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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fashion Musings....

Today I popped into Target. It is in the middle of a big remodel and we are between seasonal items coming in. I being broke was of course so frustrated that I had to pass up on so many wonderful sale items that would carry me through to the colder weather.

I am in dire need of casual clothing. I have plenty of dress up clothing, but alas we do not get to go out very often , at least to places that require dress up. That was our life once, and we hope it will be again, but for now when we do go out it is mini adventures and the uniform is always the same: Levi's, T, light sweater, and walking shoes. Rather boring. But we enter September, and soon ( it will seem like over night) the days will become chilly and then wet. I need clothing that I can walk in for exercise despite any weather that may come and still look fashionable. Layers are a must as well.

I always find myself becoming "frumpy" as of the last year or so. I don a sweater cap, scarf and some over sized ( to fit over my sweaters...that desperately need de-pilling) zip front, coat and of course gloves. Then the same jeans, faded, and rolled up ( as I am short) and my tennies. I want to be cute. I want to be stylish. I am so tired of if we are not "going out" that I look frumpy aka comfortable the rest of the time, for errands, walks and home. I want to be fashionable.

So between wanting all that, and window shopping and being bitten by the " I want new clothes ...who cares that I do not have curtains in the LR yet??!!! bug" , I went onto my Polyvore new fav site and played around. I created a Fall, Rainy day and Winter outfit first.I tried to keep all items under 50.00. I normally spend 50.00-100.00 for a complete look , head to toe, so seemed reasonable. Sure I could have let my dreams take flight, but this way , maybe I can actually achieve the looks this season. I hope you patient with me on these, I am still learning how to work the site.

**** In the one above, the brown square is textured tights.


  1. Dare I...LOL?
    Seriously, these are great clothes, Steph! Almost makes me look forward to winter...HUH?

  2. Cute, Cute! It is almost like shopping without the bill.
    You are looking beautiful~

  3. Cute clothes!! My daughter bought some cute rain boots at Target recently. Thanks for stopping by the ZippyChix:)

  4. Don't you just love Polyvore?! You've got some great sets there. I would wear that red trench in a heartbeat, and the entire last outfit is perfection!
    I'm stopping by from the Lady Blogger's Society!

    Loving the Reflection

  5. Polyvore? Gonna have to check that out... looks like it could be lots of fun and I desperately need to update my clothes... love the combinations you made... come visit when you can

  6. Very pretty, I love all these looks! <3

  7. Those outfits are so cute! You have a real knack for putting things together. It seems sad to not actually buy the clothes, though....But I'll bet if we all did something like this before buying, we might wind up with less buyers' remorse!


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