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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Can you Spot it ?

Do you ever just look around , look up, down and beside you ? I mean really look? We are surrounded by decor inspiration and it does not cost a thing. No magazines need to be bought, no books looked at . There is beautiful design ideas all around us . You do not need to take them literally of course, but if you just take the cues that are there for the giving, you could create a wonderful color pallet , or perhaps bring in elements of what you see through your accessories.

The other day I spent the day just taking pics of things I thought were inspiring that no one really notices. YES, I got strange looks, well always do when I am caught taking pics of things others ignore. Anyway, I will continue to do this, but this is the first of many collections I plan to post from time to time .
I just loved the play of light and dark grays in shadows the trees created near a school walkway that I take on my walks.......

The soft lavender-grays and muted white....even the straw color of these dried weeds, what a zen like color combo in a bedroom that would create .....And how many wonderful color combos can you pic out of the rocks below....maybe it inspires to build a stone fireplace, or just have a bowl of polished stones on your coffee table ???

I just love flowers, and the color combos they create all in one bloom, even the ones that are wilting in the hot Summer sun and where the petals have fallen off.......... I can see an English cottage decor coming to life just between these two photos and the colors that are there...even notice the wood chips and all the shades there...perhaps natural wood tones thrown in the mix instead of the standard all white furniture??

The table top above and the fret work below, so beautiful, but for the most part ignored while sitting outside a local grocery store....the craftsmanship is wonderful , the design breathtaking and surprising on a grocery store, reminds me of lace! Or maybe a wonderful French or Italian/ Tuscan themed space with wrought iron accents????

Look at this lovely lady?? Perhaps inspires to bring in a figurine, or a statue into your space if it would allow...or just let her force you to imagine a dramatic space just inspired by her , or a day dream of hidden garden with lovely statues all around you .... Look at the combo all together of the metal work, the green columns, the glass paned windows and the stone ..even the pop of pale blue sky ...who would not be inspired on some level by this???

So next time you are out and about, look around you. Really LOOK....and let yourself be inspired, dream , create in your head and possibly create in your space something inspired by the world around you!


  1. That table top is really neat! I'm waiting for a lull in the furniture department and I plan to cut out a design similar to that on some mdf with black velt on the back. I want to put it above my fireplace.

  2. I am so happy to know that someone else notices the little things too!!! Those are the type of photographs I appreciate more than anything!

  3. Love the first two pictures. Would love to get prints of them for my office. Nice post!

  4. I love these things as well, Steph! there is beauty in just about just have to see it! :-)


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