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Friday, April 20, 2012

Bloom Where You Are Planted

I am a firm believer in pampering oneself. You have to take care of YOU before you can take care of the people around you. This is often a concept that is forgotten, especially among women who most times put their families, their friends and well every other person and thing before themselves. I am guilty of this. Sometimes it is not till the end of the day before I remember I need to shave my legs, tweeze my brows, or, and I am ashamed to say this, bathe. I have gotten better at this in recent years what with my daughters all grown, my husband being a person that takes up the slack with chores and not working outside the house due to my health. I said better, not perfect...I still loose track of pampering myself from time to time...thank goodness for my friends from Twitter who truly act as a daily reminder to do of which is the owner and creative genius of Margarita Bloom. 

Women need to pamper themselves...but
with the busy lives we lead, it's
often forgotten...sometimes we need a push.

Margarita Bloom is the ultimate in pampering products. From the moment that enter the web shop, you are visually treated to a feast for eyes, and everything a girly girl could possibly dream of needing or wanting for a proper pampering session. A plethora of everything you may want, need and did not know you needed to care for yourself head to toe. The packaging is simply divine and  swoon worthy, everything has a retro and or vintage theme and something to be displayed on your bathroom counter or shelf, not hidden away in a drawer or cabinet. There are scents for everyone, from floral to food! I am sure you can even combine them as Margarita Bloom will happily do custom orders.

There are so many wonderful and delightful
products to choose from, it could take some time
to worries, at Margarita Bloom,
you can even have the owner help you choose
what to buy based on personal tastes.

As I always like to help spread the word about things that I love and adore, Margarita Bloom being both a product and person which falls into that category, I thought it would be great fun to do what I did when I chatted with the author H.P. Oliver, and do a Q&A .

Bath time fun for grown ups....we all deserve
to be pampered and to pamper ourselves.


What is your Beauty Company Margarita Bloom about? 

At Margarita Bloom we live to Beautify & Inspire you! We’ve got a range of beauty potions that will pamper, pretty & absolutely Crank up the Gorgeous at Full Volume.  *wink wink*

We sell fabulous beauty products arranged in flirty collections always retro & very vintage! Not only do our products have awesome ingredients like dead sea mud, organic rosehip oil, and Beta Carotene but the packaging is fabulous...with names like “Ravishing Rosalee” for our Aloe & Roses Toner or our “Hollywood Confidential” DMAE Serum (It smells like a Margarita!) we want our products to inspire you to beautify yourselves on a daily basis, to smile & really enjoy it to it’s fullest! We want to beautify you inside & out!

We're not just about gorgeous sweet smelling products, though we have them, it's about that little smile you get when you read one of our product names, or that twinkle in your eye when you first see our packaging...our fabulous customer service that makes you go gee, they really do care about their customers (Peeps!), we're about bringing a ray of sunshine and happiness into your life and letting you know that it's okay to pamper fact it's required! Luxury is sooo a necessity & you deserve it. "

What inspired you to start your own beauty company? 

Believe it or not I’ve always wanted to have my own company...even when I was little the first thought in my mind was I wanted to create something that everybody would love! I guess that’s just my Capricorn nature coming say that Capricorns are born leaders. *wink* 

Of course, it took me awhile to figure out that my passion was beauty. I’m actually a bit of a tomboy at heart...okay, a girly tomboy! *wink*  I love wearing jeans and a t-shirt...though you’ll always find a bright pop of girly color somewhere in my outfit! But my main inspiration when it all comes down to it...isn’t my girliness or even my love for beauty was to help my family. 

They’ve always been there to help me, take care of me, even let me create my dream business with no words of discouragement. I started my own company because I wanted to give back to them, give them a better life, an easier life. We’ve always been just okay financially, but never really comfortable...and I had a dream.  I figured if I had a dream and the passion for that dream then maybe just maybe everybody else in the world would see it too, encourage me and then presto the dreams would start becoming reality and not only would I be helping to bring more beauty and inspiration into the lives of my peeps but also my family! 

Why Beauty?

Well, why not? Who doesn’t love playing with cosmetics and beauty potions? I actually didn’t start out with beauty in my sights when I was deciding what I wanted to do. If you really want to start at the beginning, the first thing I ever wanted to be was a Veterinarian! Of course, that was because I absolutely ADORED animals. From there I had my Indiana Jones I wanted to be an archaeologist traveling the world, discovering new history...err, is that right, “new” history...hmmm, undiscovered history! Of course, the narrow confined spaces and nasty bugs kind of deterred me. ...giggle... Of course, I’d look cute in a Fedora! 

I even fancied writing a book...and I still might do that. I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a guide to beauty & inspiration based off of our Beauty Doctor quotes! Kind of a go to guide on how to bring happiness and beauty into your life and others, to remember that the simple things that we take for granted or think are small and don’t matter are the things that bring smiles to those we love. I wonder if my peeps would love that? *smiles*

It was my very first computer that introduced me to the possibility of having my own beauty company. I had thought you had to have a gazillion dollars to create one and was pleasantly surprised that you didn’t! Just a passion and a craving for knowledge. And it was in company that I discovered I had a passion for beauty & inspiration that has never waned...I’m always in a constant state of awe and discovery and I never get tired of it. That’s when you know you’ve found your calling. 

How do you come up with your beauty potions?

That’s simple, my imagination! I just dream up awesome concoctions, think up fabulous words, scents that peeps would love to use in their beauty potions like red velvet cake or lemon pound cake...popcorn even! and voila a beauty potion is created. I’m a very creative person. *wink*

Where do you want to take your business in the future?

Right now, we’re a small (with big world domination aspirations! bwahahhahah... giggle.. ) on-line beauty brand...we have a fabulous following of loyal and awesome peeps both retail and wholesale who love our goodies! In fact, see below for some awesome testimonials from them about our delightful beauty potions! Ultimately, we would love it if our beauty potions were to be featured in some of our favorite beauty magazines like Oprah, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Glamour, InStyle, Elle and everything in between! Because we’re small, we have very limited resources for PR and in fact do most of it in-house which can be quite daunting! Word of mouth is oh, so very important so peeps feel free to spread the word around about our fabulous beauty brand to your friends, your family, magazines, anyone who you think would love our would be most appreciated and would help get our beauty potions closer to you so you can go pick them up at your local boutique!! *wink wink*  

We would love to see our company grow even bigger, reach out to more luxe boutiques & spas to stock our beauty potions and hopefully one day have our very own luxurious French/Hollywood glamour boutique maybe with a champagne bar serving bubbly, macaroons, croissants and cupcakes! *wink*  We can’t get there without your help of course. After all, part of the reason why we have this business is to pamper, beautify and inspire...YOU! We’re even twiddling our thumbs over possibly finding a private investor, someone who could see the awesomeness of our company because I know we’re going to go far up, up, up and away with our company to the “Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning. ” *wink* 

Personally I only own a couple of the products, the Bramble Briar  & Rose milk bath soak, and the Antoinette's Boudoir Rose Buttercreme, but both are stellar and I can say I have a very long wish list of items I wish to try. I have also sent Margarita Bloom Products as gifts to my daughter...I simply told MB what my daughters likes and needs were and she hand picked items, sent me a link in which to pay and she took care of the rest. But you do not have to just take my word for is a few more testimonials from happy customers....


Someone has a bathtub full of flowers and smells like Mata Hari.... ;)  
{Our Mata Hari Honey Butter Milk Bath Soak!}  - Rebecca Darling

My goodies arrived and they are DIVINE! Can't wait until my next MB shopping spree! xoxo - Sue

OMG, that vintage rose and violet one is my favorite. Tons of bubbles. It is my favorite bubble bath - Cheryl

Hot bath with Margarita Bloom duchess gardenia soak, silk gown, hot tea. This is my happy face.  - Jane's Vanity; Emily

How freakin' awesome is your site? Now, this is branding beyond the masses. Love, love it all! - Beauty Huile

You are a fragrance genius...I just tried my jelly donut deodorant! Girl you are soooo talented!!! - Bevin

I used Glass Slipper Sandalwood Rose Drizzle Body Oil today and I smell like I'm ready for the ball! - Nikki

OH WOW! I love your site! The design is amazing and these products are just outstanding :) - Bravoe Runway

Absolutely head over heels in love with Tea & Crumpets Balm Spread. It's amazing! I can't thank you enough. - Michelle Peeples

Wow! I am so not a gardenia fan normally, but that Goddess Exotic Gardenia Bath Soak is amazing!! I think I might like it even more than the Antoinette Rose Salt Soak one. The scent is a perfect combination of florally sweetness. Love it! You're the best, girl!  -Morgan Richardson

Let Them Have Chocolate Masque -  I used this one last night-- made my skin luminous & so smooth feeling-- smells so yummy too! ~ Cynthia Lewis ; Dressed Like That!

Every client I have used the products on love them!   ~ Cynthia Lewis ; Dressed Like That!

Many happy customers have learned to pamper
themselves using Margarita Bloom products!

So now that you know more about the whys and the it is time for the hows! 

Lookie Here!! 

Special Offer:  
Mention this blog post and special code “RubysMusing” in our Notes Section of our cart when placing an order via our website, and you can get a FREE Mystery beauty potion included in your order!!  Code Expires EST time midnight on April 27, 2012.

Use Margarita Bloom products and bloom where you are planted!! 


  1. Thank you again lovely for this lovely bloggy interview post!! So thrilled to be featured on your fabulous blog. Kisses!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Loved learning more about this lovely brand and the wonderful gal behind Margarita Bloom. Beautiful interview! :-)

    xo Camille @ the wild fleur

  3. I love their retro packaging they are just a fun girly company meant for pampering. Great interview!

  4. This is an awesome interview! I love Margarita and her blog! Though, I must admit that I haven't tried any of her products jet. Shhhhh, don't tell on me.

    These interviews are awesome and it's always great to see what people are doing for themselves out there. Being as I am doing my own thing as well, but in the music industry!

    I'm following your kick ass blog now!

  5. LOVED reading Regina's interview and learn a little more about her dreams and how her company began! Thanks for featuring it, Ruby ;) xoxo

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

  6. Love the posting Ruby and learning more about
    Margarita Bloom's beautiful products!



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