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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Self-Study is Not for Sissies"

When I was in the Dollar Tree a week or so ago, I stopped at the book shelf and picked up three books, can not beat 1.00 a piece and saving between $14-24.00! I grabbed a book with 1.00 ingredient recipes...boy would I love to have a Dollar Tree like this woman has near her! No worries at some point will share a few as I make them, and tweak them. I also picked up a book similar to the Law of Attraction, called The Circle by Laura Day. That one I read nearly in one night, applied some of the assignments to my LOA, and wrote them down in my journal...was nice to read another spin on things, yet not so far away from that of LOA...even had me apply my beliefs in God/a Higher Power/prayer etc to it. So I liked that. But it was the third book that I just started last night that I am sharing a bit from today. Seeking Peace, Chronicles of the Worst Buddhist in the World, By Mary Pipher. The title alone and the price of 1.00 had me hooked right then. Now before some of my more bible based, Christian friends alarms go off, I am NOT becoming a Buddhist. But I do like his teachings and his message. I do not worship Buddha ( do not believe him to be a god, but then neither did he LOL ! I do own a statue....just as I own a cross. I simply was seeking a good book to read and well I have always been seeking peace.

The title is from a sentence in the book. I loved it. Simple to the point and VERY true. If you have been reading for awhile, you know I have been doing a lot of self study, and it did not just start with LOA. I did it when I wrote about my journey through reading Finding My Inner French Girl. I have done it when I was searching for ways to loose weight, what hair style and color I wanted and why I wanted it. Heck did a bit of self study when I talked about trying out new face creams.

I think we all at one time or another, we either are going through or need to go through a self study. Examine our lives, what works, what does not. People in our lives, our jobs, even in many ways how we dress, what we eat or decorate our home can be linked to self study. It comes from a need for change or perhaps it comes from age or a life situation. Or in my case everything, including needing, wanting and desiring to be happy, peaceful ,finding comfort in my own skin (something I never have mastered.) not feeling calm and secure in life. In simple terms it comes from needing change ( something I have always craved, nearly my whole life) . Even the evolution of my blog from decor on a budget, then life's pleasures on a budget to just a hodge podge of what came out of my life on a budget all the way to the last months posts of life period...all came from self study and a need for change.

So back to the book. Last night after going to the movies with hubby ( Harry Potter) and seeing that the concession prices have changed and not for the better ( 16.50 for two hot dogs and two medium sodas...REALLY????!!!) , coming home and relaxing with a cup of hot coco before bed, once there, in bed, I cracked open the cover. I vowed if I did not like it, no harm no fowl, it was only a 1.00 and I could go to the library today for more reading material. or finish a couple of self help books that I had put aside and forgot to pick back up. 

From the beginning I was hooked. I read the Prelude...grabbed my pen and underlined. Then unable to stop, I then read the Introduction and more underling occurred. I can hardly wait to get to the chapter named " Meltdown" ! I KNEW I wanted to share too!So here is a few of the things I underlined....

" My authority does not come from being a relaxed and happy person, but rather from being a person who has sought calmness and happiness all her life"

*Seriously I had to keep reading, as this rang so true for me.

"Since my girlhood, I have yearned for tranquility. Few people have sought serenity with more ardor or have worked harder at relaxing than I have. ( I do note contradictions of the last sentence) "

*Ok this is also so me!! My life has never, ever been filled with tranquility or serenity...I mean I can not even recall a single moment. Relaxation...have no real clue how to achieve that either..even have a hard time watching movies without getting up and puttering around the apartment.

" Serenity is my ultimate abstract concept."

" Buddhists talk about "breaking attachments" and "taming the monkey mind." Mindfulness therapists are more likely to speak of being present in the moment and of fully experiencing one's life. However, they embrace similar skills: calming down, practicing patience and self-discipline, facing life honestly, tolerating distress and discomfort, suspending judgment of self and others, and opening to joy. The goals are similar as well: inner peace, self-acceptance and a sense of connection with all life"

* I love this paragraph, as it is so very true. I can easily put this within my beliefs in God and what he wants for us, even to some extent LOA, and so many other teachings. I just adore when things overlap like that. 

"of course, not all people grow from crisis. Some refuse to accept the need for redefinition, and orchestrate their own intellectual and emotional shutdown. Those who do grow manage to stay awake to the anguish, confusion and self-doubt. This requires a high tolerance for discomfort, as well as the ability to see the world as it is, not as they wish it to be. Over time, the people who continue to struggle emerge wiser, kinder and more resilient. After they have broken and rebuilt themselves, they feel less breakable. "

*Every time life has gotten to a crisis point, I go through the shut down, on every level, the worst was when I knew were would most likely loose our house. Another was when the dentist told me that my teeth were not worth saving and would soon fall out. There has been other times of course, some worse than others. Surprisingly finding out I had fibromyalgia was not one of the times I have shut down on. BUT one thing that seems to happen after my shut downs, and not long after, I seem to have the ability to flip the switch and get a back bone and fight back. I am in fight mode at the moment. Strength is building. Law of Attraction, The Circle, surrounding myself with supportive, positive friends who reinforce the path that I am on , keeping my journal , counting my blessings, and getting rid of what does not work, from thoughts, actions, things and people...all these things are paving the path . So this paragraph really, once again, rang so very true...hit home. 

So that is a few quotes from the book. I will of course come back and share as I continue through the chapters and I underline things that jump out at me. But for now another quote...

"Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity" Albert Einstein


  1. Looking forward to the next installments... in the seeking comes a tranquility of sorts and I do so wish that for you... come visit when you can and check out my Christmas miracle from 24 years ago on my other blog Rockin' Chair Reflections.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Don't you just love it when you come across a book that truly speaks to you? I shall be reviewing a book that touched my very soul soon. As usual Ruby I am so proud of you - you are attracting such good into your life right now so keep on doing what you are doing!
    Louise Edington

  3. You are truly finding yourself and your blog is very intriguing! Very impressed! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Hey - I am considering learning Zen techniques.. though not becoming buddhist - it's all good!

  5. "Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity" Albert Einstein. I love this quote.Excellent blog. keep it up


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