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Friday, November 4, 2011

Dwell In The Possibilities

The "theme" of sorts that I am trying to live by in life
As many of my loyal readers know, just over two years ago we moved into our apartment, walking away from our home, as we felt if we could not pay we could not stay. It has been just over a year since the official closing of the short sale. So very hard to believe. We thought we had hit our lowest point in life, loosing everything including our pride. It had sadly just been the beginning. 

During the last year, we lived through needing to borrow from friends and family to stay in the apartment and pay our bills, had our identity stolen and our bank account drained. I was told my teeth were not saveable and it was just a matter of time before they would fall out. My fibromyalgia became worse than ever, the pain levels reaching a new high. My husband went through several job changes, and we even had to go to a local church and plea for a box of food. We had lived through similar times in our 20's, made worse having 3 small children to care for, but we never feared loosing the roof over our head as it was located on family property, we also knew that we would have food etc., so there was always hope for better times. This past year I had a very hard time hanging onto hope, so much so I often failed to recognize the blessings that were happening at the same time. Could not see the forest through the trees I guess. 
Sometimes I forget to trust things will work ok.
This month I decided to focus on such things...Blessings...being grateful for them no matter how small. What a better month to do so right? I have actually been working on this since last December when I started implementing the Law Of Attraction back into my life. I started a gratitude journal. Each night, even if I truly did not feel I had anything to be grateful for, I wrote five things down. I was not allowed to read my book, go to sleep, nothing till that journal had been written in. I am proud to say here it is nearly a year later and I still am doing my five things. 

Gratitude makes you realize your matter how small they may seem, they do add up!

 In writing this list of five each night, I often realized I would hit that mental blank. I would have to really concentrate on what I had been grateful for, what had been a blessing. So to ease up the pressure, I started listing the smallest of things....
Sleeping in.
Good hot coffee.
Hubby cooking breakfast.
Hearing the birds sing.
etc. etc. etc.

It became easier and easier. Of course there was a few biggies there too. When our identity got stolen, an online friend sent us enough to cover a gift! Friends and family stepped up to help...all huge blessings! Then there was small ones like our daughter taking over the Thanksgiving meal or small contests I won and gifts given so that I had new pretty things to enjoy when I could not afford to buy anything. All blessings. As I began to realize that no matter how bad things seemed there was still positive things in our day to day life. When I began to embrace this and began to count that as a blessing as well things began to turn around in our life! Hmmm perhaps there is something to the Law Of Attraction

I can now look back and see that so many wonderful blessings have enriched our life. My hubby found a new job in the field he loves and in which allowed us to pay back friends and family,  build our savings and have a bit extra to spare for fun. Our oldest was able to come for a visit on my birthday. Our youngest moved back in easing the loneliness and odd ends I was feeling from being a empty nester. Our middle daughter became engaged. The list goes on and on. With the blessings came hope, it has re-entered my thoughts and my vocabulary...THIS is both a blessing and something that is for sure in my gratitude journal. I am definitely dwelling more on the possibilities than I am in the lack of.  

Do you have ways in your day to day life that you count your blessings, recognize things to be grateful for...even if they are small and simple in the scheme of things? How do you keep hope alive in your life and in your mind? Even if things are far from perfect. I would love to hear from you.


  1. Hi Ruby! I love this post! You are so right, we have to be thankful for the little things. When things go wrong, I like to think it's just one more test, and keeping faith is how you pass and come through the other end. Admiring nature, the birds singing etc. are the little blessings that sometimes we overlook, until we are forced to see them. You are on the right track, you will be ok. Keep the faith my friend.


  2. I adopted this thinking 24 years ago, after the death of my daughter. I didn't think life could get lower but focused on the psychological support of friends and family, and it sustains me to see each day as another opportunity to feel the blessings. I'm so happy that you have made this journey and still feel positive. Believe me, I know what a hard road it has been. {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Ruby, loved this see how far you've come and how you've accomplished it with dignity and grace. So very happy that things are on the mend and am sending prayers and wishes that with each day you find yourself taking bigger and bigger steps into the sunshine again. Lots of love!

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou
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