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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What's it Like? A Mans View of Having a Retro Wife P.1

image via google search 1950's fashion 

Over the years I have often heard people ask my husband, "What's it like to have a retro wife?" , he usually just says it is nice, or no big deal, or fun or ....well you get it, not much of an opinion. I have always wondered what his and my families true feelings are on the subject, apparently I am not alone. When I mentioned this blog subject to some of my fellow retro wives, and asked if their husbands would be willing to answer that question and have it shared here for the world to see, surprisingly quite a few of them mentioned they had done similar blogs, or if not bloggers had the same discussion with their husbands, and when they asked their husbands if they would be willing, instead of scoffing, they actually were pretty gung ho to participate. So, in this, part one, I will share their thoughts, and on Friday I will share my own family's thoughts on the matter. 

The first thoughts on the matter come from Tim Starr. He and his wife Stephanie live in Southern Texas. I met Stephanie, so to say, through my FB page, and it turns out, she is just making her way to finding her true style, and her chosen style, currently is Rockabilly. It is very common that when a woman decides she wants to go retro, to go first to the easiest of transition styles, which is Rockabilly. It is safe really, just a turned up cuff on a jean, a bandana in the hair, winged liner and red lips and wala you have the look. Yes, that is simplifying things, but you get the basics. I can already tell by her questions she may slowly start to adapt to more retro housewife style, maybe even one day pinup as it is classically thought of. Anyway, when she asked Tim, I guess initially she was a bit worried over what he would say, considering the way they exchange sarcasms, but I think it was pretty sweet....

Tim and Stephanie Starr 

"Living with a Rockabilly girl:

The drawback of having a Retro/Rockabilly wife is that I have lost my side of the sink! It's covered in every kind of makeup imaginable. We both wear the same shade of red lipstick; I often go to work with her lipstick from good bye kisses. I don't know which has more lipstick, my lips or my bald head! Despite it all, her style allows her to express herself, and come out of her shell. It causes attention that she normally would shy away from. The new self-confidence makes her even more beautiful. "
--Tim Starr

Up next, we have Krissy Harper's  husband John, you may recall when you see her photo, that she is the creative lady behind Ettatorials on Etsy that I have not once, but twice worked with here on my blog. I love seeing the photos that she posts from time to time of her and her husband on Instagram and was thrilled when he agreed to submit his views....

Krissy and John for photo goes to
"I love my wife’s retro style for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it’s something different than what we see in the area where we live.  Her style and love for vintage are only a fraction of who she is though, and aren’t really things I think about.  While I don’t have much of an interest in retro style, decor, etc.  I respect and appreciate the fact that she does.  Much the same is her respect of my love for football.  It doesn’t interest her, but when my favorite team is playing, she roots for them and wants them to win because she knows it’s something I’m passionate about.  I love Krissy for her beauty & personality, the rest is just makeup." John Harper 

Up next, we have Carl, the husband to a lovely blogger that I have gotten to know from Auckland New Zealand  by the name of Miss Charlotte Cake. As it turns out, she was one of the lovelies that had already written a blog about the instead of redoing it, she said I could use a quote, a photo, and share the link. I highly recommend that you go visit her blog and give it a can do so HERE

"10. What advice would you give other men who’s girlfriends/partners/wives are into the whole pinup and vintage style?
Support it. It’s interesting and its fun. And the whole comradely of the ‘scene’ is great and its just cool to be involved and see the stuff that makes your significant other happy. I think that’s the biggest thing, and then it’s infectious because everyone is wicked. I haven’t met anybody that I’ve found to be a dick… basically." Carl, husband to Miss Charlotte Cake 
Charlotte and Carl by

Last but not least, we have Jessica of Chronically Vintage  ( Blogger and Etsy Vintage Store owner), and she too had posted a very similar blog post to this, and on a romantic note, her husband, Tony had written the post for her on their 11th anniversary. Just like above, I was given permission to quote and link back to her post.... HERE. Get your hankies will need it! Jessica is a very lucky lady! Tony is a brilliant and gifted wordsmith.
"....Being married to a time traveller is an adventure at the edge of multiple ages. Every new place that we visit is examined through the lens of the past that led to its current state. I tag along as I see her approaching this past with the respect of someone who is happily willing to listen without interrupting.

To some she is embodies a unique style no longer in vogue. Other see her as an eccentric. Less understanding eyes might go as far as considering her an attention seeker. That's not what Jess is about in the slightest. The moon doesn’t put on a show each night to be seen and admired. She does so because that’s who she is..." Tony Cangiano 
Jessica and Tony Cangiano 

On what my own hubby and my daughters had to say on the subject! 

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  1. Love it! Thanks so much for including John and me!

  2. Thank you again so much for including Tony and I in this absolutely charming post, sweet Ruby. It was a standout highlight of this month for both of us - and we adored reading more from the other couples, too.

    Big hugs & the happiest of congrats on launching your Etsy shop!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. are welcome...and thank you for contributing sweetie!

  3. That was beautiful & yes I needed a tissue when reading Tony's those guys in Jess! I'll need to ask my partner what he thinks now, I've never thought about it. Such a great post, thank you!

    1. Wendy, what a lovely comment ..thank you so very much!

  4. This was so wonderfully interesting to read and hear what our men tend to collectively think. I can just imagine if someone were to ask Ian what his thoughts of me and my style are, what he would say. Probably, complaints about me taking forever to get ready to go anywhere, him loosing closet and bathroom space, and red lipstick on everything. In the end, when I ask "Hey baby, what do you think of me and my style?" His response is, "You are crazy, but you're hot, and you're with me, so it's awesome." Such the word-smith, lol

    She Knits in Pearls

    1. That's a riot...but hey he loves you and that is what counts!

  5. OMG! I just re-read my reply... not to self do not comment on an iPhone!!!! smart phone + fat fingers = terrible typo's!

    1. Oh darling we have all done it! I am just happy to get comments!


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