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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Ruby's Musings by Request Post~ Mint Valley Scarves

Wearing on of my beautiful scarves from
Mint Valley out of Norway

Instagram as I have mentioned recently ( last Friday's blog) has opened a lot of doors for me and I have made some lovely connections and discovered some very creative people with wonderful products from all over the world. One such person is Monique from Norway and her home based company Mint Valley. I first discovered her and her ETSY shop when she started following me and I took a peek at her profile. Monique had a post about signing up for her mailing list and receiving a free scarf and only having to pay the postage. Well of course I could hardly pass that up now could I? I wear scarves often, both as a way to disguise my hair as it is growing out, a way to add glamour or drama to an outfit or simply to keep my neck warm. I found a lovely rosy pink scarf and awaited its arrival. It came really quickly, packaged nicely, a hand written note of thanks and even a cute charm and storage bag. I posted to her page that it had come and as a thank you told her that I would add a banner with a link to the side of my can find it on the right hand side. I followed her back on Instagram and just recently she started posting her peeks at her new Fall/Winter collection. I mentioned that I had  my eye on a hand embroidered scarf and hoped that it would still be available once I could find room in my budget; imagine my surprise when she offered me the scarf as something I could try and review here on the blog. I graciously accepted and well, here we are. 

My scarf arrived quickly, as it had before and just in time for today's post. I eagerly opened it and just like before it was lovingly wrapped, and tied with a twine bow. Once opened the scarf did not disappoint and there was once again a hand signed note of thanks, a cute little charm, and of course the storage bag, and there was even some candy. 

The scarf is delicate, and sheer and a pleasant shade of pale camel. The blossoms are shades of pink, rose and even a burnt orange as well as some white blossoms. The green in the leaves are shades of sage, to deep olive. Most of these colors are not my colors I shall admit, but they are in such small amounts, that it really does not matter. The fringe is delicate and well it was a bit unraveled, but that is a very minor issue and one I can solve with a bit of happens with the type of fringe it is. It is a perfect width and length to wear it as either a head scarf or wrapped around the neck...I wore it both ways in my photos to show you. It has a wonderful vintage appeal to it. The other scarf I mentioned I love just as  much, it is much longer, and it is so very soft and flowey and will be perfect in the Spring when I will use it to wrap loosely around my hair to keep it in place when it is breezy.

I now would like to share with you, in Monique's own words a bit about her and her Etsy Shop, Mint Valley, as well as some photos of her and her model Kiki showing off some of her other items from her shop. Read through to the end and there will be a discount code to use for any purchase you may like to make... and I hope you will do so. 

Mint Valley

"My background and education is in human resources. Until the end of 2014 I was working as a management assistent for a business, but never really found my passion in this. 
I have always been a creative person, l design and work with different fabrics and textures. I also love to paint, draw, knit, crochet, garden and cook! 
I decided I wanted a change and after a lot preparation  I opened my Etsy shop in May 2015. "
Monique Prickle 

I work from my lovely, but small, office at home in a rural part of the Netherlands, where I live with my 2 sons and my American husband whom I met while he was stationed overseas in the military.
In terms of fashion, I love adding a fun scarf to whatever I'm wearing : it's a great way to dress up.
I have always loved scarves and hats. When I could not find any scarves I really liked for a reasonable price, I decided to make my own. I notices lots of people liked my scarves and I decided to start selling them.
When I design my scarves I get inspired by people around me, magazines, fashion blogs and traveling all over the world.
Monique and Kiki at a photo shoot

The fabrics and supplies I use to make my scarves I collect locally from different vendors in my neighborhood. I sew the fabric and make an infinity, long or square scarf and sometimes add a little extra like buttons, lace and ribbons. 

Because I sell only 1 or 2 scarves of the same fabric, my scarves are one of a kind and unique
I think every woman can look a little more elegant and sophisticated with a beautiful scarf. My scarves are fashionable, feel and look luxurious but are still affordable. I like to mix different styles of fabric together, for example knitted yarn with lace, or sheer musseline with denim. The contrast between styles make the scarf special. For our new fall collection I also added some legwarmers, mittens and beanies to complete the look! 

Prices of the scarves are from about $11 to $29. All scarves are mailed gift wrapped in a cute colorful package with tissue perfect for a gift. 

I want to thank Monique for sharing a bit about herself and her beautiful creations. She has been so generous and kind to me and now she is going to be the same for my readers. She has included a special code to get a 15% discount at her Etsy store Mint Valley  , I really hope you will go take a peek and make a will not regret it! Plus Christmas is right around the corner and what a wonderful gift to give someone you love as well as yourself.  You can either click the links scattered here within the blog or simply over on the right hand side find the Mint Valley banner that has the photo of my scarf and Elizabeth Taylor and click it. 

discount code... WELOVESCARVES 

Don't forget that the contest for a jillicious strawberry pie necklace ends on Friday can enter via last Friday's post, contacting me on the Ruby's Musings page on FB or instagram...just look for this photo... I will announce the winner in this Friday's blog post. There is also a jillicious 15% off code within the blog so go check it out. 


  1. What a beautiful scarf! I think the colors look lovely on you. Enjoy! And thanks for telling us about another great shop :)

    1. Thank you Abigal for popping in. It means the very world to me to have even a single comment on my blog posts. Thank you as well for the compliment and I hope you will check out Monique's shop.

  2. the embroidered scarf is delicious! I like the mittens as well..would be great to wear on a walk on a winter day and that gray!

  3. Hi there Ruby, I love your scarf. I am a lover of embroidery both wearing it and doing embroidery it is so super Girly! You look gorgeous by the way!
    Also isn't it so super fun to get our shopping in the post? I find that so exciting!!!
    Have a fun day.
    Jilly oxo

    1. Thank you so much Jilly...I wish my hands would allow me to do embroidery, my grandmother used to do it and I always thought it was beautiful. Yes, it is fun to receive the Christmas over and over.


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