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Monday, February 4, 2013

To Show My Love : A Contest

Today's blog is a bit different than any blog I have done in the past. I am having a little give away. It is nothing huge, it is not anything with a high priced tag, and it is even just ever so slightly used. This is no a give away for the masses, as it will not appeal to everyone, and I know this... promise one day I shall come up with something that will, but this go around is for those of my readers that love and adore the stars and starlets of the past, the music, the movies, the clothing and of course the make up and hair too. The readers who tend to find my blog because they adore the vintage images of the past and for the well over 500 Facebook people who clicked "like" .  

So why am I not just doing this give away over on the Facebook Page? Well, simply because there is many of you here, that follow only here and not on the Facebook Page that also like all that I mentioned above.  Again, for those of you who come around to read the life blog posts, or the decor posts or in the past the book studies or daycation posts, at some point I shall come up with a way to thank you for your loyalty. I promise. So shall I get to what I am giving away??? Well, I just happen to have a little stack of Zelda : The Magazine  . It is a magazine that is put out as the magazine of the Vintage Nouveau .  Read more HERE.  I just happen to have issues 1-6... and it includes the unavailable issue number 3, which is sold out.... even the offered 6 issue bundle on the web site does not include #3 ( they include the most current issue, #7 in it's place) , so the winner here will have that rare issue, and if you are just discovering Zelda Magazine,  it is a not to be missed issue... of course none of the issues are to be missed.  I have read each issue at least 4 times each... BUT trust me they are still in wonderful condition... I promise! Not a dog ear or crinkle in site. The magazines sell for 5.99 each and then of course there is shipping and handling (making it 7.50 each issue). The bundle sells for 37.50! So like I told you, not a super pricey give away, but it will save you some money if you were thinking of purchasing the issues on your own.  You can read about what is in each issue HERE.

There is one other hitch in this little contest.... and I feel really bad about it, but I am on a very limited budget, having just bought a home and having a long list of repairs to do on it.....I have to limit this contest to people who live in the United States as shipping really adds up quickly ( have learned that in the past) ...please do not be too upset with me... I know that I have "fans" all over the world, I so wish I could afford the cost to send the magazines to any of you. That being said I bet the few of you that this is geared towards are wondering how to enter. I am going to make it very simple.....

Follow this blog. I would 
LOVE to see the numbers here grow
as they have on the FB fan page, it helps 
where my link appears in search engines. 
So if you would do me a HUGE favor and 
follow here as well even if you follow from
another site. 

Leave a comment and let me know that 
you follow.... tell me what source you follow
this blog from, FB, Blog Frog, Networkedblogs,
Twitter, or through the FB fan page etc. 

Also... leave me an email in which to contact you 
by if you win.

That's it. Simple.

How we will keep it fair... doing it the old fashioned 

All names will be written on slips of 
paper, and my hubby will reach in and 
pick a name. 
I will announce the winner next Monday. 


  1. YAY! I've been wanting to read ZELDA for awhile now! I follow you both on FB and via Google Reader (I guess that would be NetworkedBlogs, then?). Thanks for the chance! ^_^

  2. Oooo, I would love to read Zelda! I follow you here through Google Reader. Crossing my fingers!

  3. Remember to leave an email if you do not have email account linked to you via your name/page.

    Thank you for participating! Wish someone had not left cause of this contest... feel perhaps I peeved someone off that lives in a different country cause I can not include them. I know I have many fans/followers and if I could have afforded the postage right now I truly would have opened to all. :(

  4. Hi Ruby, I follow you on FB and Google Friend Connect. I am happy for you that you finally got your house! I also suffer from fibromyalgia , so I know what you go through. Thank you for sharing your life on your blog. Sincerely, Joy

  5. Thanks Joy, you made my day with your comment... glad that you enjoy the blog.... if you win I shall do my best to contact you via FB since you did not leave an email addy and do not have a profile page via google with an email.

  6. Hello I follow you here and on facebook though I come to the page more I have you bookmarked. I'm Tory Danna and my email is I love Zelda, and thanks for offering these to your readers.

  7. Here as in Networked blogs by the way.

  8. Ruby that is so sweet of you. I am not entering your contest, because I know that you have some followers that would really love those magazines, but I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog and enjoy knowing you. I will spread the word on twitter about your contest. Have fun with it!
    Dee xoxo

  9. Ruby, I've been following you here for a long time but I'm not entering the contest because I simply can't add another magazine to my life! As you know, I'm very busy with my cooking etc. but have fun. And, good luck to everyone!

  10. Yoooo Hooooo.
    I figured it out!

    I happen to follow you via FaceBook with delight, I shall add.

    My email address is

    Tra Laaa Laaa Laaaaaa.


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