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Friday, November 7, 2014

French Girl Friday ~ Le Plaisir

"Taking time to enjoy the pleasures of 
life is a simple one and so rewarding" 

This week was about experiencing life's pleasures.  I had not even known what this weeks chapter was in the book The French Twist by Carol Cottrill, but with medical tests looming over my head to determine if I had cancer, I made it a priority to take the time to enjoy the pleasures of life, be it long walks, getting my nails done, stopping by the market for fresh flowers, or simply sipping a Pumpkin Latte at my favorite place to eat when in a French mood and on a budget. Today was the series of test, and as far as I was told I am in the clear, thank goodness, so now instead of running back to my rush through the day way, I decided to continue the weeks dedication to pleasures big and small... but more on that in a bit. When I finally came home, I opened the book, with a cup of Chamomile tea, and a Madeline cookie to sip and snack upon, and began to read. Imagine my happy surprise that I had already been doing my home work for today's blog post. Chapter four, "Quatre" is simply titled "Pleasure" or " Le Plaisir" . Perfection for this past week. 

Life Itself is the proper binge.
~Julia Child

In keeping with the idea of the previous chapter, quality vs. quantity , I started out my week with a dumping of most of my make up, all drug store hodge podge, bought when trying out new looks and colors, and treated myself to an upgrade, that in itself may not also seem pleasurable, but come on what girly girl does not like new make up? Then I also made sure to take a long walk through a local park and take time to stroll, not my normal speed walking, taking time to look at the leaves changing on the trees, the squirrels collecting their Winter time food stash, and to listen to the birds singing. I was delighted as well to listen to the homeless man walking behind me singing quite a lovely love song in an equally lovely voice, and a young man playing a pair of drums while sitting and watching the ducks swim in the lake... all things I normally would have just rushed past not too long ago trying to burn more calories. I was soaking in life. 

The next day, I took my normal walk, but once I stopped for coffee at my half way point, I sat down and savored it, each and every drop, in the book it is mentioned that " there are far more tables in the McDonalds in Paris than I have ever seen in the States. The French Enjoy their food....the French sit and eat...." So I have been making sure I sit and eat, or in this case drink. When I got home, I also took the time to sit and eat my lunch, savoring every bite, it may have only been yogurt with fruit and granola, but I took my time and savored each bite. When Wednesday rolled around, my husbands day off, and with nothing more than errands and chores planned, I mentioned that I wanted to take the morning slow, have a wonderful breakfast, I was taking the week off from my diet, and I also wanted to get some fresh baked bread for dinner, not just store bought that was baked who knows when, but actual, soft, baked on the premises bread. I took my time, applied my new make up, picked out my outfit and spritzed on some Chanel No. 5, and we departed. 

Fresh baked and yummy

Herb waffles, slow baked ham, swiss, mornet sauce with a fried egg...Provencial potatoes, and fresh fruit. Delectable and certainly pleasurable, I took my time eating, and only finished half...
amazing when you take your time and savor each bite you often get full before the plate is clean.

New make up... clean, simple and classic.

The outfit for the day. 

Thursday rolled around, and I must admit I did eat my food on the run, old habits die hard, and I rushed my walk, but it was all for a good cause, it was pedicure and nail day, and I knew I would be sitting for at least an hour while I received pampering. Once it was over with, I stopped and treated myself as well to a new coat for when eventually it gets cool enough to wear one, and I then strolled home a bit slower and sat and enjoyed my lunch, some tv and even a short nap.... truly pleasurable and something I rarely do.

That brings us to today. My day started off with the tests that I mentioned. Both scary and stressful, I had a plan in place no matter what to enjoy my day, and after the tests were over that is exactly what I did. I started off the morning with fresh strawberry crepes , a good cup of French roast, and topped it off with a cherry mimosa. I took my time, I sipped my coffee, I did not rush through my food and I slowly drank my mimosa before departing the bistro I was dining at , then I went and had a mini make over just for fun, and following that I went shopping for some sparkling jewelry, strolled through a shop that always puts me in a French state of mind, Anthropology, trying new scents, dream shopping, and scoping out future inspiration. I stopped to smell the roses outside, and popping into the market, bought myself a French Macaron and some more fresh flowers. for the kitchen. Upon getting home, I took a slow stroll with my daughter and her dog, Sir Winston, and now I sit here, with you, sipping my tea, listening to French music from the 1920's and relishing the quiet time before needing to fix supper. It has truly been a day of Le Plaisir , even if it did not start out that day. 

I took time to "Savourez le Go^ut" ( pretend the ^ is
above the "U") : Savor the Flavor. 

Perhaps one day I shall bake my
own Madelines.

Dream outfit

Is it me? 

Tre' Chic 

My new statement necklace,
found on sale, quality at a great price.
That is indeed pleasurable...even
if I was not smiling...still not great at selfies.

"Flaming June" spritzed still lingers on my wrist.
Ahhh, just far too sweet and smile worthy.

Perhaps this would further inspire...

Adding to my reading desire list.
Arm chair travel and phrase book.

Perhaps next time.
Sublime scent ....

Delightful to the eye and senses. Sunny Sunflowers
found their way home once again. 



The message this week... SLOW DOWN! 
Be it eating, shopping, walking, or even your daily chores, slow down and find the pleasures that are there, and they are there, yes, even in cleaning. Savor each bite of food you put in your mouth, stop and smell the roses, notice the world around you. Enjoy life, each and every day, hour and moment. Make it filled with Le Plaisir. 

Today's outfit. In traditional
Parisian spirit, showing a bit of ankle.

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  1. I think we all need to follow your advice and stop to smell the roses before time passes us by. Thank you for the reminder.


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