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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just In A Day's Time....

Hello, "Ruby" here ...
  I did it. I re-colored my hair. There was maybe only two votes said to stay red, one or two virtual rolling eyes, and was called a fickle pickle by a dear friend; I shall cop to that. I do adore the red hair, and it used to be who I was, how I was identified, in fact it is how I got the nick name "Ruby". My pastor called me red, and I said I was not a he asked what shade of red I was and I said I believed it was "Ruby Rush" or something and well it stuck...I was either Ms. Red, Auntie Red, or as I said Ruby, even my handle on chats were "Ruby Red" . When I moved to Texas I just shortened it to "Ruby" and all my friends added the "Ms." and though they knew my legal name it just did not matter then if I had red hair or black, I was now "Ruby".

I have flipped back and forth between red and black hair as I mentioned most of my life, sometimes out of boredom, other times out of people urging me to go one way or the other, and still others cause I have a crisis of self confidence and self esteem and thing making a change to one or the other suited who I was more at the time. It is only hair color after all and after doing it since I was 13 years of age, working in two salons carefully watching and quizzing the stylists, well I know what I am doing and can do so with little hassle or fear. So today I did it.

I got up like any other day. Plopped my hat on, something I have done all winter to hide my hair, and headed out for my walk. I had a mission with this one though. I stopped at Target on the way ( have you seen all the cute clothes by the way ...SIGH...) and grabbed a box of soft black, knowing I needed to not go true black and also knowing that the blue would tone the red in my hair. I stopped off got a doughnut ( cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles!) and of course my coffee. I finished my walk as quick as I could and still juggle the two.  Not always easy, as not wanting to drop a single sprinkle takes some skill to get my keys out LOL !!

I came in, rubbed Queen Bitty and Sir Koko on the belly and got ready to do the deed. I tuned into my favorite TV radio station ( Kings of Swing ) and got to work . One hour later and I was channeling my favorite starlets! Well at least in my mind LOL ! A girl can dream. Once my hair was all styled, I dressed, put on my red lips and my black w/diamond chip flower shaped earrings and my "shine" necklace and was all ready for the rest of the day...I do believe there was a bit of a hop to my step, a smile on my face and I found myself humming to the music....  Accentuate The Positive ..... So here is the not the best photo...I hate mirror shots....and you can not tell that it has a nice glow of red under the black, warming the color up, but best I could manage on my own....

Me yesterday....

Me today...Excuse lack of makeup past red lips, bad allergy day!

As I said between the radio playing all my favorite toe tapping songs, and the new colored hair, actually dressed and hair styled a bit more than recently I have been up to, I was thinking of all the raven haired beauties that I have always been fond of....

Of course Audrey!

My attempt a couple years back to channel Audrey, though my hair was too  "big"  LOL

And now I plan to re-grow the hair out just a tad , get it closer to my other raven haired idol, Louise Brooks....
image from
As well as my new poster I recently ordered...
 I once had my hair like that, about a year ago......close anyway!

So there you have it, what can happen in just a day's time !


  1. I love it!
    I need to color mine, but really I need to grow it out and get rid of the color I put in it before...cuz I sorta messed it up.
    Put a color in, recolored later with the wrong color, messed the roots up. Blah blah blah.

  2. Looks wonderful! Glad you went ahead and did it! You are so retro -- so cool. Thanks for sharing.


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