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Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring has arrived at Muse Cottage...

Spring has arrived here at Muse Cottage once again. Upon quick inspection of all that I planted last Spring only one plant did not survive, a tender Lavender that had delicate leaves, quite unlike all the rest. I shall re-plant one as soon as I find another, but it may take till next season, as I have not had the chance to go in search and my surgery date, April 17th is quickly approaching. Other plants I chose to pull up... a few geraniums that just did not seem to wish to 100% spring back as they had been before and made the garden look un-kept. There are many plants that are thriving and have spread to fill in some blanks, and others have matured to grow taller or have a new leaves just about ready to do the same... although, of course I shall never full let all the blank areas fill in, one must leave room for the faeries to dance.  

The roses are all growing and have dozens of buds, sadly they also have what seems like thousands of GIANT aphids! We had a very warm Winter and they seemed to decide it was an open invitation to move in and take over. I have tried to hose them off, soap water only seemed to make my porch a skating rink of sorts as I tried to spray my climbing roses. I trimmed off infected stems, even those of my climbing roses.. nothing has worked! I still have a few tricks up my sleeve that will not harm the good and beneficial bugs that reside here within the garden, and hope that they will work, for if they do not, I am very afraid I may be replacing quite a few plants come this time next year. The Roses however, at this moment are fighting and I read that they have a natural way to defend themselves... so there is hope. 

You can see those nasty little creatures are practically swallowing
all the new buds on my roses.  Truly heart breaking! 

Despite the aphids, the Cecile Bruner is still growing and spoken. 

Our little Italian Pine "George" is quite happy with his own pot surrounded
by cheerful Viola's that have continued to bloom from when I planted them in

... The David Austin Rose "Graham Thomas", is quite happy with his sunny patch on the porch.
This rose, a gift from my Mother, is my most favorite rose of all time. The scent is divine,
and though it gets a bit of mildew on the leaves from time to time, little else seems to bother it.
The fairy garden is filling in, ground cover is spreading, flowers blooming....

...and the fairies are playing among the blooms.... if you look very carefully,
you can even spot them. 

Cuthbert still resides over the now expanding Verbena... at least I think that is what it is...
always get them confused with Lantana's .... *sigh* The Lemon Balm is also coming back and
should make for some lovely tea later this season. 
The Fox Gloves behind the faerie's house are blooming once again! Normally a bi-annual, it was delightful to see them blooming a second season in a row, and now the faeries will have
hats to wear when the Summer heat arrives. 
The snap dragons near the Gnome's home, have never stopped blooming, giving me
color and smile for the entire year! 

Pin Cushion flowers have grown by leaps and bounds to fill in nicely
their little corner across the way in the next flower bed. 

Columbine, on of my husband's favorites survived a transplant, a very hot Summer, and
a week of bad freezing temps to produce three times as many blooms as last season. 

Lavender, one of my favorite flowers is bursting with blooms in every corner of the garden.

Honeysuckle, thought to be a goner, having lost all it's leaves due to mildew,
came back and is growing and climbing up the supports and has already
produced a few heavenly scented blooms.

Carnations, which used to be three very small plants last Spring,
have expanded and spread and are already bursting with cinnamon scented blooms. 

"Barbara Streisand" is blooming once again, and despite the aphids has produced beautiful and
fragrant blooms.  

One of the antique roses bought a year ago January survived it's first year and is producing lovely pale pink blooms.

The Daisies never did stop blooming, just slowed down and now
are back to speed. 

The Sweet Broom fills the air with intoxicating scent.

Hope you enjoyed the early Spring tour at Muse Cottage

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