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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Frustrations and Reminders

Sometimes you just have to giggle at life

The last few days has been an exercise in frustration. The first was waking up to the fact that I had scheduled a post of my blog to automatically post at 9 a.m the day that a contest was to begin, and it did not post, I had to do it manually. Then my middle daughter sent me a text to see if I was home, and I asked why and she said that her bathroom in her garage apartment, behind our home, was flooding and to bring towels!! Turns out that due to the very heavy rains and wind that somehow water was pushing up from somewhere and was gushing into her bathroom....we don't believe it was a pipe since once the rain stopped the leak stopped, but now the wall and trim has to be repaired. My husband had to go in late to work yesterday so that he could repair any cracks and paint sealant on the outside of the apartment and we pray that will solve the issue as more rain is on it's way. Then I received message after message that the comment section on my blog is missing, not only that but older posts are not showing up, which means if on this page and you scroll down past this post there should be about 5 more posts below it. Thank goodness if you are on the phone version you can still visit older posts, but the comment section is missing there too, and only on the latest I write this I have no idea if it will show up, if it is a glitch or if it is caused by the contest link for whatever reason....and then in the midst of all of that, my oldest called in tears, and out of respect I will not mention why, but let's just say it rips a mama's heart out to hear your child sobbing and you can not be there.  Then today, as all of this is continuing, as if domino's have been started and are still toppling over, I screwed up my make up not once, but five times, I nearly wiped every last bit off and crawled back into bed....oh and it does go on... I went to a new place to get my manicure and assuming the cost would be close to what I pay at every other salon, only to find out at the end that it was double the price!!

I had not intended to write a blog tonight, but I have spent hours on blogger trying to fix the issues and find out what is wrong, to no avail, so decided to vent here. Hope you don't mind. There is really no reason to writing this, I actually had a different blog post in mind, but to be able to vent and in doing so did something else for me it gave me an opportunity to remind myself, and in turn you the reader that sometimes when everything is seemingly going wrong that instead of crying, it helps to just start off giggling about it, then laughing and then go into full on will feel may not solve a darn thing, but you will feel better. 

Sometimes a full on belly laugh is all there is
left to do so you can carry on. 


So some of you may know that there is a contest going on. It is to win 24.00 worth of hand crafted pin up girl themed Valentines Day cards from Krissy ( read about her HERE) of Ettatorials over on Etsy.  The contest will run through the 26th, next Wednesday. You can go read all about it HERE, and we will announce the winner in a new blog post next Friday. Just be sure to click on the link and follow the prompts...all except the part where it asks you to leave a comment..but I do appreciate the sentiment if you had wanted to leave one. But I do hope you will enter and then visit me on FB and or Instagram...just look for Ruby's Musings on ether OR in web version of this blog there is links in the side bar. 

****update the lack of comment box seems to be only an issue with the previous post...of course!!


  1. Sorry to hear you had a Murphy's Law kind of a day! I noticed the lack of option to comment on the last post, and figured it was a technical glitch.

    I hope today is better and things continue to look up!

    1. Thank you so much...yes they happen...such is life...I feel my days are like an I Love Lucy episode at times.
      It is a glitch...apparently attached to using the raffle copter...that's what I get for not drawing names from a hat!


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