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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shenandoah Road

....Wine time....

Today is rainy and overcast. Tomorrow the weather forecaster says there is to be the same. Such is Spring in Northern California. Last week however we had a taste of Summer and decided to take advantage of it and take a drive in the country....and unwind, greatly needed with all the craziness in life right now.  We headed down, my husband and myself to the Shenandoah Valley within the town and surrounding are of Plymouth. Well, there is just more than a pretty view in the valley, there is a whole area of wineries, well over 30 from what my husband tells me, that we have yet to explore. We decided to just follow the main road of Shenandoah and just visit the wineries in order that they appeared. 

Our first one that appeared on the horizon was one by the name of Young's Vineyard. The first thing that strikes you, even from the road, is the beautiful gardens that surround the winery and the vineyard that surrounds that. We parked and headed into the tasting room, where you can sample for free a few varieties, mostly reds. They are known most for Zinfandel, Barbera, Sangiovese, Syrah, Pitite Sirah and Cabernet, all at very reasonable price points. We enjoyed sipping a small sampling of a few of them within the beautiful tasting room and soaking in the view from the window that overlooks the garden. Afterwards I walked about and got a few more photos of the grounds and gardens and hubby got a couple of me too!

Hubby beating me to the tasting.

We were told the labels were by a local artist.

The view from the tasting bar.

These head and face sculptures were all over the grounds.

Just adore all the vibrant colors!

This is how I felt in the garden.

Could spend hours on this bench.

Showing my silver strands in the sun.

We as mentioned went to a total of three went by the name of Bray Vineyards. We had to stop when we saw the sign on the fence...

There was nothing remarkable about the grounds or the building that held the tasting room, but inside was filled with ribbons and fun as well as a tasting host that was filled with knowledge. The wines were again of a reasonable price and had a nice selection of both whites and reds and even a port. 

The Red headed hussy herself. There is a blonde as well.

Fun times, new knowledge and good wines are to be had here.
After departing Bray Vineyards, we stopped at the last place for the day..Villa Toscano. Another beautiful stopping point along the wine trail in the valley. Again pretty grounds surrounded not only the tasting room (which also includes a gift shop), but also a bistro that serves pizza and other various lunch type items that you can take with you,or sit outdoors and enjoy with a glass or bottle of wine. We were a bit late for the bistro, but do plan to go back, buy a bottle of very good wine and of course pizza!

The beautiful tasting room surround by
places to have a bite to eat and enjoy
your wine. 

Let's go in....

Such fun and beautiful surroundings once again!

The unique gift shop with a little bit of everything.

Yummy sauces and jams.

Hubby enjoying the final sip of the day. 
If you ever get a chance to visit Plymouth California and the surrounding areas, jump at it, there is much more to do and see past wine tasting, as I have mentioned in previous daycation posts about the valley, but it is a mighty good start! 


  1. Love the pictures! We here at La Provence are a little partial to Young's Barbera. What a great wine! Thanks for the story, it was fun.

  2. I love the pictures. The Amador wine region is delight. I have been to the wineries you mentioned and would concur, they are really fun and really good. :), Susan Cooper

  3. Sounds like you had lots of fun on your adventure! Love those wine labels!


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