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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Check in day...Best laid plans

Sometimes even the best laid of plans does not work. I was to be guest posting with my "Pearls and a Hard Hat" post over at my friends blog page  All My Treasures  Now I do not know if that will happen. I am not very good with the tech side of things. I do not find tech stuff one of life's pleasures....would rather someone else deal with it.
I tried to follow the instructions given to transfer her the post. It did not work. Apparently I was sending in rich text and she was trying to read it in such. So even though I had done everything correct , she could not see the photos. Well then we had my daughter Rebecca aka tech support do it. She figured out what the issue might be , and re-sent it. Well I guess now there is something wrong with the HTML language on my friend's Angie aka Treasures end. She had to go to work and could not get it not know now if she will. I am guessing it just was not meant to be. But I highly suggest that you check out her blog anyway , read some of her past posts.... I am sure you will enjoy.

 Next best laid plan that has gone to the wayside. An adventure to post for today. Hubby was off yesterday, but we did not go anywhere. Oh sure we did our walk, and then well, we sat on the couch and watched TV all day. It was for a good reason though. Our youngest wanted to spend time with us. She wanted to meet at five, after her boyfriend went to school. Rebecca, mentioned above and my partner in crime said she might join us. So we spent the day catching up on DVR'ed shows and then strolled over to meet our girls. That was one of life's pleasures. We sat at the local market, where youngest daughter works, and we sipped cool drinks at the tables there, visited , chatted with passing friends, and caught up on life. It rarely happens, maybe holidays and birthdays that we are all , well nearly ( oldest lives in Texas) all together. I love when it happens.

 Today, once again, do not know if anything will happen past that. I am rather stuck at home waiting for a wine shipment, that is supposed to show today, but who knows when? Hubby had to go into work for training, should be home by half the day will be gone. I could not get my walk or my coffee this morning, and well I am missing tea, no matter how much I love it, is no sub. Hubby was to go get me a cup before he left....he forgot. So here I sit ...waiting for the wine and hubby. We may take off for a couple hours....we may not. Most times I am ok with spur of the moment, but I hate waiting around for it to happen. That, my friends does not get put on my "pleasures of life " list.

The other thing that was a best laid plan...announcing more weight loss. I was really excited about the fact that I was just over 127 , while Mother Nature was here. Well she has departed, but the weight has not. I have been good, I have been walking, and doing all that I normally do to rid myself of the water weight. Alas this time, no such luck. So nothing to report. Weight is bouncing up and down, measurements unchanged. I am praying it is not a set point, that it was not just my body teasing me that I had seen a dip below the 127 range into the high 126 range , something I had not seen in a couple of years. I am really determined before birthday and holiday times hit and the rainy/baking season as well to be at my first goal of 125. Two pounds, "THAT'S IT? " you ask....YES...for me , with Fibromyalgia causing water retention, middle age /peri menopause, and a possible thyroid issue ( if I could get the proper tests to confirm what my doc in Texas did here to get my meds) loosing two pounds is nearly impossible. It can take me a good month to loose half a pound. That is why I have been so very excited to have dropped the 4.4 pounds that I have.

I know, I know, you all tell me I look great ( I really appreciate that), pay attention to the clothing fit, the measurements, I know this is the logical thing to do. But I just am so fearful of that number going up, as I always get to this point and then it soars and often higher than before. I am still a slave to the scale numbers. Some weeks I have it mastered. Others not so much ....the scale has been bouncing up and down a half pound all week and so I need to do something to make it move again.

I am not entirely sure what that thing is. Maybe, just maybe for a week I will go back to writing down my calories, maybe I am slaking in portions need to measure again. Perhaps it is the tiny bit of extra creamer adding up in my coffee. So this next week will be a time of adjustments. Hopefully next time I check in I shall have good news in this weight loss journey that I am having.

And still more best laid plans....dealing with the weight, I have not been using my DVD 3x a week as promised, and I have slacked on what I eat...slipping back into too many carbs, even if they are healthy ones. So I know that too may have something to do with it. I need to get it back in gear....just so hard when doing it alone to keep motivated. I always plan to do these things, be better at these things....guess that is why they are called best laid plans....and it always is used in reference to plans that just do not come to completion.

So until next time I check in ...with hopefully more exciting news for this journey I am on to self improvement, would love to hear from all of you how you are avoiding best laid plans from not do you stay motivated and keep moving forward despite the set backs??? PLUS, how do you keep things pleasurable while doing so????

* Just a thought here at the end. I am thinking of buying face creams...I have been mentioning when I see my photos, that the bags are getting bigger, the creases deeper , and well since I took the plunge and colored my hair ( so glad I did, despite the hassle) and I am working on all this self improvement stuff, I figured it was time to take care of my skin. I am always very bad at doing so. 

When I worked at a Day Spa as a manager, I was spoiled and had facials done weekly, but over the years I have slacked. PLUS, one side effect of loosing weight, your face looks older. It is true! Also the first place you loose , is the last place you need to. It simply is not fair. So I want to start adding to the check in day, once I get the cream (s) the progress. Sort of a case study. I want to see if they work or am I fighting a non winning battle that genetics, and past abuse will not let me win. 

I mean I see all the ads. BUT they always use women that I know look fantastic already, even without make up they are amazing. So I want to use it on me , take that exposing close up pic and each week see if we can see improvement. Might be a bit before I can start this, the creams, even drug store brands are not cheap. And of course you can not use them alone. You have to have the regiment to follow. 

Just curious though, do any of you have a brand, a drug store brand that you swear by???


  1. Your afternoon of visiting with the family yesterday sounds awesome. I love mellow days like that.

    I'm thinking of trying Oil of Olay Regenerist moisturizer. I think I had a coupon....better find it.

  2. My mother swore by plain old Pond's Face Cream and she had gorgeous skin from her teens until her death at age 93... even doctors would comment on how beautiful and smooth her face was... Yes, there were lines, but nothing like you see on so many women and she did maintain her weight...

  3. Agree...sounds like you had a relaxing and enjoyable day, S!
    My regiment...cocoa butter. It's Palmer's cocoa butter formula (with vitamin E) very inexpensive at $3 plus at Target. Every once in a while I use egg white whipped a bit, spread it all over my face and throat, let it dry (don't'll crack!) Rinse it off and then rinse your face with VERY cold water, followed by a toner...Neutrogena's alcohol free at $6 plus, morning and night.

  4. Lemon juice with a little bit of sugar makes a great all natural face scrub!!! As for moisturizer (depending on my budget when I run out) I use Dermalogica (expensive but FANTASTIC) oil of olay or cetaphil. Cetaphil is the least expensive but seems to do the trick. So glad your daughter helped us figure out the post situation!! ;)


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