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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday in Summer

Busy day today. We are off to go see venues four our middle daughters wedding. Then it we will have a brief time of relaxing at home, before we go to a friends house to celebrate the fourth of July a day early along with our youngest daughter and her boyfriend. Hubby loves doing fireworks, so he is very excited. I like the big ones, much better, but it makes him so very happy, and that makes me happy. Of course all this is going to be 102 heat! Anyway, I thought perhaps for today's post I shall share a few 1920's families enjoying the Summertime. Oh and a video to watch too...though it speaks of June and not July....if you find a Summer theme song from the 20's be a dear and let me know won't you? xx

*all images found on google image search for 1920's Family picnics as well as 1920's picnics 


  1. Love the girls under the umbrella. Makes you want to be there. Great post, dear!

  2. It would have to be "Pal of My Cradle Days." Thanks for the summer fun. Enjoy the fireworks and don't get too close!

  3. FABULOUS! Love the music and the beautiful pics! My favorite is the third to the last pic...I love the hats esp. the pink and white one on that girl!

    Congrats to your daughter too! :)

  4. Great images Ruby. I really love the one of the 2 girls on the beach under the umbrella. Sending you 4th of July hugs from Spain xx


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