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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What's For Dinner ?


You may have spent the weekend at family picnics, or perhaps you went camping, or to a beach resort to relax over the Labor day weekend,or maybe you just closed the blinds and watched old movies the whole time. You open the fridge and you truly just now remember you did not buy many groceries and do not know what to cook. This happens to me a lot.

There are days I start off with great intentions of cooking. I always for the most part have a well stocked freezer, but almost never have a well stocked anything else, even if I try. We buy for two weeks at a time, and it is often hard, even with writing a menu and then a list for the 15-17 days worth of meals to grab everything. However I have always been really great at improvising and doctoring up things. I know how to make mother sauces and add them to normal foods to up the quality of what I might throw together. I always am pretty talented at tossing spices in to tweak a flavor.When I was younger my Mom would hand me a chuck steak and tell me to cook supper for Dad. I had no real training in savory foods, in cooking without a recipe then, but it was great experience. I drew upon that the other day. So I was thinking that perhaps if you have a few of the ingredients in your fridge or freezer like I did, you two will now have an easy dinner for tonight or anytime. Best part? You can do this on the stove OR in the handy dandy crock pot! 

Yep, back to using this as a jump off point! This go around an easy stew!
Looks Yummy!
I simply threw everything into my crock pot.
I did not have my normal slices, or chopped onion in the freezer, but did have pearl onions, which I love! Also in the pot so far, rough cubed potatoes and sliced carrots.I also added a couple cloves of garlic.
The meat is stew meat left over from the last beef dish I shared with you. I had it in the freezer still as you can see. But not a problem when cooking in a crock pot!
I then poured in my favorite BBQ sauce.Water.(**left over steak sauce was poured in later near the end of cooking as instructed.)I even added a dash or two of Worcestershire sauce with the BBQ sauce for added flavor.
8 hours later. I could have done it in four, but hubby was to be late so switched to 8, then to warm until he came home, some crackers for me and crusty bread for him, and the stew came out amazing! So favorable and a hit with hubby & daughter. Beyond easy. Little prep, very little clean up since I always use a crock pot liner and the dishwasher did the rest. Easy & yummy!


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