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Monday, February 29, 2016

Ruby's Musings on Tour ~ Las Vegas P.1

Several weeks ago my hubby came home and told me that he had won a trip through work for three days to Las Vegas, and I instantly started making plans for our first trip back there in about ten years. I decided I wanted a different experience than ones in the past, I wanted to have a retro themed trip, and I also wanted to be able to connect with some of my online fans, that are now life long friends, I am sure of it! Oh sure I had no control over where we would stay, or some of the activities as that was going to be set up by my husbands work, and I would have to see and do a couple things that is very tourist like, but in I set up the itinerary it became obvious that I wanted to squeeze in a lot, and some may not be possible this trip, and I was right, but it was a great trip..busy, exhausting, but great....I, we made a lot of memories.

I got up at 4:30 a.m. to get ready for the day and an 9 a.m.

Taking a moment to get a photo before boarding. 

Up, up and away....

We arrived after an hour and ten minutes, and as soon as we collected our luggage, we headed to our first stop, my aunt's house for a quick visit and to grab some family photos. Then it was to the resort, to grab our itinerary from my husbands parent company, getting our name badges, the cash for expenses and confirm our spa appointment for the next day. After we had a couple of free hours before we could check into our hotel so we decided to head to our favorite hotel on the strip, The Paris. Yes, it is a tourist thing, and not very retro, BUT as many of you know I am also a Francophile and I doubt I shall ever make it to France, so this is as close as I get. I had to have my crepe fix, this time one that was all the flavors of a Monte Cristo sandwich in crepe form.

After lunch and a few photos, we then headed to a local antique mall, The Charleston Antique Mall, to do a bit of treasure hunting! 
photo not mine...found on Google 

not my photo 

not my photo

All  but the pink scarf was found at the antique mall, the glorious hat, the sweet gloves, the pale mint pearls and and the really cool  table cloth!  The scarf was found the next day.
Once it was finally time to check into the hotel, we went upstairs and changed for the evening events that were the reason we were there in the first place, a company party in a private meeting room that over looked the entire city!! There was great food, and a great view and best yet a money pull, where we walked away with quite a bit of shopping money that I would have to spend the next day,  but more on that later. 

Our view at the Mandalay Bay Resort

Not the best, but a quick selfie or two before leaving the room..
my head piece was made special for the trip by Deviously Sweet Designs on Etsy
Hallway selfie, skirt is custom design from Hunny Bunny Clothing
Could not help myself, this reminded me
of Alice Through the Looking Glass

Once the event was over it was time to do a little more sight seeing and we decided that it was time to go back to The Paris and go to the top of the Eiffel Tower ( fun fact, it is a half size to scale replica, but originally it was to be full size, but due to the proximity to the airport they could not do it. ), we had been years ago and I wanted a new photo of hubby and myself and it really is the best view of the strip and the water show at The Bellagio ! Then from there we headed to what is known as the High Roller, the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world,  at 550 feet tall to take the 1/2 hour trip overlooking another part of the strip and an amazing view from another, higher up vantage point and so ended day one of the Ruby's Musings Tour. 

Ending the evening with a view and a kiss... not too shabby!

 This is the view from 521 feet up in the air!

     Part Two on Wednesday 


  1. What a nice trip you look so cute with your retro outfits and your hat

  2. Yay! Love it! Good finds at the antique mall :) you look lovely!

  3. I love antiquing!!! So much fun!

    1. Me searching for my "old lady" lamps and lady head vases for my LR.


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