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Friday, December 4, 2015

National Cookie Day...Just in Time for Holiday Baking!

Melt In The Mouth Cookies ...just in time for
your holiday baking pleasure!

Who doesn't love a fresh baked cookie? Apparently there is a lot of us out there as today is National Cookie day, and I know there is a National Chocolate Chip and Sugar Cookie day as well! When the weather turns chilly and the Christmas carols start to play on the radio, I know it is time for me to dig out some of my favorite cookie recipes and some new ones as well. Nothing is more relaxing to me, and makes the house smell better ...not to mention guarantee a visit from my girls than when I start baking cookies! Quite awhile ago, I spotted a photo of a newspaper clipping of a very old cookie recipe and I saved it to my phone and decided it was finally time to make it. 

Now, I know I really should not try out a recipe for the first time the day that I am posting a blog, and especially not a tweaked version ( I have to make healthier versions for my hubby), before I master it, but darn it, I wanted to have cookies today, needed a pick me up and so, well, it happened; so expect me to share all the oops and results! Final results are not what I think they are meant to be, BUT they are mighty middle daughter already ate FIVE!!! 

Now, right up front, the disclosures....I switched out the butter (which would have made the cookies crispy), for lite margarine, and the cookies came out like soft, cake/muffin top like; they still melt in the mouth. The recipe says "scant" teaspoons for how much batter to drop on the cookie sheet, and that it should yield 8 dozen. UMMMM, ok, so apparently  I do NOT get the concept of "scant" and I ended up with just shy of 3 dozen, and apparently I also do not do well with uniformity as you will see in the photos below, however I still baked them only for 5 minutes and they were fine...again daughter ate 5 before I could even take a photo. WHEWWW!!..ok that all being confessed ahead of time, all I can say is that these were soooo yummy AND IF you were to make them with real butter, I can imagine they would be even more so! Oh yeah and it does not say what nuts to use, so I used cashews, as my daughter had some to "donate" and last confession I probably did not chop them as fine as what was expected. Ok let us get started. 

Gather your ingredients. Don't you love my counters?
My kitchen is being remodeled , and it is about a
quarter of the way there. 

Cream the butter and then add sugar, vanilla and egg ...

Blend until fluffy

Ok, don't tell me you don't taste batters/doughs

Sift your flour and other dry ingrediants

Tip, that metal lip in the baking powder can
is for leveling your measuring spoon.

Always measure your salt over your "messy/trash"
bowl, that way if you spill it won't affect your recipe. 

Add in your chopped nuts...told you I did not
chop them as fine as probably expected. 

stir until blended 
Store your high oil nuts in the fridge,
keeps them from going rancid. 

Yep! Not great with uniformity or understanding scant ,
but 5 to 5 and half minutes did the trick!

I like to clean up as I go, from putting away each
ingredient to washing dishes and wiping up
my work station so I did that while the cookies baked.

Yeah! Cookies...after sitting for 30 seconds to cool
I transferred them to racks as directed.  I used parchment
paper to help with clean up.

I "Heart" cookies! 

bottoms should be a nice golden brown.

Finish cooling on racks before
packaging up.

While the cookies cooled....
tried to get a shot of my new purple hair
Ignore my duck clips, setting a few pin curls

Don't you love these earrings by Twinkleburst Ca on Etsy?

Ducky face...don't you hate how the lipstick wears away? 

Ducky face take tow hehehehe

YIPEEEEE Cookies are ready to eat....

Sir Winston wants one....

"These are not for puppy..."

"But they are for Nana Ruby..."

Happy National Cookie Day!


  1. Your so adorable!! I wish I could bake but I'm not very good at it. :)

    1. Oh darling you should give it a whirl, it really is quite easy, especially the recipes I share. Always here to help!

  2. Your hairdo is looking soooo pretty! LOVE!

    1. Amber thank you so much...your compliment means so much does you commenting! xx Happy Holidays!!


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