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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Messages and Gratitudes

*Disclaimer. I do not practice in the occult or put power into occult practices/thoughts. I do believe however that messages from God often come from unexpected places and if it is positive I am going to embrace it. I also find all religions and practices fascinating to learn about, and explore. But in doing so does not mean I am turning my back on Christ. I am truly sorry if the use of horoscope or Tarot cards that I get in my email in the body of this blog offend.It is not my intention.( 12-10-2010)

 It has a been a few days since I started applying the Law of Attraction to my daily life. I will admit the first few days came pretty easy. Each night I read my worksheets that I had filled out, listed what I was grateful for, and each morning I would run through my head what I want in life. Finishing each session with a prayer
( remember that I am combining my Christian faith with LOA) . That worked for two days. Yesterday and some today old habits trying to seep in. The doubt, the wavering. Kind of started when  friend said to me that she did not believe in it; the theory had a lot of holes in it. She would rather expect less, believe in less coming her way so she was not disappointed. The pessimist in me started fighting against the new optimism. I tried stopping, turning the negative to positive, sadly there has been a few things get in the way even after I had done so. But I kept doing my nightly gratitudes and it really helps my husband is really trying too ( was my Christmas gift from him to me, as he really is not one to read) . Then while my brain was playing tug a war I received this in my email , it was a Chinese reading.....
When your Internet goes out, sometimes all it takes is hitting the reset button. Life is like that, too. You might need to power off for a while in order to make a fresh start. If things have not gone your way lately, don't try to plow through obstacles. Unplug, wait, and then give it another go.

I rather liked that and it is very true. My brain was needing a re-boot. It may need to happen over and over to be able to go longer and longer in between times of negative thoughts seeping in. I have not been sleeping well, aches and pains have increased with the cold, damp weather and I do believe hormones are not helping with things as well, so re-booting is EXACTLY what I needed. So working on that was just so busy I could not find a time to just sit and work on me and relaxing and taking care of my body and soul. Tomorrow is to be a rainy day. I have a new cinnamon vanilla tea AND was able to buy a scented candle and plan to tune the world out for a while.

With that in mind, I sat down to write my blog for today, and wanted to clear my email out first, respond to comments on the previous posts , that type of thing and in my in box was this, a tarot reading....always amuses me that the pictures that look the most negative seem to be the most positive readings. Total polar opposite.

"The Tower card suggests that my alter ego today is the Survivor, whose superpower for revolution lies in my epiphany for change, brought on with the aid of a serious reality check. Today I have reached a turning point. It may be all over but the crying -- but I have the strength to move on and create a better situation for myself. You may say that I never saw it coming or learned the hard way, but with profound change comes new opportunity. One door closes -- another opens. So tear down the wall, and rebuild anew."

I REALLY LIKE THIS ONE!!! Reading this over and over just re-instated what I want, what I need in my life. What I need and want to work towards. It could have come in the form of a prayer, scripture or a quote from one of the positive sites I receive emails and tweets from, no matter, it was in a generic tarot card, computer generated but it held so much meaning.

Other odd little things, going back over fortunes from cookies we got from Chinese take out when re-read when I was cleaning off my desk, all seem to point to things I wrote in my work book...

" A big fortune will descend upon you this year"
"A long term goal will soon be achieved"
" A thrilling time is in store for you " * Got two of these. 
"An unexpected event will bring you riches" 
I have had these for months now ..and I know I have more stashed elsewhere and now am eager to pull them out. They may just be random slips of paper that have been inserted into cookies; anyone could receive them...BUT MAYBE......something to pray about.

I wanted to share with you a few gratitude's. Things I am thankful for ...some are pretty mundane in the scheme of things, but I am trying to learn to take joy from the simple things best that I can . 

My Gratitude List 
I am grateful for the day spent with my husband 
That we had enough money for groceries, and a few extras. 
We could swing a meal at Mc Donalds ( hey a meal out....) 
I was able to buy small gifts and a few cards at the Dollar Tree
I was able to find many items on grocery list at DT
The rain held off yet one more day so I could walk
Jane at the gas station gave me my coffee for free, even though it was the big one.
I was able to buy hair color and now with the 10.00 left over from everything, can get my nails done.
My husband did the chores so I can rest.
My husband will cook dinner
Glee is on tonight. It makes me smile 
Our Tom cat Koko who has been ill is feeling better daily.
I was able to buy new fuzzy slipper socks that do not have holes. 

There might be more later, but these are the ones that come to mind that have happened today. Sometimes the smallest things are the biggest.


  1. Well done Ruby for coming through a down!! I know I seem positive a lot and I am compared to how I used to be but I have my doubting days too. I find it helpful to not talk about the Law of Attraction to people who don't get it. I think anyone can pick holes in anything but how miserable to expect little so you are not disappointed. I'm so excited that you could see positive things even in your moment of doubt. To me that means things are starting to work. It's never all going to change overnight and you know that so jsu keep on doing what you're doing and don't talk to negative people :)

  2. That's the true measure of character. When we're able to overcome the negative with the positive! You're amazing! :)


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