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Friday, May 29, 2015

French Girl Friday ~ Femme d'un Certain Age

Ready to start a new journey .....

I have never been ashamed of my age. I had been mistaken for being older when I was younger, and I took advantage of that a few times ( *confession*) and as I have gotten older I have been told I do not look my age.... always nice to hear, tho I do not hear it quite as often since letting my hair go natural, back to salt and pepper; lately more salt. I am ok with that. I have not always dressed my age, cause let's face it clothing for women in the forty plus range can be quite matronly and dowdy. I have tried wearing what society and fashion dictates, it does not work for me. I also do not try to dress like I am a teen either, I simply dress in what makes me happy. We are living in times luckily where more and more older women in the public eye are more prominent, showing up in ad campaigns for big fashion houses, walking the runway along the 20 somethings, and getting staring rolls in movies; because of that everyday women like myself of a certain age ( will be 49 in July) can dress, within reason, or not in some cases, how we like, well if done right. It's a great time for us forty, fifty and up year olds.  

via shot circa 1950's

While trying to decide on the next book to journey through with you, and not wanting to go over the same things I had discussed over and over, having done these Friday posts on and on and off for the last five years, I came across the above pictured book "Forever Chic ... Frenchwomen's Secrets for Timeless Beauty, Style and Substance" written by Tish Jett . The illustration was the first thing to grab my eye, ya'll know that I love stripes and recently been obsessed by floral skirts *giggle* ...seemed like a natural pick. In reading the description and later the tail end of the introduction  
" Forever Chic is dedicated to women forty-ish to whatever-ish, and every detail hearin has been chosen for you-us-to wear, use, to amuse...." PERFECT! Most of my followers fall into that category. I had been waffling, is that a word, I mean really? Anyway, I had been trying to decide if I wanted to continue with French Girl Friday posts. Thinking perhaps I would do a Fashion Friday post along with my  occasional Tuesday posts "Ruby's Musings by Request" and cease to do my FGF posts, but as I said this book caught my eye, so here we are... yet channeling my inner French girl woman.... and hopefully you will want to take the journey with me and channel yours once again as well! 

via pintrest...orginal by?

I had planned to open right up to chapter one and start with it today, but I wish to do the book and my journey through it justice, but I am kind of running on empty. Many of you know that I went through elective breast surgery three weeks ago now; I discussed my first week post op in a Ruby's by Request two weeks ago if you missed it. I still am not sleeping well, and the surgery as well as sleeping in a sitting position seems to have triggered a fibro flair, and cherry on top, my emotional state is not 100 percent just yet; something that surprises me actually. So instead of pushing myself today, I went and took a nice walk, bought some new make up and treated myself to an ice cream cone from Mc Donalds. Some days you simply have to take two ticks of the clock and take care of yourself. I do promise you that I will delve into chapter one next week. Would love it if you order the book and follow along through the pages with me and maybe we can start a discussion via the comments, on Facebook or even on Instagram, the latest platform where you can find Ruby's Musings! I hope you will join me! See you next week! 

Remember to treat cream, a nice long walk,
or maybe a new book like Forever Chic to read while
sitting in the park? 

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