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Sunday, October 24, 2010


I have a very bad sweet tooth. I even walk so I can eat a doughnut. Seriously. Today, rain was pouring, wind was blowing ( pretty convinced umbrella's are useless) and I took my walk, though not the 3 mile round trip on mind you and got my coffee and a very large, larger than normal ( blame hormones)  doughnut. But I am not doing a post on doughnuts. Though I could. I once even worked at a doughnut shop and never tired of them...twenty pound weight gain over two years could prove that. Nope today is cookies. Mainly cause last week I baked some, took pics, got lazy, depressed, and unmotivated to do the blog and so the photos sit in my files and I want to share. They were quite good!

I LOVE baking, and cookies is a fav. I do not do it very often , can not control myself if they are in the kitchen ...they call my name, no, they SHOUT it! I could live on baked goods...see more proof of the sweet tooth. But I do try to make them healthy. I use egg beaters, often  fat free sour cream instead of butter or half and half, apple sauce instead of sugar. Oh sure I love the fatty, sugar filled cookies too, but as I have no self control oatmeal cookies are the ones made most often as I can make them the most healthy...those and Pumpkin cookies. But today is oatmeal -cranberry ( daughter Rebecca hates raisins) . ENJOY!

This is the book I used this time has some wonderful recipes in it!
This is the recipe before I got a hold of it ..oh and lookey I do not have to retype it LOL If I can read it, and I am blind even with glasses, then pretty sure you all can!

I had to make my notes....what I subbed for certain ingredients, or like when they say "two tablespoons of dough on the sheet" they obviously did not mean actual measuring spoons, but the kind you eat cereal with, cause there was no way , and I was very careful in the measure , that you can get 2.5 dozen cookies. So Of course had to also adjust baking time. So next time I am making them smaller that what it says. It of course is frustrating as it throws off all the nutritional count.

 Was a good girl and did not just throw everything in the bowl, I actually creamed the things that were supposed to .....
 bit less cream than expected, but that is cause of all the subs...
 Then I did throw in all the dry ingredients...hate making another bowl dirty for simple cookies!
 Oh so glam ...NOT Hubby not best photographer either LOL Also wish I had lipstick on and had already gotten my new even shorter crop! *SIGH* And dig the eye wear! I totally need to get some a bit less goofy and a bit more glam!!So for a second envision me in a cute 1950's dress, heels and more attractive cat eye glasses. My apron is tied , all lacy and OH polka dots too! Maybe even made of chiffon! And a heart shaped pocket. Then , of course my hair is all finger waved and I am wearing diamond earrings, not hoops...and do NOT forget the red lips! Ok we can move on.
 Now see this is TWO TABLESPOONS...oh another note, hate greasing cookie sheets and washing them, so I always use parchment paper or silpats ( that is what they are called right??) Anyway, always works like a fact I go through a lot of parchment paper as I use it all the time with other things I bake to avoid clean up.
 Blurry action shots, gotta love them! I also look like a hunch back..that scares me cause my grandparents both had hunch backs...My Grandpa could be one the worst cases since the one from the books and movies that I have ever seen!
 Another blurry action shot LOL...*SIGH* Oh see the cook books, they are all mainly ones with cookie recipes! Again, sweet tooth!


  1. I love baking too, especially when it is raining or snowing outside. Thanks for sharing the recipe - I think I'll try this one!

  2. waaah... you're killing me with this post!! hahaha.. I can't have carbs or sugar because of the insulin thingy.... but might have to cheat today now!! haha

    We Aussies have a recipe for an oatmeal biscuit [aka cookie] that is called Anzac Biscuits... it is yummo!!! something all aussies kids grow up on.. must find you a recipe and shoot it over!! although yours looks very similar...

    Have a great day.. and don't eat too many!! heheh.. xxx Julie

  3. Yummy... love those cookies, everybodies friends.

  4. I just made some Peanut Butter Oatmeal cookies...they're not so good for you...but they're very tasty! haha :)

    PS..I LOVE BAKING...if we lived closer then we could have a baking club..haha


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