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Friday, January 29, 2016

A Rainbow of Possibilities ~ The Container Store

Organization is key to running a successful

A few weeks ago while scrolling through my FB feed, I saw a post from The Container Store, that was putting out a notice to Sacramento area bloggers to attend a preview event to their soon to be open store in the area, I don't even follow them on FB, so it was just pure luck and also as luck would have it, they are to be opening the mentioned store only about three miles away from me! I never and I mean never go to blogger gatherings, I do not drive much, and I suffer from anxiety something terrible, but something made me email in and bite the bullet. I have been to a Container Store years ago and remember it being a great place, full of possibilities for this O.C.D housewife! I was excited to know one was opening up, and so close by too! So when I got the email back saying I was "in" and that I was also invited to the private party that evening as well, it was exciting and stomach churning all at the same time...but I put the date in my calendar.

After a bit of trouble with my makeup, I was ready to go.

Yesterday was the big day, of course as my life always seems like a scene from the I Love Lucy show,  even with getting up early and working on getting ready in plenty of time, I screwed up my makeup in the final step, and had to 100% redo it, and in less than 30 minutes, get dressed and make it there....I somehow managed the make up, and quite pleased I had a couple of minutes to spare, I left. The drive was a quick one, but even tho I did make it there without much of an issue, or so I thought, it turns out all the drive ways and ways to get in were blocked off, construction. I had to go back out onto the main road, and make a U light. I go up to the left hand turn to the shopping center, blocked off. I drove to the next intersection, no turns two or so miles later I found a place to turn around, and get on the right side of the street...I missed the first drive and lucky me there was another drive, and it was open, otherwise I would have been doing it all over again!! I was directed where to park and I headed in. Once in, it was a kid in a candy store moment...I can see why they call it a " a grown up's Disneyland", 25,000 sq. feet of glorious organizational goodies! I found my way to the seating, signed in, grabbed a complimentary lunch box ( tasty sandwiches, with pasta salad, chips, a cookie and even a "cutie" ) , my bottle of water, the promotional folder and a lucite gift box with a gift card in it, and took a seat. I was one of the few ladies who did not already know each other. The front row was all from one interior firm that also has a blog, the row behind me all knew each other, and the two ladies to the side of me came together as well. The hostess for the gathering, Sonya Oliver, the marketing manager and event specialist for the area introduced herself, and then had each of us do the same....time for the nerves and shakes to kick in, but I got through it; I am getting better and faking it till you make it. Sonya was a bright and bubbly gal and she proceeded to go over the history of the coming about of The Container Store ( really very interesting, you should look them up and read up!) , as well as their mission statement for employees and the store, and their successes...then it was tour time....let the eye candy begin!!!

Sonya, our hostess was quite the
joyful and jubilant lady...putting us at ease,
was hard to get a photo of her, she was so animated!

Now, I only have my little old android phone to shoot with, and thus can not even do this bright, open and beautiful store justice, and as we were all trying to take photo's and keep up with the tour, it was not possible to photograph everything, if I had it would be enough for a months worth of blogs! So instead I decided quickly to pick a theme...I at first was going to go for the girly aspect, concentrating on everything for the closet, from hat boxes to purse fillers, and of course racks and bins and hangers to jewelry organizers, even little boxes for your patterned stockings. Instead, I decided to just photograph all the wonderful, bright, cherry and smile worthy products....hence the title of my blog today. So sit back and gaze up the indoor rainbow that is The Container Store...I will go grab a cup of tea and meet you back here in just a bit.  

Have you caught your breath yet?? I know right? The Container Store is not just about containers,  or even organization, it is about making your life, every area of it, easier.  There is not just containers for everything, and I do mean everything, there is "tools" needed to do your chores, there is tools for your kitchen, your laundry room and bathroom, mudroom and more. There is even the wrapping paper and bows to wrap it all up in if you want to make someone else's life easier, and more organized, and then the shipping materials to package it all up in if that someone lives out of town. No area of life has been ignored. I could easily spend hours and thousands of dollars there. The only real draw back, the only negative I can say about The Container Store is that coming home, looking at what I thought was a reasonably organized home, is anything but. I wish I could hire someone from there to come and make over each and every part of my home here....maybe one day! This is not the end of the story however, there was still the private party to attend! 

When Sonya mentioned the amount of people that had r.s.v.p'd , approx. 1400, I felt my stomach rise to my throat, and I felt very green! I thought of backing out and mentioned not coming out loud, but I decided once again to fight against the urge to stay home, and of course my husband who these type things does not bother, would be by my side. The event was to have valet parking, catered food, free alcohol and live music with dancing.... and it was a reason ( as if I need one) to get all dolled up and hubby promised we would not stay too long and would go for a quiet dinner to celebrate our 32nd dating anniversary ( yep we celebrate dating and wedding anniversaries)  so I drank chamomile tea all afternoon and got all dressed up, RE-did my make up ( that is a whole other story for another day...maybe on my new YouTube videos), and we left for the was not any easier getting to the front door, the traffic was horrible, and so after a few tricks and turn abouts and merging in, we made it to the valet parking and headed in.  We were greeted warmly, again by Sonya, given our name tags and headed in where we quickly received our complimentary bubbly, chatted with a couple of bloggers from earlier in the day and  went off to explore and sample the food and enjoy the was a big shindig for sure, even the local news and local city magazine was there, they even took our photo...which felt like a really big deal! 

After we had made the rounds, and sampled a bite to eat, we said our goodbyes, and it was off to a nice quiet dinner ( after a brief stop at home to once again touch up my eye makeup..I tell you it was the worst day for that...normally I can go all day and into the night and my face looks flawless...not my day!) at Melting Pot to celebrate our 32 years as a couple, before heading home and falling into bed...exhausted, but glad for the experiences of the day...except the makeup snafoos. 


  1. I enjoyed your evening and I have to say your outfit was wonderful. I loved your belt! You did just fine with Robert at your side and congrads on your dating anniversary! Heck your dad and I do not even celebrate our anniversary. we go to dinner..then home and dinner is usually at the local Mexican place. mom

  2. @judycockrell ...That is because you and Dad let the romance die. Sad, but true. Thanks for the compliment on my outfit...much appreciated!

  3. Hi Ruby, what an exciting thing to do! I love looking at storage containers, I love the colours here.
    However that said - I would of had a king size anxiety attack going to it! You are very brave.
    Jilly oxooxo

  4. @Jilly I did have one for the evening portion and nearly did not get out of the car, but hubby calmed me down. THX!

  5. Ruby, I just wanted to add your photo of you in the blue dress are amazing, you inspire me all the time.
    Also the photos of you and hubby are so precious, you look like you are so in love; we are both so blessed with wonderful men!
    Jilly oxoxo

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comments...yes we are blessed!

    2. Thank you so much for your sweet comments...yes we are blessed!


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