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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spoiled ....

Sitting at my computer, recalling the wonderful day !

Today was a wonderful day, at least so far! I was spoiled and got to spoil. Last night there was a lot of family drama and it was all so very upsetting, and had just put me in such a state that today I very much needed a break. So I invited my daughter Rebecca out to lunch, my treat. I rarely get to treat as I simply can not afford to do so. But it is National Grilled Cheese Day and so a local place to eat called The Counter was having their grilled cheese for half price. Will share more on that in a minute, let me back up a bit.

Last week I mentioned that I had won a contest on my friend's site ,Ooh La Frou Frou
 and it was to be a special surprise from my other friend over at Margarita Bloom
Well the box arrived yesterday, but I had not made it to the office in time. So This morning my dear hubby went and picked up the TWO boxes that were waiting for me! 
The first was the prize .....
Bramble Briar & Rose Milk Bath Soak
I was so excited as we had been chatting about roses and milk baths and now I want to save for a new shower curtain, one pretty towel and washcloth set and new fluffy rug oh and a candle or two in rose scent just to complete the experience!

The second box was a complete surprise, ok not complete, as it had been chatted about on Twitter , but a new friend, with no reason whatsoever to send me a gift, it not even being my Birthday, but she did, and what a gift indeed. In a good size box, wrapped carefully in paper was the most divine pair of  teal blue satin vintage pumps with rhinestones on the heels and toes...and they fit like a glove!!

Now I need a new dress and occasion for sure! Thank you.....

~Paris Atelier~

So that is how the morning went, presents, and relaxing in a sunny spot admiring the sparkles on the shoes over my cup of coffee!! Once my daughter arrived it was time to walk down to our favorite shopping area called The Fountains and to have our lunch at The Counter. We love the food there , a design your own burger joint, and they have a great patio as well! We took full advantage of it and enjoyed the beautiful Spring day. 

Yummy with sweet potato fries and an ice tea!

Lemon water, refreshing while sitting in the sun and people watching.

Truly enjoying the day!!
Once we had our lunch and something more cool to drink, we headed to Anthropologie and window shopped/dreamed, Rebecca actually did buy a little book about dreams and of course we spritzed on the lovely perfumes they always have and is a must each time we go. We nosed around Zgallery and then even splurged on a bit of gelato. Afterwards we headed home, make a stop at both the craft store, Ulta Cosmetics and even the Goodwill to see what was new. When we got home to the apartment and stopped to get today's mail, much to my delight was a new book and I can hardly wait to sit down with a cup of tea and get started. 

You will find this author listed on the bookshelf page, and lookie at the wonderful paper I got on clearance today and have a craft project planned for.
Now I just have hopes the rest of the evening, as it is now just that goes smoothly and I look forward to my hubby coming home and spoiling me with a foot rub as I sip my glass of wine in my new pink goblets and smell of  Bramble Briar & Rose.


  1. What a pampering day for you sweets! I love the roses in the background of our Bramble Briar & Rose Soak! So lovely!!

    And those look marvelous!

    I have to say that grilled cheese looks ever so tasty!! heehee...oh, I have the same black and white damask gift wrap too! Enjoy your gifts!! That books looks like it'll be a good read. xoxo

  2. Hiya sweets, didn't realize it but I hadn't been following your blog! gasp! I am now though!! *wink*

  3. Sounds like the PERFECT day, darling Ruby!!! And what a wonderful surprise from the sweetheart Paris Atelier ... she IS an angel! I'm so happy that you had such a wonderful time ... and the sunshine only made it more so! xoxo

  4. Oh Ruby Darling! They look divine on you! I am so happy that they fit. I would much rather they get use than to just collect dust on my shelf. You ARE petite! They look just perfect on you. Now you need a gala event to get gussied up for. That Rose soak looks amazing! It is so perfect as you have been talking about wanting to try a milk bath!

    You are such a Doll to post this and I thank you so much! Sandy ^ That is the sweetest comment, thank you!!!
    Much Love to you Ruby!

  5. Those shoes are so you! Enjoy them; you deserve it!

  6. Yay! I'm so glad you had a wonderful day! Those shoes are amazing! Oh and love the new layout btw!


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