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Friday, August 6, 2010

A peaceful place in the hills....

We  were on our way home from Grass Valley Ca, and well as often happens, as you know, we took a wrong turn. Missed a turn really, and ended up on a back country road. Auburn rd. to be correct, and as we were really enjoying this wrong turn with all the trees, open fields and farms, we passed by a sign that said "Alta Sierra Biblical Gardens " . I had to see it. I made my hubby turn around as soon as we could and we headed back to the parking lot nestled in the trees.

I was instantly enchanted. I could hear running water, there was a lovely picnic table set up in a shade portion just off the parking lot, and all you could hear besides the water was seemed you could not even hear the traffic.

I was so glad I was wearing my walking shoes, as I was eager to go explore. I grabbed a provided flier that had a description of what we were about to explore as well as some photos and a map. We headed off the dirt path, and stopped often to enjoy the water falls, creek running all along it, and scattered signs nestled in the greenery with inspirational quotes and scripture everywhere you looked. There was also statuary, plaques and benches with "in memory of " signs attached. To make it all even more magical, besides the serene setting, the peacefulness of it all, was small , bright blue dragon flies flitting all over the place.

We followed the trail that went up and down, in and out and all around the perimeter of these gardens, we were the only ones there and it was truly blissful! Here is just a sampling of what we saw...from the signs, statues, winding trails and babbling brook ( officially known as rattlesnake creek) ,  and even an outdoor chapel. There was much more than what I took photos of , so be sure to click on the link above and explore it virtually online!

A wonderful way to spend the day don't you think?? The western charm of Nevada City , CA. The beauty and contrast and history of Empire Mine in Grass Valley, and then a peaceful, unexpected place in the hills .....and to top it off this wonderful, romantic supper made for me by my sweetie....
  Tomorrow....A fort in the middle of a city....


  1. I punched Anonymous because i am not a member of the other things mentioned on profile. this is a lovely place. I wonder if Nancy knows about this place? She could use it.

  2. Um, I just liked the last picture, makes me hungry and I just ate :)


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