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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hodge Podge ~ A Ruby's Musings by Request Post


So earlier today I asked my readers what they would like the theme of my blog to be about today.. what questions did they have for me that they would like answered... what were their requests? I guess I should have been a tad more clear; I was thinking I would get questions about my life, but instead I got a real hodge podge of questions. It left me with a quandry as to what to write about today. After five years of doing this blog, I am at a loss....this is why for French Girl Friday posts I buy books and journey through them for inspiration, a jumping point. So anywho, here I was with this array of questions and suggestions and I was perplexed as to how to proceed. I decided on touching base on all of them; nothing too in depth, that could come later. 

via the bitchy housewife 

One follower, Susan asked "Do you use plastic outdoor glassware or do you think that is too much?" I am going to assume she means if I am entertaining outside. Well that sadly happens, and when we are just out in the yard working it is water bottles, or the other day solo cups for the lemonade , HOWEVER, when we still lived in Texas and we did have friends over, YES, I had lovely faux hobnail glass in plastic... both a pitcher and glasses, and would serve my drinks all on a nice tray. I think if you are worried about things getting broken it is the way to go. Plus why is it too much to want to set a nice table just because you are outside. Target, Wal Mart and even often The Dollar Tree has very cute plastic ware that you can get on a budget, but really you can find it at every price point from what I have seen. 

Plastic is a wonderful substitute
for the real thing when outdoors,
so many stylish options out there at
all price points. 
Susan also went on to ask "What Champagne do you serve for everyday occasions?" Champagne is pretty pricey since other than one company here in the states is grandfathered in, all the rest comes from the Champagne region of France, so what we think of as Champagne is actually sparkling wine or if from Italy or made in the Italian style, Prosecco . My husband and myself have a Monday ritual of having sparkling wine and fresh baked cookies, I shall not go into how this started, but it has been going on for awhile now. I LOVE bubbly of all flavors and types, not to mention price points, but we have landed on one that is by Trader Joes called Blanc De Blanc, it is a brute and not too fruity or sweet. I am also a big fan of their almond and peach flavors, but can not remember the brand, though they too are sold at TJ's. When it is a special occasion you can be sure I try to buy the real thing, but for everyday, if I was to drink it everyday, and I would love it, about 5.99 is my limit price wise... I found some at three times that amount that is not as good as the cheaper stuff... and well I still have to be able to afford the strawberries to go in it! I ALWAYS use the good crystal however, no matter the price point. 

Bubbly is great for everyday, it makes it seem like a celebration..
but one does not have to spend a huge amount to find something 
delightful to the taste buds!
Dior Model Jean Danway in photo

Nancy had many suggestions so shall cover them one by one. "....Refreshing and relaxing treatments at home....Storage systems for best care and easy access to clothing and accessories...Afternoon tea parties...Themed table settings...French girl holiday packing and travel tips..."  Good gracious! was my first thoughts. First off, I am a master of none knowledge wise, and then I thought, I have covered a few of these in French Girl Friday posts, I am sure of it, but I did not wish to ignore the questions/suggestions, so thought on it and will do my goes nothing.....

Hmmm.... what advice to give?
Dovima in photo.

Refreshing and relaxing treatments at home. Well very soon I shall be doing a bio on a wonderful potions and lotions company by the name Margarita Bloom and if I did choose to really pamper myself etc her products are a go to, but on the more less expensive side, I would say a nice foot soak with Epsom salts, lavender is my favorite for that. Coconut oil hair treatment...not pricey and leaves your hair in great condition, simply melt some organic Coconut oil and run through wet hair, put a shower cap on and wait 20 minutes, then shampoo out. I love to use face masks and the drug store has some in little individual packets that are only about 1.50 each, quite the steal. I buy this E.L.F cosmetic brand make up fixative, and I spray it on my face on hot days even when I am not wearing make up and it is very cooling and relaxing after I come in from my walks. Of course good old cat naps are at the top of my list, with the ceiling fan on, and a scented eye mask. 

Chilled body spray is always a wonderful
way to refresh during the warmer weather!
Then just dab on a matching perfume
to pulse points for lasting power. 
Storage for clothing and accessories. Well, I do like everything organized. I put all my shoes in plastic shoe boxes, likewise my scarves. My bulky winter wear such as scarves, hats and gloves go in larger plastic bins. Clothing that might be too big or small that I just can not part with, vacuum bags. My accessories, like earrings, brooches and necklaces I use nuts and bolt lidded boxes from the hardware store to organize and then put them in my standing jewelry dress of drawers that I bought at IKEA. Hats currently are in large plastic sacks, but I dream of hat boxes and IKEA has some pretty ones! 

I love an organized closet, it is easier to 
find what I need and keep it nice till I need it. 
*Joan Crawford in photo

I adore afternoon tea, and I have been known to have a few tea parties, from the very small to the large. Most days it is tea for one and it is just with a cookie, Madelines or a French Macaron , but if it is a large scale party as I once used to have in the past, I of course always have scones, cookies, small tea cakes and finger sandwiches, and several types of tea as well. I thought it would be great fun to post some 1950's recipes I found that still sound yummy today. I shall also tackle here for just a second, themed table settings. The only time I really have done such a thing is for parties and holidays..certainly has not happened for any other reason. I have help plan an Alice in Wonderland tea party, though my daughters did most of the work. A retro candy themed party with a 1950s twist, and went very kitch, and even a Tiki themed party. I once used to own quite a few blue and white Asian dishware items and we would cook Chinese food and dress the table up with the dishes and paper lanterns. I basically just pick a theme, go on a google or Pintrest hunt for images.  I wish I had more to share or even some more practical advice...I shall have to one day attempt to do a few or photograph a few at least, one day. I do know Pottery Barn and Z galleries as well as Pier One is great places to get ideas for themed tables. Even Crate and Barrel .. there was a time when I first started this blog I actually did a post on themed table settings... you should find it under decor and the shopping labels; if I recall. So now back to the tea subject.... 

Tea for many or simply for one is always a
wonderful way to relax and indulge in a little treat or two


French girl holiday packing and travel tips. I may do a French Girl Friday post, and if you are new here, it is about channeling my inner French girl, and I do have about a finger tips worth of French in me, AND have been obsessed with all things French most of my life, but as far as holiday packing and such I am at a loss. I can tell you that they have small wardrobes, or at least that is what I have read, I do not honestly know of course. They tend to follow that 10 article of clothing wardrobes, create capsules that mix and match etc so I imagine packing is pretty strait forward. In my own life when I travel I do the same. I take items that can be put together in a number of different ways, and two different types of shoes and a selection of accessories to make the outfits pop. When I used to take a lot more clothing or if the trip is longer than a week, I use the vacuum bags to flatten out my clothing. I have also been known to roll my clothing to prevent wrinkles and to fit more in. I always have a plastic baggy for soiled clothing and wrap my shoes in plastic bags so my clothing does not get soiled from the shoes. So those are my personal packing tips. Travel tips.... well, I always seek out deals online, reading all the reviews, good and bad, make sure there is free breakfast served to save money, and  take snacks and drinks in a cooler for the trip ; I rarely fly, nearly always drive as I do not travel all that much and certainly not too far away. 

Travel can be exciting, but taxing, with so
much to think about... plan ahead, make lists,
do your research... it pays off in the end. 
So there you have it for this week. There will not be a French Girl Friday this week or possibly the  next as I have my breast surgery on Friday morning....removal of breast implants and a lift....but shall be blogging about the surgery the before, and of course after either this next Tuesday or the following Tuesday....til we meet again.....


  1. I love your blog. The hints and tips are welcome. I'll have to get my Hubby to bake the Carrot and Walnut bread it sounds delicious. xx Christine Woods, posting as Horus.

    1. Thank you Christine, lmk how it turns out!!! Xx

    2. Thank you Christine, lmk how it turns out!!! Xx


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