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Monday, October 3, 2011

Oasis In A Small Town

High Hand Cafe,Conservatory and Nursery is located in Loomis California.
One of my favorite places near where I live is a true oasis in a small town by the name of Loomis. Right off the main road that runs through Loomis, sits High Hand Cafe and adjoining it is a garden center, as well as a wonderful old building filled with treasures as well as history. During the warmer days of the year my hubby and I simply adore going to this lovely place getting a bite to eat and then wondering the grounds. The minute you step through the doors, that initially lead to a take out deli, you get a peek at what is called The Conservatory and the nursery grounds that lay ahead.

High Hand Deli, great to grab a sandwich, salads, as well as desserts to take with you if you are off on a day of wine tasting in the area.

The history is there for the soaking in as soon as you enter....

A hint of what lays ahead is also right outside the doors of the deli....

The Conservatory...where we will soon have lunch. As you see it is very popular. Many locals lunch and chat with the soft musical notes of relaxing, spa like music playing in the back ground, surrounded by lush greenery and breezes from the fans and open air concept.

Once you put your name on the waiting list(never have to wait very long, but reservations are always a good thing), you can take a seat on the ultra comfy couches, which are under cool misters during hot weather...

...and start to enjoy the beauty that is at every turn of the head.

The view from where we were waiting.....soon we would be sitting at the table you see.
I love the trickle of water as it splashes over mini water falls...

Watching the Koi swimming, one of my favorite past time there.

So relaxing and beautiful!

Once we were seated at our table we had the hard task of  choosing what we wanted for lunch ( everything is wonderful and includes fresh grown produce from their own gardens as well as local products and wine.

We always start with the home made potato chips, with the lemon and artichoke with dill dip...and of course a nice glass of wine goes nicely.

...and as we waited for the rest of our meal we watched the chef bake a pizza in the outdoor brick oven...
I had the grilled hot dog, with homemade pickles, grilled onions and heirloom tomato and pasta salad....

Hubby had the half Cubano with the heirloom tomato salad.
We enjoyed our lunch, down to the very last bite, had some wonderful conversation, and for a bit just sat in silence and enjoyed the surroundings, the relaxing environment and sipped our glasses of wine before deciding to walk around the garden center.....

The visuals continue as we walk past the check out for the garden center and head into the adjoining buildings that house pottery, fountains, and garden sculptures.... even photos of the local history.....

Within the main building there is even smaller shops. These shops hold a sewing shop, an art gallery, even a Persian rug shop and soon there is to be a wine tasting shop as well...

If you live in the local Sacramento area, or if you visit our lovely area, I high suggest you visit this local oasis, you will not regret it, it is worth your time!

*more info HERE


  1. I love this place for lunch in Loomis! Great pictures.

  2. What a delightful place, Ruby! Love the conservatory! You look just adorable ... love your hair! Sounds like such a fun afternoon adventure!

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou


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