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Friday, June 24, 2011

Wedding Bells w/ a Touch of Fashion Friday

*All images from Google Search for Images of 1920's & 30's brides

I know that most people who join in on the blog hop over on Blonde Episodes post fashion from the magazines, perhaps photos of themselves, I considered sharing this past weeks looks from my Pinterest Style Board, but I thought perhaps I might keep with the vintage theme that seems to be my obsession at the moment and seems to be one everyone is enjoying, and share 1920's fashion photos.

I also wanted to go one further and make it a wedding post. My middle daughter Rebecca ( my blog designer as well!) just recently became engaged. We do not have a date, and we do not have a location...but we have had a lot of chats about weddings. I am a bit envious, so am living a bit through her. If I had a chance to do it all over again, I would jump at the chance. And of course if I was to do that, I would also be clothed in a gown circa late 20's through early 30's old Hollywood glam style. Our own wedding, though I regret nothing, as I got married to my best friend and the love of my life, was less than perfect right out the gate.

I planned it all myself. My Mom helped some. My bridesmaids did not live close by, so were of no help. My Dad, who is very frugal, well he was not going to part with a lot of money, even for his only child/daughter. So my dress was a 20.00 sale rack find, it was a 20's flapper style dress...and I did love it, but it was not my dream. The shoes were Payless, 10.00 specials, my gloves and undergarments actually cost more than both those combined. We had silk flowers, my head dress w/ veil was in beige, not white, so had to suddenly buy new gloves to go with that...though again I adored them ( and still have the head dress and gloves) jewelry was from cheap accessory shops, I had pressed on pink nails...daggers really ( it was the 80's) and my hair was a ht mess, as my hair stylist cancelled at the last minute and I ended up at Fantastic Sams, and it was not fantastic in the least. Our band cancelled, our roomie played The Rose , sang it too as I walked down the isle...(again it was the 80's!)and off tune, but just slightly. The preacher went on and on while hung over groomsmen hid their eyes behind dark glasses and the bridesmaids rolled their eyes...there's proof in every photo. The list goes on and on. The reception held at our family property, the scene of the wedding as well, was picnic fair donated by friends. Our cake, melting in the hot August sun was a gift as well. My Mother In Law ( God rest her soul) went around asking if I was pregnant, wanting to make my Mother, slap her, and my upsetting each of our friends that were there...( OH I was. About 3 weeks along) she was swearing that I had made her baby boy get married by tricking him into fatherhood, never mind we had been together over two years and engaged for over six months. I shall not even go into the wedding photographer and why to this day I never display a single photo. The honeymoon was not much better as I was sick the whole time.

Yes, if we could redo our wedding it would be a dream come true. But this is not our time, it is our daughters. It is all about her. We have made it our goal to help out where we can...we are not rich, we do not have a lot of spare money, but we will do what we can to spare her the stress, the upset and any mishaps that might come along as much as possible. That is our gift to her and her fiance. If they will allow us...if not, well then I shall go back to dreaming about one day renewing our vows...I might be toothless, and in a beep beep cart, complete with boa feathers around the basket and rhinestone handles, but it will happen. So in the spirit of an upcoming wedding for our daughter, and perhaps one day on the back lawn of a retirement home renewal for me and my guy I now leap into Fashion Friday Blog Hop with some lovely photos of 1920's brides.


  1. What glamorous photos, thanks for sharing them. Good luck with the planning! Have you seen BHLDN (pronounced beholden), urban outfitters/anthopologie's new bridal venture? In terms of the clothes some of it is really high end, some of it more reasonable, but either way lots of ideas (decor, etc) for kind of the vintage inspired wedding you were talking about:


  2. Congratulations Rebecca!!! I hope you all have lots of wedding planning fun xx

  3. Lovely post Ruby. The wedding ceremony is only a very small part of being married (what most people forget). So despite not being happy with your day, you clearly are enjoying the best and most important part now.
    Lovely images too xx


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