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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Daddy-O's ... a Review

logo image via the Daddy-O's web site 

***sorry this is a day late, but better late than never***

A few months ago I decided it was time to start thinking about coat shopping. Ok, so yes it was still nearly 100 degrees outdoors on a pretty regular basis, but I knew that as Sacramento has a habit of doing, it will go from scorching to freezing in a blink of the eye... and this year was no different; it happened over night. Anyway, so here I was thinking it was coat shopping time and I had no idea where to get a retro looking coat that I could afford, and as I shopped my normal online haunts for such things I was not having a lot of luck, then I remember an online shop that I once used to be a regular patron of many years ago, Daddy-O's ... a few clicks later and a familiar home page popped up on my screen. Daddy-O's is "your one stop shop for rockabilly & swing clothes, bowling shirts, and vintage inspired clothing!" , and they are not kidding! One of the best things is that they have quite a nice selection for women, but men and boys too, and at great prices. They carry brands that most pin up/rockabilly/retro guys and gals know about, but often at a lower price point, and they have a really good constant selection of items on their sale page. The cherry on top? Their customer service is spot on, both via email and over the phone for those people who don't trust punching in their credit card number to an online site. 

My helpful customer service lady
 was a complete doll!

I scrolled through all the pretty dresses and then remembered I was on the site to look for a coat, so I clicked the various links to reach where the separates where and half way down low and behold there was a photo of a glorious coat named "The 50's Car Coat".... PERFECT! I read the description, This coat just screams vintage and would be a great addition to your wardrobe. "This mint coat has a tweed look and has a rounded collar, front patch pockets and a button down front. "  The photo grabbed me first...MINT! I am rather obsessed with mint...yes, this former all black all the time gal is now in love with soft pastels, maybe it is my graying hair, and softening skin tone...but that's a whole other blog. The other thing I loved about it is that it is long, and has pockets!!! 

photo image is via the Daddy-O's web site 
I contacted customer service first to ask about sizing, as I was not sure if the coat was true to size and I was between sizes. The next thing I wanted to ask is if this coat would be going on sale? I quickly got an email back and was educated on the sizing and then told that the coat was going to be going on sale and if I could wait a bit , my customer service angel would find out for how much and if she could offer the price to me a bit early. A bit of time passed and I emailed again, and shortly there was another email in my in box and I was told "yes" I could get the sale price now and if I would call her, she could help me order my coat. OF COURSE I called right away! I had a delightful conversation with the mentioned customer service angel, and not too many days later I had my beautiful coat! It was just as glorious as it looked in the photo...and the colors soft enough to go with most everything in my wardrobe at the moment that I would want to wear it with.  The fit was spot on with the exception of the arm length..often and issue as I am a petite gal, but nothing that can not be fixed when I next take a stack of items to my alterations lady. It was not going to stop me from wearing it on the first cool enough day, and I did just that.... I had to add a scarf as it was pretty darn chilly out, but it did not take away the lovely retro visual of this lovely coat. 

I already have my eye on the short version of this coat, the "Kensie " , I think it would be perfection over my full skirts....and that is just one of the items on my long list of desires to buy from Daddy-O's.  I urge you, my readers, even if you are not into the same style as I am to go give them a look see, you might find a cute accessory, a dream worthy purse or fun pair of sunglasses, or maybe a fun shirt to wear or something for that man in your life that likes to wear the bowling type shirts...and if you do, tell that lovely customer service lady on the other end of the phone ( if you go that route) that Ruby's Musings sent you. 

See you here on Friday xx


  1. This coat is as chic as the day is long! What a terrific, classically beautiful find. It looks absolutely marvelous on you!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. It truly was, now I am dreaming of the short version to wear with my skirts and jeans!


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