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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sightseeing Snapshots in Sacramento

On this past Sunday, hubby and myself decided it was far too nice to stay inside, but not wishing to go too far from home as well, we decided on a daycation close to home.... Sacramento. Though we have visited the historic district many times, and would again this very day as well, we came to the conclusion we wanted to see a couple of other historic landmarks in town. So directions and information in hand, we got on the road and headed south west of our town, first destination the Governor's Mansion

No longer an active residence for the state of California's Governor, and has not been since Ronald Reagan was the state leader, this stately 1877 mansion (though it was not used for the Governor's home until 1903) sits on a busy street surrounded by a mix of modern day buildings and traffic, but step inside and take the tour and you can walk through the decades from the 1800's to the 1960's when a young Kennedy sat at the table in the breakfast room. Each room represents a different era that the house has seen pass. Every item is an artifact, as what was bought for the mansion had to stay. The tour guide who was a wealth of knowledge and stories, from the toe nails on a claw foot tub being painted red by a young daughter of a former Governor, to the same daughter dropping water balloons with extreme accuracy to the Governor that still ran his everyday doctors practice in his off hours from running the state. Every room, corner, every piece has a story. At only 5.00 to take the tour it is well worth it to see and walk through a piece of history. 

The photos above and below is all that turned out, unfortunately with bad lighting( no flash allowed ), a cheap camera and being surrounded by people it was very hard to get decent photos. However I know on the website there are more photos.. click HERE... also for more info click HERE. Brief little tid bits that when you look at these and the photos via the link, the red toe nails on the claw-footed tub were painted by one of the Governor's daughter, Kathy Brown ( no relation to Current Gov. Jerry Brown) she was bored one day and decided that was a worthwhile way to kill time, she was also known for dropping water balloons off one of the high balconies and had really great aim! Also the mirrors you see in the bottom of fireplaces, those are for checking one's petticoats... ladies could check to make sure they were not showing.

The carriage house, now a gift
shop and where the tour begins.

What the area of 16th and H streets looked
like... vastly different then!

 One photo did turn out nicely... thanks to a big 

Wish I had a radio such as this!

 The next stop was for a bite to eat in the old historic area of Sacramento. I wanted to eat at my new favorite place, The Harvey House. Based on the places to eat and stay that originally were located near railroad depot stops and along route 66 later on, beginning circa 1875 (read more HERE), that were owned by the Fred Harvey Company. The most recent Harvey House is located near the California Railroad Museum in Historic Old Town Sacramento. Located at the bottom of a flight of stairs, taking one down to the original street level of Old Town, there is a lovely courtyard complete with fountain and white clothed tables and through a weighty wooden door is a space that takes you instantly back in time. The dark wooden paneled walls, Victorian lighting and high backed, covered in velvet booths along with the waitresses wearing the classic black dress and white apron set the mood. The menu is filled with American classic roadside food...some recipes dating back to the conception of The Harvey House cira 1875! There are a few new additions as well, since the owner/chef is from New York and put his own touch on things. The food may be basic, but it is darn tasty as well as very reasonable. The service is good, the servers friendly and they always remember you when you come back and welcome you with a warm smile and happy greeting. Oh and they validate parking... very important in Old Town!  I have been working my way through the menu for about a month now, averaging once a week or every other week a visit there just to eat. On Sunday I decided it was time for a favorite, but long skipped due to calories, a Monte Cristo Sandwich, paired with a vintage soda, Bubble Up (circa 1920's of course) I was in heaven! Located at 900 2nd Street in Sacramento, if you want good food, service and value it is the place to go for breakfast, lunch and dinner! (read more HERE).

So refreshing on a hot day! 

Dark wood paneling and vintage
lighting set the mood.

My yummy sandwich came wrapped up like a present!

Once we had our lunch, pastrami and fries for hubby and my Monte Cristo and fruit for me, we walked around Old Town to stretch and burn off a few calories, people watch and even get a snap shot or two of me by the river with my new parasol, then it was time to stop off at my other new favorite place, Danny's Doughnuts. A tiny hole in the wall, on the level above The Harvey House, Danny's puts out the smell of fresh, made to order doughnuts that hit you and pulls you in the minute you exit the parking garage.. with a free sample and then a small basket of 8 it is the perfect way to end the time in the Old Town area of Sacramento.

A little Jazz to stroll by...

Lazy river rolling on by...

The last stop for the day was another historic mansion in Sacramento, the Leland Stanford Mansion. Sitting on the corner of 8th and "N" in downtown Sacramento it is very much like the Governor's Mansion sitting among high rise buildings, and parking lots, with a busy street running past, what once sat in the country outside Old Town, that was not so old at the time, the lovely mansion gets passed by quite often in the rush to get somewhere else.  Circa mid 1800's a prominent merchant Shelton C. Fogus built the home, it was much smaller at that point, and over the years it was added on to, passed through a few owners and expanded and eventually became the headquarters to three Governors in the late 1800's . During it's lifetime it was also a girls home run by nuns and was so until the 1980's! Today along with being open to the public it is still used for our Governor(s) to entertain in and receive special dignitaries, and on occasion sign important papers. You can read the history of the mansion HERE and learn how to visit HERE and see various  photos HERE as taken by pros and visitors that have better camera's than myself *wink* 

Like what happened with the Governor's Mansion, the lighting was dim, no flash allowed, and it was hard to get a decent photo while on the tour surrounded by others, but here are a few snap shots of this magnificent (inside and out.. you will just have to trust me) mansion.  

Ceiling medalions, though lovely to
look at were there to catch soot from
what were once oil lamps.

A gilded fireplace... no mirror in
this one for checking those petticoats.

A few artifacts.

It is all in the details, and in
this mansion there are many!

Hard to tell in this pic, but what
appears to be birdseye maple is actually fake.
The sugar pine woodwork was painted to look like
deep dark mahogany and birdseye.. they did a fine job!
Even up close we could not tell!

Paneled doors were everywhere.

The "Look how much money we had"

Small railroad details were everywhere.
From this sconce to the feet of a table,
the history of the railroad playing a
part in the history of this house and a one
time occupant are evident. 

Where important papers are signed by the
Governor.. even today. 

Spurs donated and once owned by
Ronald Reagan.

A fish bowl ! 

Mrs. Stanford's dresser still decorated with
her belongings.

The maiden name of the Mrs. still evident on 
this small dresser chest.

Well I know this was a long one... I was going to spread it out a bit more but with the holiday tomorrow, busy with errands and then my birthday party to be held on Saturday, I could not figure out when to share a second part! I will be sure to post all about my party as well as a lovely daycation that hubby and myself are taking the say after in celebration of both our birthdays combined (we are a week apart)... and in the meantime if you are on FB find my fan page and soak in all the lovely photos from past that I share there in celebration of everyday life and that of people in the public eye, along with other great blogs, web sites, FB pages and music too! 

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  1. Looks like a wonderful daycation to Sacramento, Ruby! Fun to see that the Governor's mansion was built in the same year as my new house. What a beautiful exterior!!! Love days like that where you choose a spot and just go exploring. Hope you're thoroughly enjoying your summer! xox

    Illustrator Sandy M
    This week: "And the Forecast is ... Popsicles!"


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