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Monday, January 27, 2014

Sprucing Up in the New Year

Hubby has been at it again!
*image via google search for Handy Smurf

Hello lovelies! I am so sorry about being so M.I.A. for the last couple of weeks. Truly there has not been much going on to share. Hubby and I have been homebodies as we have had a project here at Muse Cottage that has taken up our time and between that and my dealing with being very anemic, so my exhaustion levels have been off the charts.. so have spent a lot of time just resting and taking care of myself. Anywho, back to sharing this project we have been working on! 

As you may or may not have known, when we moved into Muse cottage it was not our dream home, and so upon the very first time we walked through the door, we knew we wanted to put our own stamp on things. Make it more ours. But then don't most people when they walk into a house they are about to or have just bought ?  Of course as always seems the way we are on a small budget and must make every cent count. So after nearly a year of living here, we finally had enough money saved, and had a plan as to what project to do on the inside after spending quite a bit of time and money on the outside. The bathroom was the first big project. We knew we did not want to rip it to the studs, but simply give it a face lift. Having only one bathroom going to the studs and doing a major remodel was not in the cards. 

So the plan was to make it easier to clean, get rid of the aged and dated look of things and create more storage and with the least amount of mess and effort and of course money. I am happy to say it came out just as we planned... with a few set backs and a few tweaks of course *giggle* 

The Before....
Not horrible, but not great! 

The floor is in good condition, but the grout is very stained!

EEEK! Pretty colors, but sooo busy.. it will wake you up
in the morning for sure! Plus it was a bear to clean! 
 Let's Get Started.....
Time to demolish.. hubby's favorite part!
The tile came off in full sheets!!! NO!
That is not normal! 

Ok, we went to the studs in this area.

Before too long we had a new, bright and shiny
shower surround and the new dry wall up. 

Next was the re-plastering.....

And shower doors.... I know, I know,
so many of you take them out, but our cat,
Queen Bitty Kitty shreds shower curtains,
so in they went. 

One sink gone......

Dear goodness... talk about over kill for the thickness
of this counter top.....

Trying so hard to get JUST the counter off,
and keep the cabinet intact... as you see, well,
it was not going so well. 

So more destruction ... 

Even that did not help, so....out it came...
time for a new cabinet. 

New cabinet installed after a quick trip to the
hardware store, and even got the new tile
counters, stone back splash, sink and faucet in...
and the medicine cabinet too! A very productive
day to say the least! 
The Final Results....
Calm, relaxing, and easy to clean! (*next to toilet a little metal cart holds
all the daily needs and adds a touch of blue/color to the room .. see below) 

via IKEA .. this cart holds TP, personal products
and air freshner

New lights... with a constructed box to push it out
past the medicine cabinet... and money saving bulbs.

Of course nature prints with a
touch of French charm found their
way into the decor. 

Butterflies ... always a must in
my decor as well. 

Nature themed valance with botanical images of butterflies,
birds and their Latin names.  Just a touch of color to a
neutral room. 

New bathroom fan adds a soft glow to the room
and replaced the old and very ugly fan that was there.

New shower surround, all clean and shiny...
so easy to clean!

Newly plastered and textured walls all freshly painted,
with the doors, everything is clean and sleek.... bright and
cheerful too! Oh and a robe/towel hook! 

Close up of the counters, tumbled marble in neutral tones.. and the backsplash, pebble,
just like the one we installed in our daughters garage apartment. A vessle sink and my dream faucet!
complete the look with a nod to the love of vintage farmhouse/cottage that I have been adding to Muse Cottage. The medicine cabinet from IKEA holds tons of stuff and still has room for more!

There is even a little shelf for display! 

So of course a couple of James Browne Household
fairies found their way in to the decor....
One for hubby and one for me! 
So, there you have it. The latest sprucing up of our little Muse Cottage for the new year.... we are already making plans to tackle the kitchen and add a fresh coat of paint here and there as time and money allows... but soon, at least here in California, we will be turning our efforts back to the outside... time to dig up more lawn and put in drought resistant plants and add more food for the birds and bees ! Of course I will share as changes happen. 

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