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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tulips in Bloom~ A Ruby's Musings Approved Post

When a talented seamstress asks if you would
like to collaborate.. the answer is always YES!  

I honestly can not tell you how much my life has changed since starting Instagram a little over a year ago. Years ago when I was at a cross roads in life in every area, I joined Twitter and it became a life line and it also changed how I saw myself and it even changed my style; the same has happened while being on Instagram. It started out slowly, but over the past year it has influenced not only my style once again, helped me form new friendships, a support system, but even my blog and in a way it has now started me on a road that may become a career of sorts. Over the last few months instead of I buying a product and then reviewing it, I have slowly been receiving offers from very talented people that in exchange for myself trying their product(s)/ creation(s) and being photographed with, reviewing and blogging to spread the word and of course using social platforms such as Instagram to promote. Most recently I received one such offer from Alixis Lupien of Ains & Elke Style Haus . She asked me to pick out a few of my favorite things on her Etsy store site and and colors and she would surprise me with an outfit, in exchange that I blog about and help promote the outfit....I of course said yes, and jumped at the chance!!  A few weeks passed and finally the time had come and I received notification on Instagram that the outfit was ready....I was so excited and once I saw the outfit I was ecstatic!!!

photo via Anis & Elke Style Haus 

Shortly after Alixis shared this photo a box arrived just in time for what feels like Spring has already hit Sacramento weather. Hubby and myself decided to go to the area I love to do photo shoots in the most, Plymouth California, just a short drive away in the scheme of things, but a world away visually from where we reside. Of course the fact that we can also do some great wine tasting doesn't hurt. I originally wanted to do a shoot at Amador Flower Gardens  , where the surroundings would match the skirt, but we got a rather late start, so if we wanted to get some wine tasting in ( priorities) we would have to make that trip another time...but trust me, the wineries certainly offer beautiful backdrops for an even more beautiful outfit. 

Now on to the outfit and the is a beautifully constructed outfit made up of two separates, the Millie Wrap Top in a gorgeous lavender, and based upon a 1950's pattern, and a gathered circle skirt ( with pockets!!) , in the most amazing tulip print, perfect for Springtime. Both are cotton and there is a slight sheen to both. I simply adore the wide pointed collar and the cuff of the sleeves on the Millie top and the fullness of the pleated skirt, even without my normal petticoat, has a grand swish and twirlability to it!! Both pieces are not so "dated" that if you were not into dressing with a vintage or retro spin that you could not wear it out and about, either together or apart. I know that once Spring has passed, I shall be wearing the Millie top with my high wasted jeans, my cigarette pants and even with a couple of my skirts I already own throughout the Summer. I am so in love with the top I wish I could afford a few of them in basic colors to wear on a more regular basis!! The skirt if you were to say wear a simple tank top, or T, could be modernized to suit any style. The fit, and I shall admit I always have my skirts made a smidge big, due to my health issues and fluctuating weight was really about right on the skirt, a hair tighter might have been good, but that was due to my request for it not to be as I just mentioned. The blouse fit as I suspect to be just right, with the exception that I may need a push up bra to fill out a tiny bit more...after having my breast surgery, for removal of my implants, I do not have much in that area unless I do, so I simply do not fill out tops the way I once did...that again is something I might have relayed a bit better, that being said the top looked perfect on despite not filling it out to the breast darts....not a complaint or a subtraction from the construction or finish of the blouse. According to the hubby, I was the only one that noticed. Typical. I will tell you this, that each and every place I went, the two days that I wore the outfit, I received a tons of compliments and at one point when my hubby was taking photos, a woman gushed over the outfit and well I guess me, and whipped out her phone and kept telling me to hold one while she figured out how to take photos on it of me...mind you, she did not ask permission, I would have said yes, but she simply just decided it was ok...yes, that was the reaction to the outfit. Had I been wearing jeans and a T, not sure that would happen. The outfit by Anis & Elke Style Haus demands appreciation and admiration, any woman wearing it seems to demand the same, as would any of the creations available for order. Definitely Ruby's Musings Approved!

Our first stop was at Borjon Winery in Plymouth, a favorite
place for wine and photos. 

All accessories are vintage 

Our next stop was Bella Grace Vineyards , where we were able to taste some fine
wine, sample some olive oil and vinegar and tour a wine cave

Our next stop was at Iron Hub Winery where we had some
great wine and conversation 

We had some time to kill before eating at TASTE, located on
Main St. in Historic Plymouth so we wondered around the historic street
and snapped a couple of photos. 

One last pose before we headed for dinner

The outfit was so lovely, that I felt
the need to share it with more of
the world and wear it to run errands
the next day.

I just love that the skirt has pockets

Of course I had to buy Tulips to match my
beautiful skirt! 
A Ruby Retro Housewife tip, cut the stem tips of your Tulips and add a couple of pennies
in the vase ti help keep the tulips upright and from opening too quickly. 
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  1. Stunning pictures, lovely outfit, yes Plymouth is such a perfect place for the fashion shoot, my daughter who lives in Rancho Murieta is taking the girls there for a Valentines picnic on Sunday :-)

    1. What a lovely idea! Thank you for popping in sweet lady!

  2. As always, you are looking great and enjoying life!

    1. Doing my best...hope you are well...nice hearing from you!


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