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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Story of a Hat Named "Ruby"

"Putting a hat on helps me create a mood, a feeling, even a
personality to an outfit; often I feel as if I am not
fully dressed without a hat." 

Sometime ago I was contacted by a lovely woman from a world away so to say. Her name was Morgana and she was from Australia, and she was a hat maker. She asked me if I would be willing to wear one of her creations and do a blog post about it.  She was so kind about her request, so humble about it, and it was as if she expected me to turn her request down....nothing could be further from the truth! I have been a hat lover since childhood, many of you know I have always loved playing dress up and it is what lead me to my current style choices.  Putting a hat on helps me create a mood, a feeling, even a personality to an outfit; often I feel as if I am not fully dressed without a hat on.  I was so excited, actually an understatement. I was even more so, when she told me that I could choose colors, and even style and that she was going to create one just for me, and thus a friendship and the creation of this post was began. 

Messages went back and forth throughout the design process as well as discussions of what she would like to see in this blog post, and her requirements were simple take pretty photos wearing the hat, and spread the word. Simple enough. I patiently waited for the hat to arrive, creating a masterpiece takes time. I had hoped that it would arrive before my trip to Las Vegas so that I might be able to share it while visiting there, and be photographed with it on, sadly the postman delivered the day we left, and after we had already done so. I thankfully had my daughter waiting to sign for it and it was awaiting me upon my return. I eagerly, but carefully opened the box and upon doing so a smile crossed my lips and my cheeks went up into cheery little apples, inside a well wrapped package was an equally carefully wrapped hat. I could not wait to try it on, and did so, even though it was already midnight once I had gotten the box open. It was BEAUTIFUL! I pranced about the house and was just giddy about the look, the craftsmanship ( or womanship) and quality. The fit was perfect, the delicate netting and tiny little flowers that were inspired by me and my tastes were beyond perfection. There was the sweetest note included and I found out that the hat will be known as the "Ruby", I was beyond flattered! Also included was a little hat brush in which to care for my new treasure. I could hardly wait to be photographed wearing this gem of a hat and creating an outfit to go along with it. One thing had to happen first... well a couple, first the weather had to clear up, and secondly I requested a short bio from Morgana and perhaps a few photos of her own....that was easier requested than received, this lovely and talented lady has a tough time talking about herself and her undeniable skills, even tougher time having photos taken....but this past week it all came ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to the woman behind the hat....

Meet Morgana...

Morgana Creely the woman behind ...or under the hat....

Morgana, thank you so much for agreeing to share a bit about yourself and your hats...why hats?

"I’m mad about vintage style hats! 
I have always loved 1940 and 1950's vintage hats, but sourcing them can be a challenge. Even when I find that illusive style I’ve been searching for, what condition will it be in and will it even be in my size?"

So true! I have the same issues... quality, and sizing issues always seem to be a problem. So tell us more about your journey...

"When I first started making hats, I thought it would be fun; I had no idea it would be so addictive!
Here was my opportunity to create as many 1950's style vintage hats as I wanted – winter hats, delicate lace hats, sublime hats covered in feathers, or adored with flowers, veiling or crystals. The more I explored, the more I wanted to learn. Soon my studio started to fill up with feathers, lace, threads, along with the more sturdy requirements like a millinery steamer. It would be so easy to go overboard with so many beautiful millinery supplies, but I remind myself that it’s about the creating not just the stashing! "

So where do you see your path taking you? 
"There are more millinery techniques and style than I could ever hope to master, so I am concentrating on the beautiful vintages styles of the 1940's and 1950's. 
I still continue to slowly add to my vintage hat collection, but each new purchase must meet one of two criteria. It must be practical as I rarely leave the house without a hat; or it must be something I can learn from which usually means very close inspection and every now and then gently deconstruction, repair and refurbishment. As my skills and knowledge increase I am starting to understand more restoration on my own collection.
I also love wearing vintage and retro style clothing; and whilst I may not have a new outfit for every occasion, a new hat can definitely lift any outfit and really make my day."

That's fantastic and I am thrilled for one, that you have decided to share your creations with others through your shop Hats by Morgana Creely... I fully agree with that last statement, so what is your motto for your business? 
"I believe that anyone can look good in a hat – it’s all about finding one that suits your style and your personality." 

Reach Morgana through her shop on Etsy,  link just above you...and on her website HERE.

The "Ruby" in action ....
Skirt by White Rabbitt Clothing 
Above and below images shot on the grounds of Nuadair Winery outside Plymouth Ca. 

Tanis , Located just outside of Plymouth Ca. 

Shot on the grounds of Convergence Vineyards in Plymouth Ca 

In Dry Creek Ca. 

Yorba in Sutter Creek Ca. 

Close Ups....

So pretty I had to wear it two days in a row...

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  1. How Awesome!! such craftsmanship. just love it.

  2. What a lovely hat! I have so much respect for someone who masters a craft like this.

    1. It is even prettier in person! As do I, and it was an honor to have one named after me.

  3. This post brought a big smile to my face. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.

    1. Ohhh that is so sweet...thank you! Hope all is well with you!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous hat, story and milliner. There is nothing, truly nothing, quite like the feeling of receiving a bespoke garment or accessory.

    "Ruby" is such a classic stunner and looks incredible on you, sweet lady. Thank you for this wonderful post and double dose of stellar vintage outfits.

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I always love to read your comments...Yes! There truly is nothing like getting a goody that someone made, or took time to pick out just for you in the mail. THANK YOU!!

  5. That hat suits you so perfectly!!!


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