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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Simple Trick

Happiness is a choice that requires
effort at times. ~Anonymous

For the last seven weeks I have been going chapter by chapter in the book of Queen Of Your Own Life; touching on key points and my feelings related to the chapter. This week the title is DISCOVER THE SIMPLE TRICK TO FINALLY BEING HAPPY...or....It's Time to Poop or Get Off the Pot. Quite the title isn't it??

This week the weather Northern California is jumping back into Winter. There will be rain, wind and gray gloom. With it always comes more aches and pains for me and moods as gray and full of gloom as the skies out my window. I start off alright, but as the days wear on that I am in the four walls and not able to ward off the stiffness and my teeth begin to ache so I can not eat, my personal skies get darker and does not matter if life is basically good, I no longer can see that. It is a mental mind set I always battle against. 

Happiness is not a station you arrive at,
but a manner of traveling.~Margaret Lee Runbeck

In the opening paragraph, the authors state : "Well done. You've put your battle plan into effect and having brought peace to your borderlands and the Huns. We imagine you're wondering, " Aren't I ready to be Queen YET?? When do I get to wear the crown?" ....." Further down the page it goes on to say: " As it turns out being happy isn't something your're born knowing how to do, like breathing or blinking. It's a skill you have to learn and practice, such as riding a bike, you'll never forget how to do it and the results will be fun and effortless." 

When I was a girl I lived on my bike. Then when I got old enough to have a car, the bike sat forgotten in the corner of the garage, covered with dust and cobwebs. Sometime later I got it in my mind to take up bike riding again. I thought it would be easy, and for the most part it was true, you never forget, but stopping at the red lights and needing to stand in one place often left me with bruised thighs as I had forgotten certain aspects of how to keep on the bike, but deal with the road blocks that would happen, such as traffic lights. I knew there was simple tricks and skills I had once known, but I let my environment get the better of me. I see that often, that is how my happiness goes. I know how to be happy, I have the simple tricks and skills down, but I am still stumbling when the road blocks of my environment happen. That is why I am reading this book a second time, a refresher coarse was just what I needed. 

The greater part of our happiness
or misery depends on our dispositions,
and not on our circumstances. We carry
the seeds of the one or the other about
with us in our minds wherever we go.~Martha Washington

"I, the Queen, will fire up my imagination on that
each day I can find something to be glad about. I will 
embrace my inner Pollyanna, without fear
or embarrassment, and make the choice to be happy.
I will create my own add-a-pearl necklace 
of gratitude and wear it with royal pride." ~Queen Of Your Own Life

*images as always are from doing a Google Image search for what I need. They have been used and reused obviously for years, but doing a search for such simple things as 1920's bicycles or 1920's Beauty Queens, Miss America 1920's will achieve more links for other web sites that have used the photos. many are VERY fun and interesting. I find it a fun rainy day activity to follow the rabbit trails. 

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  1. Hi Ruby, WOW! Nobody has ever explained happiness to me like that before. It makes sense to me.... I have tried getting back on a bike with my daughter over the past few yrs and ran into the same problems. I felt so rusty. As you said I remembered how to peddle, but forgot the tricks. This explanation of happiness is genius! These words will stick with me.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Dee xoxo


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