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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What's in the Cookie Jar?

Who has the munchies?

It is that time again, time to try out a recipe from my Fantastic Fifties Cookbook and add to our cookie jar/cookie tins/cookie exchange offerings. Today I have picked Orange Marmalade Munchies. Now I am not the biggest fan of orange marmalade, I do not hate it, just more into sweet things as opposed to slightly bitter things. My Mom used to make candied rinds of oranges and lemons and never could get past the first nibble. That being said in the interest of trying new things, and the fact that taste buds do change over the years I decided to give it a whirl. So I gathered my ingredients and went to work. But first my disclaimers *giggle* I still do not own a cookie scoop, so cookies will not appear uniform. I should have and do suggest if you have one, using a stand mixer, or your arms will be falling off from trying to stir the dough, but it is a very good workout if that is what you are looking for! I still am using the Blue Bonnet margarine so the texture you achieve may be different than my results. Ok, now let's get started.

Nope still do not have counter tops. I do have my back splash,
though it still needs a couple coats of paint...say tuned. *wink*

First sift the flour and the salt and baking soda, I double
sifted since I was out of cake flour.

Sometimes no matter what you end up with
flour "pebbles"....

I simply crush them in my hands, a little
mess is no biggy. Once you are all done
with the dry ingredients and set aside.

Now it is time to beat your eggs until frothy and set that aside.

Cream your margarine and sugar...

...add your eggs...

...then mix the eggs into the sugar
mixture and blend well....

Slowly add the flour a little bit at
a time.... 

Ok this is where the workout comes in because the dough gets
very stiff, IF you have a stand mixer, save your arms! 

Now add the marmalade and blend well.

If not using a cookie scoop, do your best to create uniform
sizes.  I used the parchment paper I always do so my cookies
never stick and clean up is easy.
Bake in a pre-heated oven a 350 degrees ,
and I found that 12 minutes was my
magic time for average size cookies.

So this was my first batch. I always do a small test batch with a new recipe, and make the cookies a bit smaller until I know how they bake up etc....

At 12 minutes they have a nice
golden bottom....

...and a nice cakey texture.

So let's have a taste shall we? 

Not sure I am going to like this....

So, um, yeah, there is the distinct bitter taste...there has got to be
a way to doctor them and improve upon the base dough.

meanwhile, time to make some tea while I mull it all over. 

So here is the plan, I can make some with raw sugar
on top, I can also mix in some craisens and
maybe dip them in white chocolate....

Craisens in.

So here I have made the cookies the size that are a bit more to the size they should be...or I am guessing they are....and I have added the raw sugar on top.

I love how they look, but how do they taste? 

I think they are so much better, the little bit of raw sugar and the
addition of the craisens made them so much more tasty! 

So, now let's melt the white
chocolate, about 1 minute ,
stirring at the 30 second mark
in the microwave works,
or of course stove top on a
double boiler if you prefer .

Now dip your cookies, or spoon
the chocolate over one end,
or you can drizzle the chocolate
over it. I left the raw sugar off
 the ones I decided to dip. 
OHHH doesn't this look good? 

Once they are dipped etc place them
on parchment paper and then place
in the fridge to let them set up. 

Final Thoughts....

So here is my final thoughts....Original recipe, well if you are a fan of marmalade, then you will enjoy this cookie. It's a little crunchy on the outside and it is softer on the inside, so a nice mix of textures. Adding the craisens was a major improvement to my taste buds, they balanced the flavor. The raw sugar sprinkled on top was even better. The cookies dipped in white chocolate was the perfect addition for this gal who has a major sweet treat. So will I bake them again? Would not be my first go to....but it is a great base dough and I could see adding another type of jam to it and it being a big hit without the extra dried fruit, sugar or chocolate being added. 

Come back on Friday and see what's in the cookie jar next!


  1. Hello Ruby,I loooved the blog. I have to translate the recipe ( my english is quiet poor lately). Thank you so much for share all about your pin up world. It makes me yearn for my grandmother. She was a perfect housewife ! Can't wait for the next post ! Kisses !

    1. Thank you for your very lovely comment. I will have to look into a free translation gadget for the blog.


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