rainy weather. I put my bread in the toaster, take my supplements with a glass of diet OJ, which is pretty much the only reason they get taken, and I turn my phone on and begin the task, and yes at times that is what it is, of checking the various social network platforms to see if I need to attend to anything such as answering comments etc. I then settle on the couch, and by this time it is late morning, with my pot of tea, my buttered toast and jam and turn on the Young and the Restless and I partially pay attention as I try to eat, continue to troll through Instagram and Facebook and see what Jack and Victor are up to on the show. Before I know it, it is 3 p.m. and it is Dr. Oz and I am still in my PJ's and no make up and currently my hair does not need much work, so it does not look too bad, and so my day goes. I often will make another pot of tea, drink a few glasses of plain water, and will grab a late day shower and then change into new PJ's. Then hubby comes home. On a good day, which for me lately does not happen often as I would like, I change around noon and do my weight work out, stretches and tummy exercises. I have goals, I have motivation, I simply do not have the energy. It is not a secret that I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, anxiety and depression, which is more like a chronic case of the blues ( a life long struggle) , it just seems as if it has been in very high gear since coming off my artificial hormones over the summer. It was a slow slide down , but now that I am here, well...... BUT ENOUGH OF ALL THAT! This post is NOT about that subject yet again , no, this is about my lust list. 

So what is a Bucket Wish List? Well it is a combo of a Bucket List, meaning things I want to own at some point in my know instead of the typical "what I want to do" which is the typical Bucket List. and "Wish" added to it , well it might be redundant, since a "what things I want to own" Bucket List is basically the same thing, but this is my blog and that is what I call it.  LOL Anyway, I do not write or abide by resolutions. I realized long ago that those goals and resolutions etc. go right out the window very quickly for me. I can not dictate what my body or mind will or will not let me do. Oh sure, I can have will power, I can be determined and have motivation, but as mentioned if my body says "no, not today" there is often I just can not fight it and I have to go with what is achievable that moment, that hour or that day. Maybe it is getting up, eating, a few chores, or it could be as simple as changing my clothing and swiping on some lipstick. When you are in pain be it chronic or something that will eventually go away, comfort is key. Now most of you reading this see me all dressed up.  Confession, sometimes it is only from the waist up....thank goodness for selfies! I have a large amount of skirts, dresses, I have a small amount of pants and a couple pairs of jeans and of course tops etc , but none of my more casual clothing, unless it is my work out clothing, which feel like PJs , but can be termed "getting dressed", is what I would say all that comfy, either due to fit or constriction etc., so this years Bucket Wish List is about items of clothing  (and a few honorable mentions in the accessories or undergarment department) that I would love to purchase this year, of which I feel that I could wear around the house, keep my retro style intact, be comfortable and even if I do not feel good, I could look better.... maybe even into the category of  decent and stylish enough to be seen by the mail man. Last year I wrote my first Bucket Wish List, it was a lot of fun and actually I managed to get quite a  few things off of it. I think really only one vendor , a brooch company is lacking from what I managed to purchase. I would be over the moon if I could make even a portion of this years appear in my wardrobe! So let's get started! 

The first is actually not clothing. It is cosmetics. Last year I had Besame on my BWL and over the year I managed to get my favorite colors, some of the brightening powders, blush, mascara and even perfume. I am a HUGE fan!! The company and customer service is top notch. However if you know me, I have an addiction to lipstick. So when I learned about Julie Hewette and that she created makeup for the stars and had a tie in with a couple of famous pinup gals, I knew I wanted to check it out... and lucky me she has a line of matte lipsticks, a must try for any retro gal, but she has a full range of cosmetics on her web site. In fact, the slogan on the front page is " Classic Hollywood Staples Created on Set by Makeup Artist Julie Hewett." The prices are pretty average for good quality,  yet not overly expensive.  A good combo in my book.

photo is of the matte collection, and not my property,
all credits go to the Julie Hewett web site. 
Up next is a company who happened to be one of my sponsors from my blog tour this past September Heart of Haute , I own not one, but two of the Estelle bow tops, an adorable blouse that has flutter cap sleeves and comes in a variety of prints and solids. I also own one of their circle skirts, dresses and a knit pullover Lilly top. What I would love to add is one n( or more) of their sleeveless blouses, the Ella,  that is like the Estelle, but without the sleeves ( obviously) , I feel they would be a great addition and layering piece, as I now have hot flashes, layering is a must, you never know when you will need to strip off clothing. 

This is the Busy Bee Ella blouse, photo
is not mine and is property of HOH 
Next we have something in the cosmetics department once again, and well let's face it, tho not clothing, one can be in a pretty robe perhaps, have their hair done, a swipe of lippy and then if we were to add a few let's say faux lashes, we could look a little more put together, but I fail at application of lashes, enter the Flirt Cosmetics  Lash gun !  An easy way to add individual lashes with supposed ease. 

Image found on pinterest.
Getting back to clothing, next up we have Freddies of Pinewood, which if I can recall made it to last years list, but I did not end up getting anything. Like many small retro companies, their stock is limited and because they have quality product, it sells out quickly and often my size is one of the first to be sell out. So I am once again adding a few items to the BWL and we will see what happens.  I am really in love with everything they have, but as I try to keep more in the 1950's to early 60's with my style, it narrows things down. and as I already have a pair of high waist jeans from another site, tho if given the chance to own a pair of Freddies....anyway,  I concentrated on some of the tops and maybe a pair of capris. *photos are from the Freddies web site and all copyrites belong to them. 

How cute is this top... It is a sweater girl style, but is a
a heavy knit, and has a true vintage piece insert! 

This is the "Boyfriend" , I think it is darling,
who does not like stripes?

This wrap top can be worn over or under the waistband of
a skirt or pants. I adore wrap tops! 

I really enjoy having red pants as part of
my basic wardrobe, but recently I my
Old Navy pair of Pixie Pants got a stain
on them. 

Now I have a few honorable mentions before I move on to the next round of clothing , a couple of items would not be comfortable until I get my pain levels under control , but I am adding them to the list anyway! Now while I was on my blogging tour, I managed to go to the U.S. division of What Katie Did , and bought my black bullet bra. I would really love to own one of the peach tone bullet bras, as well as some of the underwear, maybe a corset and some stockings. Even with my fibro I can manage to wear such things for a few hours to help retro clothing look more authentic. I would also love to own a few items from House of Satin and I truly want a long line bra from Rago Shapeware
The last item in the honorable mention section , is something I have wanted for awhile now. I have bought cheap versions, mid price versions and am not happy with either and am kicking myself for not purchasing them when I was shopping on Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank back in September.  That would be hoop earrings from Pinup Girl Clothing, they happen to be 50.00, but they are the perfect size and replication of the style of earrings that Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe wore... what I like is that they are not too big or small and like I said , good quality, tho I am sure that like a lot of things on PUG the price is a bit elevated....I mean for 50.00 I could have a new top or something else on my wish list. But darn it, I really have wanted them for a while now. 
Legacy Hoops
photo is from PUG and not my property
Continuing on ,  next on my wish list is quite a few things from Vivian of Holloway. Just this past few months I have had the opportunity to purchase one of their Raglan blouses, two of their Slash Neck tops as well as one pair of their 1950's style pants AND three skirts, not to leave out a few accessories such as berets and jewelry.  Every time hubby got a bonus I asked for money to buy an outfit.  Like I mentioned above because of quality and limited quantity (and my size or color choices or both, selling out pretty quick), often I have tried to purchase from this great retro company but haven't had the luck on quite a few things. The list of what I desire from VOH is pretty long at this moment, but a few things would be more of what I already have, just in different prints, solids and before you say it, YES, I am one who if they like something and it works, I buy several of that item. I would also this year add a few solid color pencil skirts or perhaps a print that catches my eyes..something that is missing in my wardrobe. * photos are from the VOH website and not my property. 

Peddle Pushers , I own purple in these,
but would love to own basic colors such as
black and navy. I like that they are a fuller
cut pant and not super tight, but also
look quite nice on with a good fit.  

Pocket Pencil Skirt , this is in the wool flannel
I would not mind owning this Ruby version,
but if they came out with a lighter fabric in
solids I would be all over it! 

The new Swagger Coat... isn't this green amazing?
I am pretty sure this will not land in my closet as
they are selling rapidly, but my oh my this would be
a stunning piece to own. 

This is one of two Slash Neck knit tops I own.
I love how it looks like a heavy, chunky sweater knit,
but it is actually a print on a thick jersey knit. A
fantastic basic, and like many ladies, I would love on
in just about every color for the cooler months. 

The Raglan blouse in black is in my wardrobe.
You can see it in recent holiday photos on FB & Instagram,
again it is a great basic and I would like to add to my collection.
I recently wore it with a thin sweater under it, but could see it on
it's own of course or layered with a Slash Neck or even a colorful
tank under it.

The very last store on my BWL is Lady K Loves also out of the UK. I have long admired quite a few items on their website, and I actually own one pair of their jeans and they fit like a dream, tho I would like to have them hemmed and have the rolled up cuff be a tad bit smaller. They were my first pair of high waist pants and they fit like a dream, plus a year later and a few washes, still look new! But I am recently obsessed with their Splenda wrap top and Wendy as well as the May 1950's style pants. LUCKY ME I won a contest that was being run via Miss Lark Bahr's blog and Instagram feed, and will have 50.00 euros, which ruffly equals about 52.00 in the exchange.  I am hoping to get one pair of Wendy Pants and a Splenda top, unfortunately due to the fact that they are sale items and a lot are sold out in my size, my choices are limited. Now I could simply get one pair of the May pants, and there is still a lot of choices, but I do like to get more bang for my buck. *photos are from the LL web site and rites do not belong to me . 

The Becki Top 

The Wendy pant 

The Splenda top 

The Say Yeah top 

So that is my 2017 Bucket Wish List will be fun to see if I can add even add a couple ( over the Lady K Love items since I won the contest so that is a given) of the items to my wardrobe and build my casual/daily wardrobe. Do you make resolutions or goal lists in January or do you just wing it? I would love to hear from you in the comments below, or find me on FB on my fan page or on my Instagram feed and tell me all about it! 


  1. Hi there, Ruby. I have loved catching up with your blog tonight while Mr W watches Cold Case. I have decided to spend more time on blogs and less time on Face Book. I am battling with all the venom that is directed at people who like President Trump. ������ It has surprised me to see such a change in people that I wouldn't have expected it from.�� So I am stepping back for a while so my life can be a bit more rosy and calm.�� I hate confrontation so I am hiding out in Blogs instead of Facebook - I know, I am a sook.�� I have loved looking at your Bucket Wish List; I am thinking of making up one of my own. �� However, I think losing the rest of this weight is the most important thing for now, along with finishing our little home's renos. Fun, Fun, Fun - said nobody! ��
    Love you and thank you for being a safe place to come and hang out!!!!
    Antony here (Mr W). Jilly says that your page is the only one from the ones she visits regularly that hasn't turned ugly, apart from some relatives' pages. Thank you for staying nice and keeping a level head - much appreciated!

    1. Thank you so much you two! I promise to get back to blogging so very soon! I am also on YouTube, and trying new's bumpy, but will get better...promise!!

  2. This post just proves how classy and elegant your taste is! I love reading your blog. You are such a beautiful person <3

    xo Miss Betty Doll

    1. Thank you sweetheart....taking a break, but been missing it I am sure I will be back.


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