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Monday, April 30, 2012


This weeks life post is not about real estate. There will be more than enough of that in the coming months, I am sure of it. Instead today's post is more of a pictorial post. On Saturday I, along with my oldest and youngest daughters attended the bridal shower for my middle daughter Rebecca. Her future Mother In Law was the hostess and so all we had to do was show up. My oldest daughter, who is also a bride to be drove in from Arizona to be here and also in attendance was my Grandmother and my Mother's my daughters had their Great Grandmother and Great Aunt there. They do not live too far away, yet it seems we rarely see each other. I am very guilty of being bad about phone calls and driving the 30 minutes to go for a visit and they often forget to call if they are in my neck of the woods. So it was grand to see them and get to visit. The only one missing was my own Mother who lives in Texas and of course with needing to fly out for BOTH weddings, three months apart, could not make it. 

I am always awkward when meeting new people, and though I had met my daughter's future M.I.L and her Mother, and her step M.I.L (yes, Rebecca gets two M.I.L's!), I had not met the rest of the family that was attending, so it was a comfort to have my Grandmother and Aunt there. We teamed up during the games, something I am not very fond that is, and I let them take the lead while I took a few photos. I shall not post all of them...there is a lot. But I wanted to post just a couple of the bride to be and of my Grandmother, who as it turned out was the Toilet Paper bride to be....and our team won with her dress! I am limiting the photos to just them as today just also happens to be my Grandmother's 86th birthday! Yep! She is my favorite person cira 1926 *wink wink* 

My Grandmother, in the purple,
with the beginnings of her gown.
My Aunt is draping her, while Rebecca's
future Step M.I.L joins in to help.

We decided on a 20's/30's style gown of course.

For a moment, there was not 4
generations separating these two brides.

Such a happy, joy filled bride she was too!

Isn't she beautiful? 86 years young today!

My youngest was pretty pleased with
her and her sisters efforts as well.

The "brides" waiting to be judged.

My youngest, Angel to the left was a bride,
Rebecca's future M.I.L and her Mom was also
a bride. They do not look as pleased as my "girls".

Everyone had a good laugh at the real bride to
be, Rebecca trying to choose the winner.
The train won it for my Grandmother.
After the contest and a few more games,
it was present time. But not before cupcakes!
The beautiful BTB was able to pick
first of course!

The bride LOVE(s) all the gifts!

Playing at being her best Vanna White!
Mmmm French Macarons from
her sisters and myself.

Hubby and I gave her the toasting
glasses and service ware for her

Can you tell she loves kitchen items?

The bride with her bouquet of bows!
Ready for the next step...Marriage. 

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  1. Ruby that was such a fun post. I loved it! Your daughter is adorable. You are blessed to still have your Grandmother with you and she looks very peppy. LOL Great pics and thanks for sharing.
    Dee xoxo


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