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Monday, June 20, 2011

Small Town Charm

Yesterday the hubby and I decided to take yet another little road trip. Hubby wanted of course to go wine tasting, not that I would ever complain. We did not know where we would go as of breakfast time, so over our whole grain pancakes and fresh fruit breakfast, and between sips of cinnamon coffee I flipped through a freebie magazine called Edibles. I had picked it up the day before when I was at the local market and had yet to read it. As I was flipping through I noticed an ad for a wine tasting room in a town called Winters. I knew this town was in the Sacramento area as the magazine was a local. We decided that having actually not ever heard of the town, it was the perfect road trip. The perfect daycation destination.

After stopping at our local Trader Joes Market for a to go lunch of brown rice California rolls , a Caesar chicken wrap and tri-colored potato chips we were ready to head out. The GPS told us we had about a 60 mile trip and that the town of Winters was near Davis California. So GPS programed, we hit the road. A bit of bad traffic, battling gusty winds and an hour later we took the exit for Winter's.
The road in.

We passed orchard after orchard.

Passing a bike path that was once a rail road bridge.

The main street of Winter's Historic district.

I was instantly enchanted by the old buildings.

And shaded sidewalks beckoned a stroll.

There was chairs in every closed door way welcoming for people to sit and watch the world go by.

The first wine tasting room we headed to, and the one from the magazine that had brought us to Winters.

"A simple place in a complex world.

Nestled at the base of the Vaca Mountains in Northern California, Winters is a small farming town that hearkens back to a simpler time. Despite its small size Winters is home to unique shops, restaurants, galleries, and a one-of-a-kind coffee house while at the same time offering its residents a host of amenities, recreation activities, and world-class cultural offerings within short driving distances. Its proximity to these attractions has allowed the town to retain its unique character and to avoid the traffic congestion and suburban clutter of many of its faster-growing Northern California counterparts.

Within a 13 mile radius of Winters is the University of California at Davis, the Mondavi Performing Arts Center and a full complement of retail outlets in Vacaville. For those who enjoy the beach and/or the mountains, the Pacific coast and the Sierra Mountain range are both within a 100 mile drive. For those seeking the city life, San Francisco (75 miles) and Sacramento (35 miles) are close enough to be visited on day trips. Closer to home is the world famous Napa Valley region and Lake Berryessa which offers boating, kayaking, hiking, fishing and camping. And finally, live entertainment is accessible each week in the heart of Winters at the Palms Playhouse.

Winters is home to a budding artist community and has become a favorite destination for bicycle enthusiasts." ** Found HERE ...along with so much more information!!


As we walked into the tasting room of Turkovich & Winter's Cheese Co. , we were greeted with a warm hello and a charming environment in which to sample the days selections of tastings......
The Winter's Cheese Co. selection

We bought a yummy jar of caramel honey!

The first taste...a 2010 Rose' A blending of Tempranillo, Grenache and Malbec. Not overly sweet, not too dry,just a touch of saltiness to the pallet...I really liked it.

 The offerings that day were a 2010 Roussanne, 2009 Malbec, '09 Petite Sirah, and an Extra Brut Sparkling wine . We liked all the offerings that day, and do have plans when we have a bit more spare cash to go back and buy a bottle or two. Notes were taken, and will make for a wonderful excuse to return to Winter's once again. The wines are young, and will definitely become even better after a bit of time in the bottle.
A free cheese sampling comes with the free ( are you seeing this FREE) wine tastings. I loved the one in the upper left corner...can not recall what it was, but it was a dry cheese with a blend of parma in it, and so yummy!

As part of the samplings there was bubbly, I was a happy girl!
Our hostess Kelsey ( I think that was her name) opening up 2010 Sweet Torrontes...A sparkling wine from Mendoza Argentina , the wine makers girlfriend's Dad is from there and produces/supplies the three offerings of the winery. Tasted of liquid Moscato with would be wonderful on a hot Summer day, if you like sweetness as I do.

The was a constant influx of new and happy patrons, this group from near by Davis were thoroughly enjoying the wine and cheese, as were all the rest that surrounded us.

After we had finished and notes tucked away, we headed back out in search of the next wine tasting room, Berryessa Gap . We did not have far to walk, before discovering the door way to this lovely little whole in the wall at 15 Main Street in Winters.

While I snapped a few photos , hubby found a place at the tasting bar.

Jenni and Rebecca , our hostesses ...two wonderful ladies, who had wonderful knowledge and offered up grand conversation as well! In a short period of time, it felt we were all old friends. I do hope our paths will cross again...Jenni lives in Roseville, so there is always a chance!

The offerings that day....

  • 2010 Sunset Rose'
  • 2008 Tempranillo
  • 2008 Malbec
  • 2008 Zin
  • 2007 Syrah
  • 2008 Petite Sirah
  • 2007 Rocky Ridge ( a blend of Petitie Sirah & Zin) 
  • 2008 Dierif

There was not many tasting notes on the tasting sheets in front of us, though I took many! The wine maker wants his customers to make up their own minds. I like that! So instead he offered up history and information about the varietals, and there was a couple quotes I just had to write down....
Of the Rocky Ridge Collection Tradition :"This wine does not have a soloist, but a choir of complimentary voices..."

Of the Dierif : " ....Sitting on the front porch, talking to your best friend...nothing is rushed ..."
Being a writer, well a blog writer that is, I simply adored these descriptions far better than if he had told us what berries we were to smell or taste etc. We left with a bottle of the Dierif, not wanting really to pass up taking home any of the wines, but needing to decide on one for the day. After paying, saying our farewells, we headed back out to take a stroll around town as well as grab a snack before hitting the road back home.

The bridge I had taken a picture of on the way into town.

A lovely park in the center of town...complete with a gazeebo!

The Opera house.

In the distance pizza being grilled on the corner.

Another tasting room that was not open...maybe next time.

We ventured into the near by reminded me of our very own Main Street home we sadly had to walk away from...but even so I could not help but snap a few shots!
I could easily, and quite happily live here!
The gardens are so perfect!

Once we had strolled and dreamed a bit of what it would be like to own our own little dream cottage again, this one looking exactly (close enough)  like our home in Roseville, we headed back to the downtown area and headed off to a local bar /eatery to grab a snack and a cool drink.....

Add caption
Our pistachio and raspberry muffin , with a tall glass of ice water hit the spot. It had been a grand time in Winters and ended perfectly! It was time to head home.    Sacramento Skyline as seen from the freeway......just glad we never got stuck in the traffic going the other was not moving!Lucky us!! 



  1. How fun! I love weekend road trips where you just set out and drive and enjoy the scenery, stopping when the whim dictates! One of my favorite things to do. You look so darling here, Ruby! So glad you guys had a nice day! xo

  2. I could see you living there. Very easily. And, wouldn't you have fun! Thanks for sharing. Come visit when you can and check out my new kitchen island!

  3. wow, didn't realize winters was charming! good to know next time im headed that way!!

  4. Thank you for visiting Winters. I am so happy you enjoyed our little town. Next time you need to check out Ficelle's for tapas and the new wine bar, Main St. Cellars. We look forward to having you visit again.


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