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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Splendid (almost) Spring Time Stroll

Are you surprised? Two blog posts in one week, and two days in a row? I guess I was inspired to share what I saw on my stroll today. We are having unusual higher than normal temps this week, we may even reach 80 tomorrow before we start cooling down yet again. Pretty normal for March. I was desperate to get outside and enjoy it, but just was not in the mood to get in my car and drive to the park that I shared with you recently in a  post. I decided to walk in the neighborhoods that lie behind where we are located. Hoping to find some peace and quiet, a break from the never ending sounds of traffic that I hear day and night ( can not even escape in the shower.. yes you can still hear the cars there) . I was a bit wary as one of our neighbors said do not walk as far down as this one street that sort of marks the line in the sand between good neighborhood and questionable. I was also wary as the last time I took a walk through the neighborhood I found myself short of breath and in a lot of pain through my neck and shoulders... later figuring it was my anemia triggering a fibro flair. All this in mind, I decided to take it slow and take a chance. I popped on my favorite emerald green ballet slippers, not the best for long walks, but ok for a stroll, grabbed my camera and my phone and of course i.d, tissues and my keys and headed out. Here is a photographic sharing of what I saw along the way. 

Creeping Vinca , creeping into our yard from our neighbors...
we do not mind at all. 

Neighbors Tea Bush just starting to burst into bloom....
wonder if she will let me snip a few branches for the cottage?

Two streets down off our street to the right, a beautiful
explosion of Springtime floral Daffodils and Tulip trees are
favorites of mine. 

Not my cuppa tea, style wise, but do like the lavender that is planted
and just beginning to bloom. 

"Sour Grass" as a kid I used to pluck it and suck on the ends,
never thinking that perhaps it was not the most sanitary of

Yellow Narcissus adding sunshine to a dull brown corner of a yard.  

Told you I like Tulip trees. I love how the ground is
scattered with pink petals. 

We are a few miles away from the American River, but guessing it
has been a long time since this boat floated upon it anyway. 

Explosion of pink!

Not even a mile away is an wildlife habitat, saw two such yards today.
I think it will be my goal to have my yard become one someday.

The local park, a safe walk, no car needed and though
not as lovely as the park I shared last time, it was
indeed a quiet and restful place to sit. 
I walked the trail, smiled at little children playing and swinging,
trying to reach the clouds.... while birds sang and squirrels scampered about,
couples dined on picnic lunches under the shade of the trees. 

This little guy in a near by yard, was busy digging in the lawn for something,
but took time out to pose for me, wasn't that kind of him?

This Qunice bush gives me hope that one day, with the proper
attention, the one in front of our home will be as big and brilliant. 

The second of wildlife habitats that I saw on my walk....
Another view.. looked to me as if they were adding to it. I will
surely enjoy walking by as it fills in throughout the season. 
Clover flowers. As a child I would spend hours stringing "daisy" chains
and wear them around my neck or around my head like a flower fairy
princess.... ( was an only child and loved to escape into make believe land)

Simply charming!

Wild flower bulbs popping up , so sweet and delicate. 

We nearly bought this house. I loved the outside, and even the quirky inside,
sadly could not figure out how to make it work for our
furniture and needs. So passed it up. It is still for sale. Wish I could
afford to buy it and fix it up, show it some love. 

Happy Robots 

Another house for sale on the same street as the one above...
someone gave the love to this little house and now it is
ready to make a nice little starter home for someone. 

Water saving savvy gardener resides here ... on some level I like it.
After all there is lavender bushes, daffodils and even tulips beginning
to bloom ..... what is not to like about that?
Nearing home again. Stopped and admired the picket fence
and the abundance of trees, and just the right size patch of grass....
soon we will have our very own picket fence, and I hope I can then
fill in the yard with such loveliness. 
Stepping back onto our busy street, and nearing our busy corner and through the door of Muse Cottage, and though this is starting to feel like home in someways, I could not help but feel a little sad that we had not found a home on one of the lovely streets I had strolled along today that fit our budget and needs. The quiet and peace filled streets , with no noise traveling from the main road we live off of, only the sounds of the birds singing, the squirrels chatter and the occasional hello from someone gardening in their front yards is exactly what I need, crave and had dreamed about residing on. I guess I shall have to settle for long strolls on a regular basis to satisfy that desire that lives in my heart. 


  1. Such lovely pictures Ruby! I love to see all the lovely spring time plants popping up to say hi! It was lovely here over the weekend actually in the 70s but now back down to the 30's...bah humbug...giggle... Happy Tuesday lovely! :)

  2. What type of camera do you use sweets? I have to know since you take such lovely gorgeous pics. *wink*

  3. All these pretty signs of SPRING...make me smile!


  4. Hi Ruby, Love the Spring time pics and I do agree with Margarita, your camera takes lovely pictures. Ya know...I can picture your stringing daises as a little kid. LOL That sounds sooooo you. Your adorable! xoxo

  5. Loving your blog. Keep on with your walks, your thoughts and your photos.
    Your friend Judith from The Painted Rooster. :) No spam here...


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