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Monday, August 4, 2014

A New (fashion) Journey

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Over the last few months I have been working on me again. I guess major surgery will do that to people. For me it was a jump start to loosing weight, so far 13 pounds! It was a jump start to begin wearing new makeup colors, trying new hair colors, and to begin to transform my all black, white and gray wardrobe to one that includes more color. Not only did I decide to wear more color, but decided it was time to transform my look as well, by changing from wearing styles the looked more like a vintage magazine from the 30's to wearing a style that was more in keeping with my re-emerging active lifestyle, and keeping it comfortable and relaxed, but at the same time not looking like I just rolled off the couch from a nap.  I have been reading loads of fashion bloggers posts, buying up fashion magazines, and spending a lot of time at Old Navy, which seems to be a place I can always find something I like.  While on this new journey of fashion rediscovery, I have been having my dear sweet hubby take photos of each ensemble and I have been sharing them on facebook and getting a really good response so decided it was time to do a blog post of a few of the photos and how my style is evolving. 

Stepping out of the Past.....

Looking Forward to the Future, the Journey Began....
(It all started with baby steps)

I started by adding little pops,
beige was a safe add to my
black and white wardrobe.

Soon, I added some color. Blue, always
a favorite, was the first obvious choice....
but notice the pink nails! 

Gradually, adjusting my style,
making it a bit more casual, and
updated... even adding a bit of edge to it
with the biker boots.

Still in my comfort zone of black, but
adding in browns and blues...and stocking

Really going out of my comfort zone,
printed pants... something I would never
have done before! 

No black in site!  Hair now gradually being
highlighted from my natural salt and pepper. 
Summertime Fresh, I am loving
color now! 

Adventure time ....
Delving into wearing more color.

Army Green and Orange...
Starting to feel comfy in new colors!

Feeling brighter about myself and color ,
including my hair color! 

Revisiting black, but still having that
pop of color! 

Walking towards a refinement of
my new style... 

Sometimes I slip back into old habits,
but in a fresh way. 

Army green is a new fav.. can you tell? 

Shirt dresses are also a new favorite go to. 

Another new thing for me, wearing pants more than
dresses when going out for the day. 

Pops of Pink 

My new neutrals, olive/ army greens they pair perfectly
with the bright pops of color in my scarf...
Scarves are another new go to. 

Trying a slight variation with my pixie,
and ready to try new day to day casual
clothing and colors! 

Comfy shoes do not have to be boring!
Neither do lip color, no more red all the
time, every time for me. 

Even trips to Walmart can be

Having fun playing with color
and enjoying life! 

Thinking about what I want to buy
next ..... 

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