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Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Out

Yesterday being Mother's Day it was my choice as to how I spent it. I am not one for crowded restaurants, I do not desire extravagant gifts and gestures, simply time with those that I love. So I voiced my desires to my husband and my middle daughter ( the youngest had to work and the oldest lives in Texas) and they did their best. The day started with hubby making homemade crepes which we enjoyed with fresh berries, lemon curd and a touch of marscapone cheese. Our middle daughter joined us and it was a lovely breakfast and enjoyable conversation. Once the dishes had been cleared it was time to head out for the day. I had a specific place or two that I wanted to go. The first was Davis Ranch Produce Located in Sloughhouse CA, just outside of Sacramento and on Jackson Rd. ( also known as HWY 16) , they are known for their fresh produce and selection of nuts, snack mixes, and various other goodies.  We had driven by it many times and never stopped, but this day we made the effort and it was worth it. We found all sorts of goodies to bring home, the main thing I was after, white peaches, of which I found some real beauties. 

The view from the car once we parked. 

One of many of the really old barns that line the road near Davis Ranch. 

Did not take me long to find what I was there for. 

Ok, so we may have come home with a few more items than just peaches.

Once we had bought our fresh goodies, we headed to our next destination, Drytown Cellars, another location we have often driven by, but never stopped. I am so glad that we finally did. Located upon a high hill overlooking HWY 49, is the tasting room. With wonderful vistas, of which you can enjoy over a picnic lunch and your sampling of wines, or this day, snacking on the provided gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, and tomato basil bisque soup that was free to all visitors. Inside is filled with wonderful friendly people, a few playful dogs and some really good wine. 

The sign as we drove in.....

The view next to our parked car.. so pretty and inviting. 

The road in and out 
The wines

Father and Daughter enjoying some barrel tasting 

Loving the wine and the glass 

The view as I sipped wine and munched on my grilled cheese sandwich.
That's Hwy 49 in the distance. 

We stayed a good long while there at Drytown, but soon it was time to head off to the next destination and maybe just a little more food, after all we did bring a picnic lunch with us, not expecting the wonderful offerings we had just been offered. Our next stop was at Jeff Runquist Wines and tasting room  . We have had this fine winemaker's offerings before at an event featuring the wineries of Amadore County and are quite fond of them, but had never actually stopped at the tasting room. Before entering we enjoyed our lunch of salads and sandwiches, and doing so sitting on the patio surrounded by beautiful blooms and the sounds of hawks soaring over head and bees buzzing near by. Once inside we were greeted with warm hellos and welcomes and began to taste the wines offered, not to mention a nice little plate of cheese and bread as well.  It was crowded so I was not able to take any photos inside, but I did manage to snap a few outdoors.

The view from my seat

The letter that lets you know you are at Runquist Wines. 

 A short time later and we were on the road again and headed to our favorite little wine town, Sutter Creek. If you all have followed me for a while now, you know that we love going to this historic town filled with wonderful places to eat, shop and sip wine. We try to go several times a year. You can look under the labels and find blog posts about Sutter Creek under "wine". A couple honorable mentions, Miller Wine Works, where we met the wine maker/owner Gary Miller, who delighted us with his warm smile, ready laugh and really good wine. Also, one tasting room that I always have to visit each and every time we are in Sutter Creek, Cinque on Main Street. We always love the offerings, never fail to go home with a few bottles and the conversation and laughs are always a great addition to the experience... plus on Mother's Day they always have roses for us special ladies celebrating the day.

All smiles after a wonderful Mother's Day out. 

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