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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Splendid Shopping- A 20.00 Challenge

Last year my daughter and I had gone to the local flea market for a 20.00 "find a treasure" challenge. I decided after the week that I had I would take a bit out of my nail fund, always risky as I am not sure I can replace it, and I headed out for my walk, and to hit a few stores within short walking distance.

I stopped at the local Goodwill. I had spotted a few things the other day I truly wanted, but did not have the funds for, but of course as is the way of Goodwill, they were all gone. So as I strolled around to see if there was anything else that I wanted or needed, I spotted two cut crystal wine glasses. I snatched them up, for 1.99 each and just needing a good washing with hot water, they will be perfect for our evening glass.

Next it was across the street and down the block. I popped into the local wine/liquor merchant as I had to price a few things for upcoming celebrations, I wish it had been a bit later as they have 10 cent wine tastings, but perhaps tomorrow. After taking note of prices, I headed to the fabric store. I have an idea for decorating the pillar candles on my dining table and wished to see what the cost was at this location compared to my normal craft store that I shop at. I managed to find a few things on sale and purchased them post haste. On to the next stop.

Across the way is the Ross, and I went in to once again see if they had things I had spotted the week before. No such luck once again, but did manage to get a beautiful picture frame that will be just right for the new photo of my youngest and her boyfriend....fancy enough for me, but not too fancy for the photo. Pleased with that purchase and a check off my 'must get" list, I headed to World Market /Cost Plus and lucky me it was sample day and so while I window shopped, I munched on cookies and jam, crackers and cheese dip and sipped away at sparking pear cider. I ended up with a pair of red ramekins, I have future plans for a chocolate lava cake for me and my hubby and these were just the right size and price...OH and a single piece of chocolate for myself to have after I eat a bit of late lunch.

I thoroughly enjoyed my little shopping trip and even have change left over! I feel a bit more relaxed, and am quite pleased with my treasures. Now I am going to sit, relax, sip my tea, eat my chocolate and flip through the pages of the magazines that came today....not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


  1. That frame is so cute! It's amazing what a little retail therapy can do for the soul!


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