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Monday, June 23, 2014

Flower Power

Dreaming of Daylilies 

Yesterday we took another daycation back to the Shenandoha Valley here in California, and yes once more, wine tasting was on the mind as part of the day, but more so than that was visiting the Amador Flower Farm on Shenandoha School Road in Plymouth. It was the 18th annual Daylily Days..something that an avid lover of nature, flowers and gardening, I did not want to miss. It had never worked out in previous years to actually visit this visual feast for the eyes, but as luck would have it everything fell into place and nothing was stopping us. With a picnic lunch in the thermal bag, a full gas tank and the address punched into the GPS, we were on our way. The familiar drive to the Sierra Foothills, was pleasant and relaxing as always and before we knew it, we arrived, found a parking place and were ready to soak it all in. 

Myself, my hubby and our middle daughter were excited to walk along the gravel pathways, enjoy seeing all the unimaginable variety of shades that the star of the day came in, and chat about our future plans for our back yard here at Muse Cottage and the inclusion of  the easy to grow and care for plant. There was not only hundreds but MILLIONS of Daylilies surrounding us, but also the distant sounds of what I would term "spa music", chirping of birds, buzzing of bees and the chatter from other delighted visitors, bubbling fountains and a near by waterfall. As we strolled about the Daylillies, we also enjoyed all the complimentary flowering plants, shrubs and trees and were careful to keep an eye out for Rattlesnakes.  We took a break from walking by taking the tram that would drive us through the same pathways we had just walked, snacked on free pop corn, and once we finished with the tram ride, stopped to watch the giant Koi fish, small Turtles, Ducks and Dragonflies in shades of red, blue, green flitting about. I feel I could have just sat and soaked in the views all day long. The Flower Farm is opened year around, and celebrates the changing seasons by bringing in Pumpkins in the Fall and Christmas trees in the Winter, and by having various special events. I have a feeling we will be visiting again, not just when we are ready to make a purchase, but as a wonderful place to sit a spell and just relax over a picnic lunch. You can learn all about the Amador Flower Farm by clicking the link HERE.

A variety of flower shrubs, trees and plants line meandering paths along with the Daylilies.

Of course I stopped for a fashion shot moment.
My fans/friends on my FB page love seeing them,
I am happy to oblige. 

Taking a moment to soak it all in. 

A peaceful moment.

Hydrangea Magic
I did not take photos of all the other variety of flowers, as I wanted this post to be about the Daylilies, but I could not help myself when we spotted these beautiful Hydrangeas lining a dirt path on the edge of the other gardens. 

Rebecca in Wonderland... all she kept saying is that the blooms " are as big as my head".... Indeed she is right, and bigger! 

Now I did mention wine tasting. We did indeed go wine tasting after we departed from the flower farm. Not wishing to take away from this post and it's main theme,  but still wanting to let you know where we went, I have decided to just give you the links to the wineries that we visited. I recommend them both. Each had some stand outs and something for every taste profile. 


Plymouth Ca 

Plymouth Ca 

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