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Friday, February 3, 2012

Well Hello Dolly.....


Many years ago I tried to be a doll collector. Of course I had many dolls when I was a child, adored them, and I do admire so many dolls, my Mother is a huge collector and has been since I was a child. Her business was in making and repairing dolls. I spent many a day at the doll shops, shows and club meetings through out my youth, I even joined her doll club for awhile. I just never could get truly into to collecting dolls as an adult, perhaps because I am not into having much clutter around me. I did have a certain type of doll that I truly wished to collect and had a regret of letting go the one and only one I had once owned, and that was a 1920's or 1930's Boudoir Doll. I am sure you can guess why. 

So I started searching online for one to purchase, and then I saw the price. Many were simply not in my budget and I was crest fallen. Then an idea struck me, write my Mom. As chance would have it, my Dad is seriously into collecting them and was not willing to let me have any of his...but my Mom had a little surprise up her sleeve, she actually had one in a box. The poor doll was naked, in need of hair and some repair, but if I was patient,my Mom promised to send me her all gussied up and ready to be put on my bed. 

As time ticked away I also asked about pin cushion dolls, and a couple of her doll house dolls, as I wished to make shadow boxes including the latter. She surprised me with a yes to all the requests! I again would have to be patient, she is a busy, busy lady and would have to carve out the time as well as the supplies and money for these items to be ready to be shipped. Day before yesterday was the day my box arrived.

Mom sent it over night to assure that it would arrive safely and to make it so I did not have to wait a moment longer. When I was sure the mail had come, I rushed to the post box and sure enough I had a green slip to visit the office and retrieve the package as promised. I carefully carried it back to the apartment and went to work on opening it, slicing tape, pulling out the bubble wrap, newspapers and even pillow filling that protected the contents inside. There was even things wrapped in smaller boxes and stuck in nook and crannies. It truly was like Christmas day all over again!!

So without making you wait any long to see the point of this blog post, here are the photos of many of the items that my Mom sent me, just simply because I asked...and a few things I did not ask for! Hope you enjoy the photos.

She still needs a name...taking ideas.

Isn't she lovely!

The lovely floral Mom knows I may
live in black, white and gray, but my heart
lies with pink. 

The beautiful pink, flowy French fabric my Mom decided upon

No details were forgotten !

My Mom created these two little ladies, she even made the
pouf as well as included the little fur rug and
fur stole she made.

Always amazed me that I can not get my
Mom to sew clothing for me, but she makes the
most amazing clothing for "little people".

Just look at this delightfully lovely!

This is a doll from the Philippines
Circa 1930's  

She was found at an antique store in Texas
where my parents live.
I mentioned the big box was filled to the brim with more than just dolls. There was a couple cookbooks, as well as pads of note paper, a book of paper dolls and even a wall plaque. It was really nifty to keep finding new goodies to Mom is the real Bees Knees for sure for doing all this for me!

I hope that you enjoyed seeing what my Mom sent me the other day just because. I found a couple of links if you wish to learn more about Boudoir Dolls...also if you desire one of your very own, I found a lot of them on Etsy! Some are actually affordable and in good shape...and keep those eyes open when you walk through antique shops, you just never know where you might spot that treasure to add that touch of 20's to your boudoir!

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  1. What a wonderful gift. Your Mum is obviously very talented. The dolls are so beautifully dressed.

  2. I had a black doll when i was little. Mysteriously disappeared. These are lovely ones! I am reading the life of Gloria Swanson and my word, she loved dolls!

  3. I hope the younger generation discovers the joy of boudoir dolls -- for so many reasons. Thanks for sharing and big hugs to your Mom for a great box of goodies.


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