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Friday, January 30, 2015

Lashes and Lipstick ~ A French Girl Friday Post.

This weeks French Girl Friday post is inspired by part two and chapter six of the book Lessons From Madame Chic written by Jennifer L. Scott, Perfect Le No-Makeup Look. I was a bit stumped as to how to use this chapter as a leaping point for today's post. Without basically writing out the whole chapter, too time and consuming and illegal as that is, however would I share what the French or Parisian's make up routine was. It then struck me as my nail lady complimented me on my make up and asked for a list of what I used, and having been channeling my inner French girl more and more in that department, I would write about what I used and give a mini review of one of the latest products I have tried out.  

Before I get to all that, you might be asking what IS the French / Parisian make up look? The title sums it up, it is the no make up look. Very simple, very clean, never a heavy eye with a heavy lip or if you do a heavy lip do not do a heavy eye, pretty much my way of doing my make up for years on a daily basis, as long as you do not count when I was doing a 1920's or 30's eye and paired it with red lips... but that was channeling a whole other persona. This look is very adaptable and I have also been able to channel my inner 1950's girl as well. In the book, Madame Chic, Jennifer once again explains how she discovered the very Parisian way of doing make up while there as an exchange student and observing not only Madame Chic, but also a woman she calls Madame Bohemienne, and so many other ladies she encountered and then how she adapted her make up routine to channel her own inner French girl. She breaks the routine into Au natural, Defined eye, Defined lip, and then to take it a step further how to do each within a certain time limit, from two minutes and up, and what make up is actually involved, as Au natural is not actually without make up, but simply looks that way. Depending on the day, I have a similar break down myself, so it was easy to grasp. 

photo credits George Mark

On the days that I am simply just going to be around the house, I only do my facial care routine, then I apply a tinted lip balm, red or pink lips is a signature and I feel naked without them. If I am going out for a walk and it is going to be hot, it is the basic same routine as make up, even with primer tends to melt away. If it is cooler, as it is now, I wear mascara and finish off with a translucent powder on some days, others I add a thin line of liquid eye liner and will even pop on real lipstick and then dust myself with translucent powder,  sometimes a bit of blush, but most times my cheeks get quite rosy enough without it. Going out for a special day is a bit more involved as I then do a primer, a bit of powdered foundation where I need it most, a little bit of concealer, and then my eye make up, including a nude matte shadow on the lids and a bit of shimmer in the inner corners , then I do my brows, a bit of blush, the translucent powder to set, and even if it will be really hot finishing spray then the powder, and finally a bit of highlighter and my red lips. Sounds like a lot, but it all ends up coming out looking as if I really did not spend any time at all. It is all about looking enhanced and not made up; biggest fear is looking like have layers and layers of heavy make up. I have broken capillaries and dark pigmentation, acne and acne scars, so all that needs to go away as much as possible for special days. If it is night time I will do both a heavy eye and lip... it is night time  after all and darker.  So to show you and share what I use, here are some photos....

Smash box is my new favorite, the
primer, pressed powder foundation that
you can build upon to cover up what needs to be
hidden, and the high lighter.
NYX is my every day brand normally only the
beige color #20, lap dance , I use #21 Charcoal
if I am wanting to do a more statement eye, and
only in the crease.
Milani is a great brand if you are on a budget.
For a really kicked up eye these are my favorites
All are Bella, all are shimmer, #11 Charcoal
a great crease or dark lid. #20 Silver,
also great on the lid, #07 white for the
corners of the eyes, and #28 Chiffon for a
nude but shimmery eye.

Lorac is my new favorite eye brow pencil as my darling daughter
found it in a charcoal color, perfect for my new natural ( again)
hair color, and Stila felt pen liner is my new go to, but I have
to confess I am still in love with the less expensive Physicians Formula
felt tip liner ... both seem to last the same amount of time on my skin.
I skip this in the Summer no matter how much is promised for sticking power
it melts off of me.

So translucent powder is a must for me,
right now I am using bare minerals,
most days this over suntan lotion is all I use, takes
away the shine of the lotion and gives a finished look.
The blush, also bare minerals, is a rosy pink,
and all I use is what you see, really! Does not
take much for each cheek.
Red lips, all shades, as long as they are
a blue based red, mostly Revlon,
and I always use a liner, fill in my
lips as well as line, put my lipstick
on, strait from the tube, then dab with
a tissue, and then reapply and finally
re-line to sharpen the edges of the lip line.
Even though I wear liner and mascara,
it does not stand out as a strong eye, so I am
ok with the defined lips. 

So bet you are wondering where the mascara photos are? Well I want to share with you what I use, and also do a little review. I have been using various Physicians Formula mascaras and some are better than others depending on what you are looking for, they are long wearing, and easy to remove at night, so I love that and they do not bother my sensitive eyes as they are all organic. Some give me a more natural look, as they are a bit more dry, others a more vampy look as they are a bit more wet and buildable ( is that a word? is now) , and there is a brand new one they just released and it gives you the look of a false lash in a two part process.... and that is the one I am going to give you a mini review on.

My daily. Does not quite Fake Out
as promised, but it is a good daily wear and
I like it as well as any of their others.

I wore this today for the first time, and I
LOVE it. One coat and I had mega
long lashes, can not even imagine what 3 coats
would do for me.

Using Sexy Booster mascara 

So now it is review time. The mascara I am going to share a photo of below is the newest one, Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit, and it promises fake looking lashes without wearing fake lashes. I love to wear fake lashes, but do not because they are horrible to put on when you can not see what you are doing.... like me. So I bought the product the day it hit the CVS shelves, and tried it out on Wednesday when going out with my husband. I was very excited. Instructions were easy, apply the mascara, then the fiber coat , then the mascara, and repeat up to 3x. I did so, doing two coats. I was very impressed after one, thickness, length, both there, and then there was this.... itchy, scratchy, dry eyes. The fiber coat flakes as you apply, I expected this from a beauty blogger, as she mentions you will have to brush the fibers off of your upper cheeks once finished and then finish your facial make up or use a tissue below your eye to catch the drifting particles. HOWEVER it landed in my eyes,  not pleasant. I had already done one coat, so went for the second and this time leaned over the sink, looking down and applied the two steps, yes I obviously have mad skills to be able to not look in the mirror, but sadly the same thing happened. I loved the results, but not the aftermath when ALL DAY my eyes felt irritated . I do plan to try it again and see if I can figure out how to apply and not have this happen. Maybe I can let you know on the next FGF post. 

Two coats. Oh and by the way, this is with all
my make up on, but still looking semi natural. Freckles
and all. 

Just as a final little addition to today's post... wanted to share my nails... I have a wonderful nail lady and gave her the challenge to do a fleur de lis on my nails, she did a pretty good job don't you think??

Polish color is Cherry by Revlon and is a
Top Speed style. 

make up colors..
Face after primer, is Smashbox Photo Filter Creamy Powder Foundation #4
NYX shadows , the beige tone is Nude Matte Lap Dance#20 and the gray is Craving # 21
The Millani colors are Bella Chiffon #28, Bella White #07, Bella Charcoal #11,
and Bella Silver #20, all are shimmery.  Bare Minerals mineral veil, Bare Minerals blush 
in cheerful. Eyebrow pencil by Lorac is Slate# 14099 . Eye liner felt tip , Stilla in black.  Lipsticks are all various shades of red...
Revlon Color Stay #85, Revlon Hi Def, #840 in Poinsettia, Revlon Creme #440 Cherries in the Snow and a the liner is Revlon  Color Stay red. In photos I am actually wearing Maybelline in a matte finish #690 Siren in Scarlet. 

Tomorrow a wrap up post for a Stylish Saturday  featuring what I learned from ....
Find program here... Inside Out Style Blog 

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