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Monday, March 25, 2013

De-Fence Against The Public .. Part One

I must admit this was not my first choice for a title, my youngest came up with it and she said she thought it was perfect as it is a post about our new fence AND  it was about defending ourselves, in a way, against the public trespassing on our property here on the busy corner that Muse Cottage sits. So there we go.  So as stated, this is a post about our new fence. Part one.... just because it did not take one day as planned, but three!! And all three days I took photos. Let me start from the beginning.... 

It all started a week ago this past Sunday. The fencing had been delivered the Thursday before, and now had come the day to get the fence up. We had made arrangements with our youngest to come help, and in turn we would feed her... plus we told her she promised to help with such projects *giggle*. Hubby and myself woke before the sun rose, while the crickets still sang and the birds had not yet to start their morning chirps.... heck before the traffic even kicked into gear.. though there was some cars.. there always is cars driving by here. We had to get to the Hardware store before they even opened to make sure we could get the two man gas powered pole digger... YES, there is an official name for that darn thing, but at the moment, that name escapes me. We live rather close so we were a good 10 minutes early and so we sat in the car as the sun began to rise and raced in as soon as the doors opened at 7 a.m. , we had a big day of work and were eager to get started. I told hubby first however we needed to stop for breakfast and coffee or nothing was going to happen. 

Being St. Patrick's Day, we had to get
green bagels !

Nice and warm, hot off the baking sheet, along with
really tasty coffee... once devoured, we were
ready to get to the days task. 
First step map out the fence line. 

Youngest daughter helping her Dad out ... have to get those angles right. 
Meanwhile I could not help but take a
photo of the new bright yellow watering can
hubby bought me.. isn't it pretty?? 
More measuring,  but of a different type.... all very
important of course. 

The first hole went as clock they began on the second...
OH! OH! Something is wrong! ROOTS.... ok, back to the old fashioned
way for a bit... then it will be time to try again.....

The darn thing died in the hole!! 

Back to the hardware store......
While we wait.....YES, I did have green on for
the holiday. 
Shall we try again??? Different machine, and this time it worked,
well sort of. MORE ROOTS... but they manged.... and moved on ....
That was until they went on to hole number three, and found
more roots, and could barely get through it...
and THEN I decided I wanted the fence to come in further....
so back to measuring....

....and a call in for reinforcements... let's hear it for our daughter's
friend Nick. 

darling daughter took over my job as dirt cleaner. No, this
is not normally part of the job, but we thought the post
digger was getting clogged... NOPE , it was more roots!

Ice Cream Break!
One of my favs! Oh and YES,we ate lunch first. 

Back to work ... youngest working on cutting roots......

The  rented pole digger sat in the
shade while everyone worked hard in the sun. 

Darn roots! Oh and very dry soil.....

So, back to the clippers....

It is sloooooow work

So out came the saw ......

Then the hammer and crow bar....

... and still more roots........

Everyone hard at work digging holes by hand,
even the old fashioned man-powered pole digger
could not get past many of the roots. 

Tools died
Trying again with the man powered pole digger....

hubby was a non-stop entertainment source for the drivers going by.

The hard workers had a root contest to see who
had the biggest one. 

....meanwhile I map out a future garden plot....

Finally the first pole goes in .....

... and the first panel...

Just had to take a pic of the Calla Lilly that bloomed that day. 

...and the front of the house....never mind the orange power cord  please.


As the sun began to set below the trees, I sat on the porch while
youngest daughter and and hubby, friend Nick had to leave, continued to put up
posts, and panels until finally there was no more light, and
they had to give up for the day.... so to be continued..... 
Till tomorrow's post......


  1. I'm trying to envision about a year from now when all the hard work everyone has been doing is just a memory and you are enjoy the fruits of all the labor. The fence looks great and I do like the title.

  2. Do you realize you could have been cutting the roots to the main Avatar tree?!?!? I know their pain. Been replacing fence sections and gates for the past few weeks, and it's not funny -- till it's done! Looks great.


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